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What Ever Happened!



What ever happened to the greetings of asalaam2.gif

What ever happened to "happily ever after"?

Where all the sadness & pain turns to joy & laughter

And Why on my way to the promise land, no one keeps their promises?

Kind of ironic that destiny is concealed

And only revealed through Revelations by theologists

What's the cause of this global human suffering?

Where lives are cut short

While Technology keeps us buffering...

It's tough enough working consistently to earn our way

Without getting to enjoy the leisure each day to burn our pay

And Why when we see the people needing help do we automatically turn away?

Are we that defensive, that retentive, or that pretentious?

That we in turn act offensive

And compassionless to those neglected

Who knows what's next in this world that has reached post-humanity

Where even young children are killing their closest of family

Sad to see the shape of the world where hatred is a given

Since when did "happily ever after" change to "Hey, at least I'm living"?



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Very True and Sad


What Happened to Community feeling that once previaled, of scarfice and true tales. What happened to True Truth & Fair Justice??


Great Piece

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