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Unreal Heart

This is for you baby (^__^)

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She's only 17,

but she is dressing up tto look 25.

Young girls giving up their identities,

Like super stars on the T.V.

Showing off their breast

and painting their eyes,

why do they want to hide their beautiful eyes!!


But between all those cold dances clubs

bars, rules and regulations

Licensse ans fancy cars ,

Beween burn parties and older guys

who just want to get laid

Between getting a good job,

Making a steady cash flow

And getting paid.

You've go to be brave ,

You've got to face the grind.

You got to be Ooh strong even

throught these troubles and confusing times


You've got to keep your witts about u

even if the whole world seems doubtin' on U

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A sweet 17,

Dolling her best skirt

And too tight bra!

With a heavy make up

to look mature and sexy!

A skinny girl sick for love

With a face like a dove

Winking to a passerby as her first move

Someone passing near u in the street.

U say they have no self steem ?

Please don't, they r young ,

And live is too fast for their lil head

With their lil experience

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With you i will live again


With your smile I start my day

In your eyes I see my way

With your touch I forgot the pain

In your soul I live each day

With your words I dream away

Of the day you will come and say

That with you my heart will live again

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That was nice one abayoo..


What happened????


Remember the times we use to go to the hill

Just one of our crazy ways to chill

Spending time just looking at the sky

To tell the truth I never wanted the time to pass by

While we lay back and cuddle eachother

Sometimes I would get cold and you'd lend me a sweather

But times have changed and it wasn't for the better

I don't know what happened, or what went wrong

I miss the way you'd always sing me a song

I know time by time we've moved apart

But we can always have a brand new start

But if that doesn't work, you'll always be in my heart.

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You think!


What a shock!! Damn.. life is not really fair

You think you found someone special

But it turns to be a nightmare

You think you found the happiness

But then it’s the same mistake again

Wait boy …I cant keep going

Wait coz I don’t know what I am doing

My fears are holding me back

My tears filled my land

Hold me tight and let me feel

Let me breathe and let me see

That there is someone out there for me

Will change me to a new person

And maybe share the sadness with me

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