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Unreal Heart

This is for you baby (^__^)

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I spend my time dreaming

Laughing and feeling

That your smile is the best I am getting

Your heart is where I always lean on

Ur words are true full of meaning

My life changed after our first meeting

Into something special I can’t handle

My actions, my words, and the way I laugh

Are results of your teaching

I am still dreaming that you are here with me

Getting more of your love day by day

You draw a smile in my face

And deleted all the sadness from my life

To plant a beautiful flower in my land

Where your hand is over my hand

Thank God I found you baby

Coz I have been dreaming of this

For a long time..

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Beautiful Piece Abbayo...


You Touched My Heart...


I feel alot different ever since you came into my life,

And I still wait for the day you ask me to be your wife,

I never expected to fall so deep when we just met,

And it was you who perdicted about how I felt,

You said "Girl, your gonna love me one day, watch"

Me thinking you playing round, I never thought,

That I'd be lying here on my bed just thinking of you,

And how I should or if I would, break the news,

All my girls wonder what I'm so happy about,

When I'm not with you it's your name I wanna shout,

It feels so good when your arms around me boy,

And the way you hold me and kiss me brings me joy,

Looking in your eyes I seem to see your soul,

And the way you smile at me I know you won't lose control,

Your the kinda man I wanted, Your the kinda man I need,

Someone who's happy to be with some one like me,

Ever since that day you approached me, you touched my heart,

And I pray every night that we would never be apart,

Late at night I wish to be where you are,

And even when your so close, you seem too far,

Always been there for me as a friend and lover,

If you ever leave me boy there won't be another,

I don't think I'd beable to breathe if you ever leave me,

Cause your the only man that loved me for me,

And since you taken a piece of me, I don't wanna be apart,

Because your the only one that touched my heart...

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thanx girls.


Do u remember how we met?

Was strange way to meet some body,

I found on u every thing I dreemed for a man;

I lied to u baby when I told u I don't want u,

Could u please forgive me for that ?


U complete my life,

Life never be same after u,

I am not liying again and say that

I will not love after u break my heart,


baby life never be same after U ,

Please don't risk and leave,

coz our life won't be same

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Lies in your eyes


When I look in your eyes

Nothing I see but lies

I gave you a heart that flies

Whenever your eyes meet my eyes

You couldn’t feel it

So you lost it

Something special you missed it

I know now you noticed it

But damn.. It’s too late

Coz everything in you is fake

Your laugh, smile, even your face

But I am here to tell you that I am a princess

And one day my heart will find the happiness

And I promise you

That one day your wild heart

Will come and ask me for forgiveness

Coz baby I know that I am the best you got

And will ever get..

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Unreal Heart thanx sister , is not poem just was my feelings since english not my even 3rd language i write Arabic poem i just tried to translate


thanx sweety for ur support

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OG_Girl wow.. this is cool then coz i write arabic peoms too and its way too easy for me to write in arabic instead of English coz English is my 3rd language but i will do my best to improve it..

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Nice ones girlz...keep them coming...I wish I could speak arabic or write arabic. :(


But anywayz here's a piece I wrote. Enjoy.




Can't believe this how it ends,

And no more playing pretend,

Don't have to hold on to you,

No more lies you have to do,

Although we went up and down,

I still wanted you around,

Don't know what you did to me,

But now I'm no longer weak,

Putting my foot down this time,

Guess I'll be saying good-bye,


You had my heart in a cage,

I always followed your ways,

Tryed to keep up with you,

Realized it isn't what I wanna do,

Stopped crying rivers of pain,

Cause I know nothing will change,

Don't wanna hear you no more,

Please just get out the door,

Putting my foot down this time,

Guess I'll be saying good-bye,


Everyone knew except me,

That you'd make my heart bleed,

Don't try to provide the aid,

Cause it will still be the same,

You'd make me feel sorry for you,

You'd try to pressure me too,

No more will I take this baby no,

This time it's not like before,

Putting my foot down this time,

Guess I'll be saying good-bye,


Believe me, I loved you will all my heart,

But I'm putting my foot down this time,

I never expected or wanted us to be apart,

But I guess I'll be saying good-bye,

You promised and promised but never did,

But I'm putting my foot down this time,

I don't really care no more cause this is it,

Because I'll be saying good-bye

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I want to leave


I want to leave , this love is too much

U asking to where ?

I wish if I knew

I will face my path

I can't affort my heart to get hurt

once again ,


Why I feel so weak , helpless

U said this love meant to be ;

But i am the weak part here ,

I can't be weak even in love baby

U telling me that,

u love me more than I can imagine,

I been told that never trust other's feeling

I do know how I feel

And that hurts me


I just believed that love could kill

Like qays i am about to die

I want to leave before I loose my self

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Promises are what I heard for a long time

I believed whatever u said but now I am fine

No more lie coz this is not false

No more playing coz this is not a game

What I had for you was true

But what u had was a lie

what can i say

what can i tell you

nothing in the world can change you

no feelings or words can shake you

your heart is too strong for me

too wild for me

and too scary

Maybe you couldnt figure me out yet

Figure out my personality

And my reality

But its all right

And i thank God that i am away now

living in peace just like the way

I dreamed of.. or maybe even more.

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girls keep going .



You always asking me to promise u,

What about u ?

Every time I want ask u some thing

the answer is same , I have no promises,

baby how we can keep each other

If u r not promising being together

Till end the of world I will love u

Let me share with U what I learned in love ;

I learned to be strong with love

Other wise that love can't breath

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Don't Lead Me On...


It's been eight long months since I met you,

And we still havent dealt and you single too,

I wanna be more then a friends but do you?

You always seem to like to do things with me too,

I wanna understand where I stand in your life,

I can't really tell you where you stand in mines

But I know without you I feel empty,

Just tell me whats going down with you baby,

I had alot of time on my hands, and I thought about us,

If you want to do things you gotta give me all your love,

Cause "friends" don't become intimate with each other,

Don't lead me on, thinking one day we'd be together,

What's on your mind, speak the truth, tell me what you feel,

Don't hesitate, tell me now, boy just try to keep it real,

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U asking me to be real?

And tell u what i feel,

as u said u feel empty with out me,

I feel empty with u or with out u ,

Baby u asked me to be real

As i remember ,I was real,

coz isn't game what was between us ,

U chose to end it in ur own way

Think baby u have nothing with out me ,


Admit it u have nothing agains me

that I am real

can i ask u this simple question?

What makes u to doubt every time I tell u my deep feeling ?

U r mine I am urs please stop playing with word

We both know we have no other choices but to be together .


ps : as i said i am drowing my feeling forgive me with my gramer and spell mistakes



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