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Temper test the best,

Pistol whip the rest,

Intensive care ya Chest...Yo

Release Two 2, Just lil bit above ur vest!

Allahu-AkBar! I invest!

My skin feels tough as Teflon_

Pray the night away read The Holy Quran!

They Bomb the Dome, Demolished my Home!

Am roaming Alone!...

Got the world turned against me!

Like What's Going On?

They telling me to Publish my Song!

Someone tell 'em I won't Rap Sing*

I leave the fame to Micheal Jackson*

Mask from it. Mog'issue, Am From It!

Somaliland eye-form it.

Where we name our 1st born Mohamed!

Words am using got me feeling Translucent-

You can't see me, no matter how much u ask fo'me!

Vanish like Ghost, only see me through my post!

You suppose I tost from cost to cost*

Your right afcourse, am the case they closed*

I ride off chors, am the face you chosed*

Am sick as sucking toes*

I flows like bleeding nose!

My heart is cold no Remorce, Lot of Foes Get Frozed!

Friends are shows, Family is yours!

2my point am getting close, death I smell it's rose!

Only if u make it through my metaphorse-

U'll witness how I met a force on each choirs!

World flipping off shores,

I mean imagine the Tsunami cause!

The 911 Pause!

Anthrox and all the Peace Talks.

Chicken Box and all the War Walks.

While some are still on corner block chopping rocks!

Babies having babies, ladies going crazy*

This is all shaddy, my life's if Fox'd Up! and Mainly.

I been thinking money lately...

Holding the After Life with my Right Palm!

Hold this life I lead with Left Palm!

Heaven bound hell Breeded, Well Needed*

The though alone made my nerves bleeded*

Soo many saw Pork and learned to eat it_

They guzzled and got drunk felt concieted!

Way I was conceived got me following what I believed*

I stop, end, finish, done, quite, no not again I won't be Deceived!~

My future is here I had to succeed_

Allah I thank for all I achieved*









Before you can perform your mouth from your *** !

1st ask.

Why is it from the Fame I Mask.

Whipe your lips. start to inform the task.

1st step.

Get wrecked.

2nd step.


3rd you get hurt if the bullets you can't detect.

Speak in street pronouns_ am Free Checked.



Signing off~!





None Understand This, It's like They've All Gone Brandish!




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Yes, I pistol Whips!

Crumble chips*

Sinking ships*

Stinking sh^t*

Like Eeeeeeeeeeeee, U NASTEEE*

Viewers Discretion Is Adviced...

Seething words I boil like fries!

Diss the Industry like Maino,

U can say am the Duke like Valantino-

My life's a gamble like a Casino!

Yet I never lose a Dyme I plus the 99_

She's your wife but am always in her mind,

A hustler running from one time, I gets mine!

Skinny but got pockets fat as Biggie!

Rude with high motabilsm, think twice b4 u get going all sh*tty!

I cares less, got both parents still feeling ghetto*

Project raised, can't hold me yo'LetGO!


I done it and u read about it!

Act delited, to see me_ just to see how I got it!

I got it HooD, So GooD, this is something new I started*

Having 'em to make money from what I does for free, must make 'em hurt!

I mean really these RapKatz doing it like they got the skills to rhyme flirt*

I do this for mind suport, word play same way I got the handles on the basketball court!

Addicted to pistol whipping am making it a sport*

You got it?

Yeah Fuh'get'about'it!

I pistol soo much I got close to mashing up DMX-

No word of a lie I got pix of him and some somali girl he try to get on his mix.

Ohnly if u knew all the sh*t these Rappers Sniff!

And you wanna grow to be just like THEM?

Saggy Baggy Pants for easy access, I got 'em.

Not big of a deal- Hunger is how I feel_ so I robbed 'em.

That's the past, don't get it twisted in your mind and let it last.

Am'a CHANGED'MAN! like 2Pac before he passed*

Give it a chance, if ur in love just relax-

Breake the Gass don't let ur heart beats speed you too fast.

Am Cupid when it comes relationships*

Real ****** when it's time to throw fits*

Skip from topic to topics-

One time I be talking about Osama*

Than talk about how Bush blew the Buildings to cause Darama*

Than flow on to go on to talk about your mama*

Pistol whip you till I get u in a comma_

Shift from stress travel to the Bahamas*

End this rhyme with a comma.

Actually end this with a Pistol



Signing off~






None Understand this, it's like they've all gone brandish!

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Am that smilling Somali.

Not a typical Faarax I walk nomadic like Ali.

From the Dot to Cali__

Am world known, say you International!

Never heard of you, you ain't fashionable*

Kid I kid you, take you around the world and bid you!

Gone once twice u sold to the highest bidder u stick to.

Not givin' a 'uck u noe am deadly got the world vision!

You 1st base am home run, basically I bat while u steady pitching-

Roaming around acting like u writing rhymes while u chotting discriptions!

Till you get enough information so u can start snitching*


Keep ya mouf'shut stop preeching,

U don't want me marking territories like a Dawg and start Pissing*

Make me come test to and contest you, snitch u got me flipping!

Snitch U B*tch I bet'cha can't Fight!

...Man'yo'I hate time....


Short'note this...


PME: PeaceMiddleEast




None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish!

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Am for sure for show it's a Word We Are!

Me and my soldiers form to clone a Star!

I be the one in my click with the clip to Worry'Ya!

A World we War! No remource afcourse ama Worior!

An Insurgent Immerging, to spontaneously cambust all 'em Kafirs!

Pops chill, Moms it's alright am taking out the Garbage!

Snatch the CSISA Body Snatchers,

And hold 'em hostage in my outa town Cottage!

Even got White'Boys, sending me the Right'Toys!

Shell Shots, Strapped Mags, Str8 Macks,

Tech9s that make Flight Noise!

Living in a War'World, where Pimps Hull Hoez,

And my niggaz leave u wit' whole holes*

Gansta like the Vice Loys!

Can't and won't change, am use to pulling 'em D'Block night Ploys!

Nig'a..Chopper Chopper'

Won't stop till I got enough to Cop me a Helicopter*

Starter off as a War'Child'

Wit'Dreams of kidnapping a Rapper'

Never seen a circumstance that seemed Proper*

In my life my girl is your wife!

In my world if I ain't got it am strapping yo'Stripes!

Snatching yo'Pride, Scratching Yo'Ride*

Nowadays I won'Fight, I jus'Hold Tight!

Squeeze real Right!

Precise u should say my tactic's real nice*

Hate and get labelled fake, No.Word.I.Lies!

Doing real HooD even my Birds are Strife*

Is why I Vision the Deadly-

Sharp shooting snappers on the Daily-

Kids under my age flipping a war page*

Battle-in the Bush I push U sh*t-in,

St8 shooter perfecting 8block Range*

All ya'all leave the Religion-

Now u out datting and snitching-

Am stretching, ready to start sprinting-

Cause I know soon time the FEDs are Reaching-

While my brother's Black Bag Back Stap_

Crip with the Bad Blood just to Trap Fagz_

U claim the King am the A's in the Black Jack_

Pray to make the Devil cry,

Yeea yeea Yeeah Heck I Hack!

I Slang Deadly is the Name

Not even Novocaine can take away my Pain

Due to my future Vision I got the perfect Aim

This ain't a Game

Same plays call me the Coach burning the Flame

Response to the Sh*t driving my People Insane!

Quick the tongue am the twist to the Gun

Pistols I Fund

My War Word

Walking through Wall Door:

Reasons, I Fall For

This Cold World


All Four by Four

Never Buy Fur for her

Get her pure purles

Travel her around the world

Show her the sky from floor

Than the floor from the sky,

She'll never feel bore

Ladies we love 'em, having us feeling real hardcore

Sisters got our back, brothers strap

Popping like popcorn!

Only use to body filled with bullet holes

These are my Facts of Life Fiction in Stripes-

Taking pure fall faults!

Only if I shared my brothers Tragedy*

Am sure the world would be shocked with full volts!







Yeea yee yeeah!


They gave me no Peace in Afganistan*

So am taking their 30soldiers in Iraq with one Man*

With lot of BooKoo Emo!

Yes! Yes! Am The Man

Ask me and I'll say ain't no Promise in this Land!







Peace me or ama piece you!



None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish!

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Man that was beautiful.

Good flow all through out, the first one.


I feel writing..Whew!!1

I gotta slow my role,I'm still @ hajj

Roaming through Mecca & Medina i can't just write what i think my thoughts might mis direct me to realms that have no exits and no way to get back..

But until than..



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..From 1 till the math is done...

Another freeBase!

Words I compress-

Birds I fun-nest,

Hearts in their chest.

Skip Beat!... ...Say I be da Best!

I could care less.

Eye on Evil is to test!

Freemason on my vest.

Ya'all just adjust your chess!

Got blocks in piece-S-.

Your talks are Jesus!

Me no holy walk no theses.

It's already bad enough,

wit' all 'em gurlz I teasez!

Skip the easiest.

Never settle for the cheesiest!

Beyond the sleaziest.

Pick her by saying:

>Her Heart is the Prettiest!

Her mind is hilarious.

Her iman is expiries!

A to die for 'Smile', leave man furious.

With a status real serious!

Got me thinking curious.

Saw Cupid, here he is!

Shot me in the heart, dangerious.

Life's short, Can't! Gamble this!

Got2be a Soldier as I get Older 'n Bolder

won't stop till Stripes flow all Over ma Sholders!

Dirt Off Ma Sholder.

Yes, I remains it sober!

Moves of amazing Copra!

Yes, I can be the Doctor.

Phil any Obrah!

Feel my rhymes are hilicopter.

Trooper back to chop her-

All The Way To The Topper!

Do it proper,

parking this!

Leave you moving like Parkinson's!

Got my foes filled with 4'4z







None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish!

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How I Does...U hate it wit'a Buzz!


I see the world at my wake

See the world am awake!

What you know about things I shake and break?

Loving the African dish she can bake!

Love her Tsunami ways*

2read between these lines u got2 have a prenunciation cased!

Phase to face-

It's a fact they trying to erase my race~

My Nation's dazed-

Amazed and chased, Americanized Somali Priced*

Yeah We Foriegn Raised!

Born and placed,

Yeah we be Dead in Days.

Following leaders who be dating Gays!

Paul Martin, Bush pulling Blare, Vladimir Putin*

Russian rule written.

Follow my lead I be the General-

Not a thug a World'Lord informing all...

Major like Frankford, yeah the ->Terminal!

Cover your pupil from the Calabar!

Spin the Caliber.

Get the message?

Now get up and get intensive!

Dare I share a braveheart I never care~

Am weather flair!

Deep voice with the tone I blair!

No fear u hear gun I stare-

In Guantanomo-Yea!

Burning cigarets in my ear!


Wishing I vanish.


Dissing the Spanish.


My life's so bitter I can't even enjoy my Danish.


Speaking points from the year of Standish.


Non-Understand this.


It's like they've all gone Brandish.









How I Does...U hate it wit'a Buzz!




None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish!



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I jusFlow WoW-0w!

Here I Go-


My mind is set like the sunset!

In danger and my gun'clip-


2 just a lil bit above the vest u invested!

I confess all I done was due to seductions stress*

U hate me?

Well I been making hatter collection lately!

Join the party*

Got it all need noBody!

Only my wife on my waist*

Phase to face yap'alot and be the court-case!

Am in that cold place you call the 9eleven chase*

Tick me and it's~

Only your life I waste*

Not a rapper, but a rap robber!

Am the better barrator wrapper!

Fix ya English while I flow Barara'Rah!

Yeah pure butter at her!

Get you with laughter,

Than mar-shady burst your bladder!

Be like quick sand, sink ya ladder.

You the pitcher, yeaah am the Batter!

Dirty living I break ya teeth for Judging.

Only Allah's 4giving!

You decieving, ya words afcourse I ain't believing!

Peace and seething?

Theses teasing tongue twisting every seasons!

Like Sizzla, am left with Dry-Cry.

But who cares? why-lie.

While I. Wild out!

There's a party I brought the product!

To me making money is having fun like hugging my Gun!

...2bad me run outa time all the time....










Told you so!



None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish!

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