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Something For President Bush.

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Now Mr President you do grasp the power

pocketing the dollars of the towers

beside your lies, you're a committed liar

Damn you Bush!! I'd rather be timid and die

the demise is set

he has U.S ending sketched

why are they at war?

when he's the Iraqi threat

as the pentagon was being bombed

Bush was calm with his head on his palm

bombarded with arguments, reside one

flights were cancelled besides one

that flew three days after the collapsing

it was his friend's families relapsing..

constantly feeling miserable and pitiful

this man defines condition & its critical

revolving my heart,

i try to see this man kind

but Bush is Satan trying

to destroy mankind.


Peace to all the Mujahedeens in Fallujah and the rest of Iraq and Palestine,Afhganistan,Chechnia.


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this man defines condition & its critical

revolving my heart,

i try to see this man kind

but Bush is Satan trying

to destroy mankind.

damn...that was a nice poem


keep them coming ;)

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Yee'Yea...Now this is one topic ama fox wit!..Majorly---


Nice piece IL-CAPO

Let me iron tost this like a waffle!

Gass the bush and scrat-strach a'match an'make it sparkle!

Make a toast and post him dead or alive~

Am fearless of death so ama forever enjoy my life~

From Snr.Bush and Bill to Jr.Bush I feel num with nervs of steel!

Growing up to paying the bill, war pain got 'em poppin' da pill*

I appeal vote Viva Bush knowing he a losser_

And gonna lead the leader and the land into depree for he's a foister!

Am all over his case like a females body filled with moister!

Flashback, here have something to remember->

Saddam case 1, 1st Bush placed no wins and got none-

Sadame case 2, 2nd Bush faced mad sins got dumb!

I ask is-Afganistan-really-done?

How about Somalia, am hearing the nation is over populated by the GUN! :confused:

While am Americanized feeling less Somali-princed*

I realize white guys breathing down my neck growing balls,

4getting am all about the surprise!

May smile but even Ms.Pale knows am nothing nice!

Don't make me kidnap Erric and Errica,

I got Slim-Shaddy on my side working on to hurting ya!

Keeping six so I won't be supporting ya!

So I decline Nike, or any other brand that may be stocking ya!

...actually I am scared of Guantuanama Bay :D

So, ama stop my B.S~

I came from a Root of the All-Khaat-Eater not Al'Qaeda!







None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish!

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Forget Bush,


I'd rather see him stomped to the ground

sending young kids to that deserted hole

they decided to vote in this dope Fein dictator

Hell, I'd rather go and vote for Robert Mugabe

he looks out for everyone's safety

Instead of using people's feelings

and trying to play them

you are not a leader,you are a money hungry joke

it was only a Pretzel that made you choke

but I am not going to be

caught in the cloak you create

I'm from Garissa mate

but I am still full of hate

and anger from the wars you chase for oil

It's people like you that make my blood boil

Just don't come to my soil

because you're not wanted

think of Iraq and I hope your dreams are haunted

listen to their cries, just look at their eyes

then you can realise this war is based on lies

So drop a bomb on Bush's retreat

is that a killing and murder mate?

because without a power you are just a civilian

think of that when the Iraqi children are dying

we band together to stop you from lying

We still trying but it is

not going to get through

because we got another 4 years with you

what are we going to do?


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What we Gon' do.....

but throw up two fingers up like the peace sign

put the one down and flick one at them glock nines

he holdin'....while he preaching ...appealin'

to the masses.. about morals of viber….making me think he still getting hyper

of them white grains…lies stain…his whole campaign but those rednecks voted…because he is molded… their likeness….he lived in a mansion…..cashed of financial aid and went to yale….. he was never poor on welfare…and supporting his father’s warfare… didn’t came out of his bus fare…how life right?...butI’m not done billy bob…save the sob…story for jenny jones.…you were dead broke beggin’ for coins…when he was chockin’ on a pretzel like a chicken bone…..and is he like you how?….except he is married to dead brained heffa just like you…drinks 40’s and jack Daniels just like you...but he aint Broke like you…He getting paid of being a Oil Pimp with a child’s Mind… contracts and money longer than your life line

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…and his click….like who the F!ck want beef…Chaney….heartless litterly….Rove simply….runs YOU….don’t give a f!ck about you……Rice….sh!t ..somebody should cook her like Uncle Bens…But …….**** a Bush…If I were you I brush….him off like dirt off my shoulders… aint in his tax brackets…and you aint blinded to caskets…….full of iriqi citizens

and innnocent bystanders…slander and lies of destruction

is the name of the game…..and he is playing YOU fully armed ..whats worse...he got four more years….to think he on point like a spear…Now what do you fear…Lackwit for President…or believe in the predecendence of Jesus….Christ Christians…..Bush Won!..another hated term for me……. .. like getting your semester grade with an F in PE…. Disappointed….but I wasn’t for Kerry….. ……Pro Choice……or For Gays… God Created Adam AND Eve ……not adam and Steve …I was just pro Life…..and my life….is now dedicated to doing drive by’s….with the quran to my right…and the hadith to my another side…..quoting scriptures ……and praying my five times a day…..basically not giving a damn about what Bush say……..There is higher judge him…not I …besides He’s like a retarded Donkey…….a Dumb A!s… and making fun of him is just wrong…like his Foreign Policy…..

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