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Fellas, what turns you off in a women?

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^ :D


Originally posted by Kool_Kat:

quote:Originally posted by Dajiye:

How did I miss this thread..

May be cuz when this thread started, October 2002, you were still in diapers!
That is not enough, habo. Nice try though. smile.gif What made Abyan to bring an old thread of it's kind back? :D

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Fellas, what turns you off in a women?

-Timid women


-Drugs users


-Not capable of making up her own mind

-To serious

-High maintainance

-Not capable of comprimising

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Loool, this thread just made me Lol Lool :D:D

Some of the guys in here really were scrapping the bottom of the dead sea! HAHAH most of these brothers must have been chatting up homeless or junkies/ alcoholics or something along those lines. How else can we explain these trends below;

- “A lady who stinks or does not wash”

- “Dad breath or yellow teeth”;
Hahaha can you believe this came from

- “gurl dat squeze in to cloth dat don't fit them ..let it go it ain't you”

- “Hair Lady”

- Areebo
(I am assuming that means ugly?)

- Those who use the bleach creem!! oh! and some of them forget to apply the creem on their feet!! ( white face and dark-skinned feet)

- underarms( plz shave and used deodorant)

- when she digg's in her nose

- when wering a dirty dirty sox

- SISTERS WHO THINK TALK AND GESTURE LIKE A CHICK STRAIGHT OUTTA THE PROJECTS.........If we wanted one we would have gone with one,Nuthin beats the ORIGINAL.

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I'm not a big fan of the armpit hair on women or even hairy arms, and i've seen some good looking hairy girls. A big turn off. Basically anything associated with masculinity is a big turn off, broad shoulders or any signs of muscles is another one. I'm anti murqo women.

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( white face and dark-skinned feet), hahahaha- walahay waa mid lagu qoslo taasi* its more common thn a somali woman on a tight jeans. I hate stuck up girls- in fact i cant decided which one i hate the most- stuck up and all attitude or dirty woman. but thn again i'm little too picky which means i've have a long list of turn offs; so I'll save it for someone who gives a rat.

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