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This key board often acts as my window

As I sit and look out as you look in

Sometimes a musical phrase noted with a crescendo

Come gushing from the tip of my pen

Like an artillery piece I fire for effect

Gauging my range and zooming on in

The mistakes I've made I dutifully correct

Assuming responsibility for all of my sin

The looseness of my tongue, it has brought

In the past again and again

When I was unconcerned about the destruction I wrought

And immature just spitting in the wind

Not knowing of the great blessing I possess

Nor the weapon I wield in my hand

Yes I must openly confess

I was too dumb to even comprehend

Now I know responsibility goes with what I write

And I prepare now when I'm ready to send

Phrases out into the bright day

And the darkness of the mystical night

See me in my window, I'm thinking of you, my friend

And my enemy for you there's vicious fight

These words they are powerful beyond end

They travel on far beyond unlimited sight

They maim and kill and they also mend

I can't just carelessly put them into flight

I now know......

My words will witness for or against me in the end .

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Now I know responsibility goes with what I write

That cought my attention. deep deep line. this poem makes me re-realize (if that is even word)the power of words and how poets possess that power. overall....very expressive piece.

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Justic flow!


To reflect on the past time that passed-

The last line I masked to pass the task

falling off tracks holding on macks to answer all questions I asked!

Like why they got us gassed?

Like am the victim guest to guess,

appearingly I help them fill the gaps of the wide murders in mass!

Like am the type to blast fast

they say I shot the whole Cast!

am not that cookoo I rather kick their aaS!

Buncha brads filling up my base with rats!

Once again is why I rock the mask and run wit' Kats wit' Bats!

Bets the best am emmotionLESS!

You jus'tryina Motion'THIS!

I Portion BLISS, get in ya mind get ya attention like am pointing THIS=> They jus'WORDS nothing but NONE-SENSE!

Call me the formal-LIST! earning ribs!

Hate how am forming'this-


I dive deep under

Bust til' I rust my hammer,

Broke but rent a hummer-

Thy hate how my words give vision to Wonder...

Yea, FUC'IT I can FLOW~

Yeh yeah I don'Luv no MO!

Goin on solo am the death to a homo!

Dept to what a ho'e know!

Phat back she trying get me with her bootyshorts-

Piss 'em off and say I don't play cutie sports_



My Words Got Me Like A Hostage!

I Surrendered long ago-

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Thanks for da rep sis, words are powerfull but as long as ppl realise that... it's all good.


DV... My Words Got Me Like A Hostage!

I Surrendered long ago-


Mi old mucka i didn't know u was a rib tickla :D:D:D ....That was a nice ending.



From da top of the dome

To the corners filled with swirling paper

I travel past the phonies and the fakers

Trouble makers and loot takers

Cause gingerbreadmen bakers

Get melted by the cheese graters

chillin on elevators

Actin like haters

Thinkin they are greater...


What is going on?


The congested pathways are filled with cats thinkin wrong

Mentals dirty like water from a bong

Bouncin over sad songs like ping pong for far too long

Of a time...afraid of the lights shine so they climb da vine

The eyes of strangers remind the line of malnourished minds

That beast do not walk on their hind

legs...and I dont do fights with handbags...

and that a man that begs is more delicate then a dozen eggs

In a room with unhappy feds runnin low on meds

In these streets somali cats walk with dreds on their heads

Breakdancing with keds and pumas from da sheds

The dregs of this planet roam free unable to see

Past the next day and it's a tragedy that the saddle be

fallin off...leave'n souls as a casuality while the faculty

tries to battle me...


What is going on?


All these fools scampering like ants in lil hong kong

lookin $tupid like a midget with a giant dong

Emeresed in a preverse visual starburst

The durst is to stay away from the scurge of da day

and keep them out my way or at least keep them at bay

No matta what they say it's not ok to lay

in eternal essense abduction is the devils construction


What hun is the right one?

What gun makes the most run?

How dumb is one who chases hot buns no matter where they are from

and how dumb is one who shakes hot buns to attract all...includin scum


The streets that I run I don't see one


I see infinity...

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Words can entangle,

enwrap, envelope

a poet's brain

rendering the scribe


With the words

ever evolving,

always revolving

in the mind, solving

A mystery, appreciating

history, or resolving

an unchallenged philosophy.

Those letters, laced

into words, syllables,

strategically placed.









if the words

can't explain that kiss,

that sensation

of a creation

of procreation

in the mind

got to let it out

Got to release

those words

ever revolving

ever evolving....


Do you feel what I'm saying?



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