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Poetic Brotha

Love Poem

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Love is strong,

love is sweet.

When 2 heart meet,

then love is complete!


It is strange at times,

when I sit and think of a strong

emotion that lies within.

An emotion that I know is mine, no one can steal it.

It's strong enough and I can feel it.

I want to reach out,

to someone so dear,

someone, whose far away yet seems so near.

Someone, who perhaps doesn't know the fact,

that it hard for me to keep my heart intact.

Let me confess that there is an angel,

more precious than any diamonds or stars.

An angle, whose smile just makes my day.

An angle, who is sexy in every way.

And this is a vision I can see,

that it has been created only for me.

That angle I tell thee is always on my dream.

Just can't stop thinking about it

"coz it is one of its kind,

it is a part of me in all that I do.

And all I want to tell it.

I am crazy for thee.

This is a message for my angel.

It is difficult staying away from thee.

When thee r not around I fell so empty.

I want to tell thee, give thee a sigh that shows thee,



I wanna make thee mine.

Believe me when I say the thing I say.

I mean they're true in every way

"coz life for me hasn't been the same,

since the time I've known a special name.

That name of the angel I've fallen for,

I hope and pray for the best.

For positive results of my love's best.

If I get my love, my happiness is complete.

And if I don't my heart might refuse to beat.

Yet, for it I'll feel the same.

"Coz the one I love, I shall never blame.

I guess it’s about time I disclose to thee,

that the angel I've been talking is none but thee.


I'd like to tell thee,

what is in my heart.

I have loved thee for so long.

I knew it from the start.

Tonight I'll dream of thee,

and wish thee was here with me.

I'll wait for thee forever.

Whatever that might be.

Thee can have my broken heart,

and my shattered dreams.

This is all I have left,

or that's the way it seems.

If wishes could be given to a broken heart,

and I was given two.

I'll wish that thee love me;

the other I'd give to thee.

Thee will always have my heart.

I hope thee know it too.

I'll never love anyone,

The way I love thee.



My love for thee is like a rose,

one that's dead and never grows.


You are my sun, my moon & my star,

I wish to see you from afar.



Heaven's skies in your eyes

Happiness & joy is in your voice

Do I have a choice?

The touch of your hand

The smile on your face

I could never let that go to waste


The comfort you have given me

The happiness that has grown in me

I owe you for not letting me be lonely


Kneeling quickly, I smiled

And wrote your name

On the wet sand by the sea.

The waves danced and glittered

like millions of diamonds!


I remember well that

You smiled at my childish delight

And shook your head,

For you knew better.

You knew the tide would soon wash your name away.


But little did you know,

That years ago

I had written your name in my heart,

With the radiant serenity of love,

where no tide could ever wash it away.


My dear, do you know

That my love for you is like the silvery moon

That reigns over the sea,

And whom all the tides obey?



Abu Hurayrah related that the Prophet (saw) said:


The most perfect believers [in his faith] is he whose conduct is best, and the best among you is he who behaves best towards his wife [at – Tirmidhi]

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