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My Somali Children.

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Somali Kids, this is for you and remember that IL CAPO cares.One Love.



My poor Somali children

child of God one and the same

are you the forgotten children

of some forgotten people?

a generation lost, faded out of sight.

how did this happen and why

in this moment of time?


Where Is Hope?


little dark child with haunting eyes

causing my heart to ache.

you have no hope, only fear.

are you waiting for someone

to hold you in their arms

and gently dry your eyes,

fill your little belly?

the child from Horn of Africa,

the slave of almighty God

i look at you,without really seeing you

still, you are there in front of me,

crying out for your Mommy.



Dear GOD Where are you?


Across the oceans, to this dry land

guided by their unseen pain

I reach out to you but you are running,

reaching out to me,our fingers touch

you smile at me, my heart is broken

in this moment of time...


does anyone care?

anyone out there?


there is no food for trade

there is no grain for sale

there is nothing to give back

they have nothing at all.


forgotten children of

some forgotten people

a generation lost...

faded out of sight

how did this happen?


If I had tears left in my eyes

I would have shed them for you

and not for heaven or hell

not even for my battered soul

Somali child,be strong for your own kind

remain alive and well in due time

use your imagination and mind

for you are our shining super star.


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"Children Of War"


The children of somalia

Are left behind

Victimised and scandalised

Betrayed by those they trusted

Shot at and bombarded

Sad eyes and bloated bellies

Searching through the rubbles

In the hope of finding a bone or two...maybe

Wandering along the warn torn streets

Dodging the bullets from the evil machines


Not knowing if tomorow will bring their ending

Selfish warlods took it all

How can this be subjected to a child so small

Children should be the apple of our eyes

Instead they're killed, abused, and demoralized

What's happening, is this supposed to be their fate

Discarting of their innocent lives

As easily as they were made

Somalia, the Horn of Africa, once tall and proud

Only bears the cries of the children uttered out loud

Is this the ending, or is this the beginning

Don't they ever stop at nothing

How much more can a child take

How many more are they willing to break

What can we do but pray to God

Keep hope that one day,

One will live a bit longer,

Eventhoug it's not a lot

Children of Somalia, dry your eyes

For the day that will bring an end to your suffering will come by



Nice piece Il Capo

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