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i wonder what love is,

though ive felt the aftermath of it--

the pain, the emptiness,

the hollow feeling in the pit of your chest,

the blank mind,

the still unbreakable picture,

i know that people say- u can love one for his money,

his looks or personality,

is it love when he has no looks, no money,

and a character u cant comprehend,

why do we love those that hurt us,

is it love when he does things,

that have u crying in your pillow,

late at night tossing and turning,

I know they say- love hurts,

But why do we realise our love when it pains,

When its too late,

they say love is a roller coaster,

but is it still love when u see yourself,

at the top of an endless steep slope,

A suicidal leap- is love worth jumping?


my heart ponders, my mind wonders this-


does love really exist?

is it a figment of our imagination?

to make us feel desired – give us purpose?

is it the same as lust- an endless infatuation?

is it a creation of Satan- another distraction?


say, u fell in love and out,

let your true love walk out,

would you 4ever be hung-up?

regretting, caught up in doubt?


Is love really a vicious game?

whereby hurt is the main aim?

why does your ideal not want you?

and you don’t want those that do?

I know this sounds lame!


But im still wondering…

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Love is Care

Love is Share

Love is Pare


Gurl real love is rare


The aftermath brings either the two:

Sadness or hapiness-

Madness or gladness-

Emptyness or Fullness-


Frozen thought on lost love

Dozen fought in lots of love

Now question lays on finding love-

Answer hides on faiths love-

Meaning love has no shape or vision.

Only out to gain that blissful mission.

Pass beyond good seduction, love has no rejection.

Loved been loved.

Take love as my fault.

All mellow!

Never let love get u cryin' holdin' ya pillow~

Money could be love if you golding a fellow~

Personality is personal, like Bill Cosby advertising jello-

Building trust is a must, most phone calls only mean hello-

Love gots to be there,

it's not love if that love is rare.


As love exist it's there to relax ya back pain like vix-

Watch who you love, cause most loves are emotionless like bricks-



Leave love if u can't enjoy love ;)





PME {Peace.Middle.East}

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Ramadan kariim 2u2 bruv,


on the love issue,

you can pass me a tissue!

i think ill give up its Pursuit,

settly for i miss you, stead of i love u.


i aint looking for love, but why does it haunt me,

hate me, why cant it leave me.

why must it hurt me, torment and torture me.


does the pain ever sieze

will i find ease

ooh help me plz!

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