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Seeking Paradise

~A little slice of paradise~

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I hurry towards the park

With a heavy heat and weary legs

Catching a glimpse of it through the tall skyline

Anticipation builds inside me

Until I cant take anymore

Im ready to burst

but counting the minutes

tell I reach my slice of paradise

calms me

keeps me sane


Instinctively I wrap my arms around myself

And hang my head further towards my chest

With downcast eyes

And a grim mouth

I ignore the world around me

I feel comfortable in my own company

And feel intimate with loneliness


I need to be by myself

To think and at the same time clear my head

And to escape the drama unfolding at home

Yet again


Nearing the gates of my personal heaven

I carefully pick up my skirt

And break into a run

Uncaring of the stares

Tossed my way

And the whispers that chase

My disappearing form


With a slump

I throw myself across my bench

Its carved ebony arms embracing me

Like a long lost friend

The sun kissed wooden seat warms my aching back

As I stretch and let the tension slowly drain from my body

With sweet ecstasy the muscles in body relax

One by one


When I have reached the state I’ve searched for

I lazily open my eyes

Look around

And drink in the beauty around me

The awesomeness of God’s creation

Amazes me


Surrounding my bench in a circle

Are full blooming apple trees

The fragile, pale pink blossoms

blending into white at the tips of the soft petals

releases their fragrant perfumes in the air

the breeze carries the sweet scent to me

and it envelopes me

promising summer

and good times ahead


To the North as far as the eye can see

And the mind can conceive

Stand proudly the majestic mountains


Truly breath-taking

Each one magnificent in its own right

But together they are glorious

Their silent power hypnotizes me

I gaze as they gentley touch and tease the cotton candy clouds

on their secret journey to the heavens


Leaving the bench

I head home

And notice a slight spring in my step

Its hard being mad

With such intense beauty

Around me

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