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A Burning Feeling

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A majestic sparkle dawns upon your eyes

Melts my heart which a long time ago had turned to ice

And fire burns my very soul

Yet my palms start to feel so cold


For the first time I looked deep in your eyes

Searching for a truth even my heart tries to deny

And then you laid your love on me

You showed what I was looking for and couldn't see


Never knew I loved you

Till' the nights I missed you

Never knew I could feel like this

Till' you set my soul at ease


The cold night wind sweeps me away

Day and night pass me by

My lips tremble each word I hear you say

This deep devotion I cannot deny


A majestic sparkle dawns upon your eyes

Melts my heart still

And fire burns my very soul

Feeling an eternity of true love between two souls

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