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Fellas, what turns you off in a women?

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did you just say Naag gaaban, Naag Kuusan.

Haven't you Heard Awees Khamiis' Song

'Gabar Hadii Gacal kaa galaayo

Ha Gaabnaato ha Gaduudanaateee'


There're Some Men who turn on by Short and Gaduud ladies. Watch out Dude!


What turn me off!


-Any Girl who doesn't know how to cook! I've seen some who can't even make a Tea.

-Any Girl with short Hair. No Afro!

-Too Skinny girls like models.

-'Baby Momies' Any Girl who calls her Mom if there's a bit argument!

-BAd Attitude Chicks!

-BAd Breath Ones!

-STupid and Stubborn ones!


I can handle the rest even if she talks too much. That's ok with me.




The Closer, The Warmer and The Better!~

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The biggest turn off is, Xaliimo with a nice top, but this sticky white powdery deodorant apperas under her arm bits... Put ur hands down Xaliimo aa ka dhacdey meesha.

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Share on other sites guys are mostly percise.especially jamal_11..let me elaborate and add little mo..


-usually the looks is either they have it or not.plain and simple..but other things is what gets me offguard...

-bad breath..

-chicken heads..

-followers..gurls dat their friends dictatate them(specially the ugly one lol)

-gurls that categorize or treat every guy with experience they had with some other dude)

-too much make up or perfume..hate dat

-gurl dat squeze in to cloth dat don't fit them ..let it go it ain't

-ladies that work or live through the weekdays so they could party on the weekend..

-fake gurls that have multible personalities..gotta be true to ya self

i have to stop here..cuz ma list is getting too

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Lool@nuune's list @cali falaax! are there females that wear that 4reals? :D


Guys we, the women, were not half as mean you are in Surxun's topic. redface.gif

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lefty,ani kuma jiro adiga lee waaye saad yeeli laheed naag gaaban oo kuusan hadanaa madax gaaban leh!!!


Baydan, sure there a lot of females with cali fallaax kastuumo,actually i haven't checked them personally but really u can figure out that they are wearing a big cali fallaax!!!! :eek: :eek: :D;)

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Waraa NUUNE...KIR KIR naga dhaaf waraa.


Cali falaax AAA??..bisinka!


One more woman i hate>>>>

Naag balaaya balaya iska dhigto!(need i explain this!


Baydan..dudes are mo harsh always..taas waa caadi!

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Loooooool...walaaahi you guys crack me up...especially haaruun..walaahi,my brother asked me that question some time ago...and he was like,especially black chicks have it......what can I say,shantaada faro isku mid ma ahan meaning that all people are not the same. :D


and jamaal, whats wrong with feminism? :confused:

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Haaruun (under arm) ishaa ka ka naxdaa wan they don't have clue...Areebo dheh!


Turn off's

1- Wannabees (all types)

2- Bad breath (plz grab a gum on ur way atleast)

Note: they can do something about need of more brain cells!

3. Humongous hip bones (looks like Big bird in the sesame street) that dress like as hotties!.. (nothing can be done)


I like feminist though..there is "karti" in them and u can reason with them at the end of the day..I'm not talking about talkative, stubborn, deaf ones. I don't get challenged or threatened by them.


But those who mess around..wannabees and dumb chicks come handy when the Jiffy lube change is due..I guess some turn offs take the back seat!

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lol @ haruun :D


lol you guys have too many expectations ...and you know what they say of high expectataions "be prepared to be disapointed." icon_razz.gif


Nomad By Nature: Multiple Personalities is a psychological illness that forms from a deeply triggered defense mechanism. Im trying to say people with multiple personalities don't know they have them at all and can't help themselves (no pun intended) :D . I think you meant girls that act a different ways for different days ;)


Jamall, Lakkad and all the other feminist haters: You guys are thinking of the stereotypical feminist that became lesbian men hating bia*#s :( , a feminist is a woman who fights for her rights cuz she realizes she lives in a mans world and and that her materlinial line has been living in a mans world for thousands of years she not only stands up and fights for her right but for rights of all humans cuz a feminist wants the world to be equal for both males and females. Its all about eqaulity and the new word is female empowerment but how long is that especially if your lazy so feminist is soo much easier to say.

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U guyz made me laught..i swear 2 god..i can't beleive that how u guys view some womens r..ya u guys got some points right....i'm waiting more lol so i can laught more ya know..Keep it comin'Boyz....


P.S To the sista's, dont' hate the brotha's they just pointin some of the things they see sometimes...not that it mean's that's U!!! Ya feel me. :D

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Turn offs!


1. Fat lady


2. Ugly Lady


3. Hairy lady


4. Did I say Ugly lady


5. Nerd Lady


6. Dirty lady


7. ONe more....ugly lady


8. Acting Crazy lady


9. Dumb lady


10. Finally..Ugly lady.

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dym u guys are funny. some of stuff aren't things from somali chicks but keep it coming coz it was kool to read them all..


first fuad since u got problem with ugly ladies let me guess u think u hottie right, oh please lol j/k don't be getting mad now.


second: Nomad-by-Nature it seems u have ladies in general coz u didn't leave anything behind lol.. but is it all good. coz it good to know what the brothaz think namean..

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