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Choosing right from wrong is sometimes hard to do,

Which is why we must always seek ALLAH's word to help us through.

ALLAH is there for us during the good times.

ALLAH is there for us during the bad.

ALLAH is the highest source of inspiration we have ever had.

ALLAH had blessed us in so many ways;

Therefore ALLAH deserves the highest of praise.

We can praise ALLAH in the morning,

We can praise ALLAH in the night.

However we choose to praise ALLAH our hearts must be right.

ALLAH is a good God who will never lead you bad places.

If you haven't chosen ALLAH, why not chose ALLAH today.


PS: i ain't promotin my religion and i respect every other religion...

peace out y'll

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Allah S.W.T



4 showerin uz with knowldege

4 teachin of rightz n wrong doingz

4 guiding us 2 UR rite path


Day2day, i strive 2BE the best

su'in only ALLAH (s.w.t) can look-down on 4

Keep up with the 5 prayers

Keepin the imam not 2 be greedy

Maintain ma hungry in those 30dayz of Ramadaan

Spiritually blessed 2 not have worries

leavin 'as is' for allah


Allah (s.w.t)

given the chance to repay

i see no reward 2 give ..priceless 2 define word

repent n preach is ma way 2 reach

so many neglected soul in search 4 healing

faith soorin of all..

keeps me sane and grounded

keeps ma conscience active and alife

luv 4 ma relgion

n mad respect n graditatue 4 ma lord .



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We all express each other differently,

Dont miss out on your expression ;)


~My poetic prayer~


Dear Allah u gave me mind'body'soul

Mind to never mind sins

Body to navigate as ur planet spins

My soul wins:

Good feelings I get after every prayer_

I thank you for making me realize,

am not suppose to live life as a player.

Takin' every breath as a game_

I thank you for helping me change,

while u maintained my good spirit the same_

I say Alhamdullih from keepin me away from the


now am more in peace feelin' da love piece wit'

ma FAM~

Thank you for all that U gave me_

Still need lil help with these Pale males tryin

2 enslave me_

fake me_

I live under infidels doing their best to

break me_

But, once again is why I say Alhamdullilah u

made me strong as u created me_

...I ask for few more gifts Allah

Please help my Islamicly born to realize~

Bestow faith an healthy vision in their eyes~

Bless more honesty in my tongue_

I feel gifted, and you I thank as the ONE!

Allah please help me make sense, am livin in blah~

Speakin bla'bla as a sinner*

I know u created me as a winner*

But, please help me gain more stringht in my faith

I need to help their inner senses like da

1st an last Pillars_

Am a helper, made me to help my self 1st*

Maintain a set mind in their brain, b4 they burst*

an go Wild'crazy_

Help most of my people for they chew an become


its crazy, all this living program daze me_

Frozen in still moment, I wish for no Evil on

my path*

Guide me, guide us st8 cause we in a astrayin path

Now, Alhamdullilah I can figure out the rest like

basic math~

From the head to this page, I safe a simple dua~

Mostly thanking, thank you for helping me with my




To realize what u need; u need to realize what u

have___there for u'll know what to ask for~

Stay real, stay true, stay up my people in Islam*

Salama Caleykum*

Know we all sinner, but repentance makes us different~...............






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ilaahaybaa mahadle ---dhamaantiinba waan idin salamayaa , idiinkana mahad naqayaa qoralkiina.

xususuta ilaahaybaa waajib ah........



intaad xooga leedahay u shaqayso maalintaadan xooga lahayn.

intaad caafimaadka qabto u shaqayso maalintaadan caafimaadka lahayn.

intaad aduunka joogto wax u shaqayso

maalintaadan aduunka joogin.



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