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Our True Role Models

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The path of Islam



Allah! Our Creator! All Knower, All Wise!

Master is HE of Earth and Paradise.

No partner, no family, no kith nor kin;

HE is the creator of mankind and jinn.


Muhammad(saw),the Final messenger;

A friend to all, he was no stranger.

The word of Allah, he did proclaim;

A man of courage, honour and fame.


When Gabriel descended, the Quran was revealed;

Muhammad(saw) was shaken, his lips were sealed.

Slowly, he knew why the Quran was sent;

the truth in it and what it meant.


He invited the people, far and near;

to embrace Islam without any fear.

He was mocked by the people and called a liar;

Little did they know, their abode was Hell-fire.


Muhammad (saw) went on, you could never see him cease;

His love for Allah never did decrease.

He fought many battles, took no defeat;

The enemies of Islam were forced to retreat.


The word of Allah spread far and wide;

Muslims took Quran as a sign and a guide.

Islam is our wealth, Quran our treasure;

Our love for Allah, no one can measure.

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May Allah help us in our attempts to be like our beloved prophet (p.b.u.h.). When asked by Hazrat Ali (A.S), his son-in-law, about his way of life he replied:



"Meditation in God is my Capital.

Reason and sound Logic is the rest of my Religion.

Love is the Foundation of my existence.

Enthusiasm is the Vehicle of my life.



Contemplation of God is my companion.

Faith is the source of my Power.

Sorrow is my friend.

Knowledge is my weapon.



Patience is my Garb abd Virtue.

Submission to the Divine Will, is my Pride.

Truth is my Salvation.

Worship is my habit.

And in Prayer lies the coolness of my Eye and the Peace of Mind."

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The Most Beautiful Girl


No, she's not Diana Hayden nor is she Sushmita Sen,

Not even jlo, Who is this girl then?


No, she does not flash her legs nor walk down the aisle semi-nude

For her such things are unthinkable, sacrilegious and downright rude


Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss "Anything", She does not aspire to be

She shuns all kinds of publicity in privacy she would rather be


Never in a swimming costume will she for a camera pose

Yes, she's the 'girl in hijaab' more beautiful than a rose!


Those who're 'stripped' of modesty will 'strip' for any cause

Whether on a lonely beach or in front of a full house


In their naked greed they dance In pursuit of earth's glory

Is there a thing more vulgar than a woman devoid of modesty?


In the name of freedom all moral values are now defined

Vulgarity, nudism, nakedness are steps to fame that wind


Those who are of rotten minds call it freedom of "female" species

Yet, they exploit them a-plenty, whenever and wherever they please.


But for their terrible transgressions maybe they are not fully to

blame, The Muslims forgot their duty and let them live in shame


Incumbent upon the Muslims it was to promote good and stop all vice

If they had done their duty such situations wouldn't arise


Back to our girl in hijaab much loved in Allah's sight

She is darling of all the angels Heaven beckons to her, by right


She's a simple Muslim Girl Yet more beautiful than a full moon

The brightness of her face is all "Noor" can there be a greater boon?


Modesty is her birth right without it, she'd feel lost

"Shamelessness" is a Devil's tool that she avoids at any cost


No, she does not commit sinful acts nor to base desires give vent

In studies, salah, zikr and tilawat much of her time is spent


In obedience of Allah's commands she does all the things wise

And the riches that she scorns befits a "Princess of Paradise"


Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) said modesty is a part of faith

For those who follow not we solemnly lay a wreath


No, she's not Diana Hayden nor she is Sushmita Sen

Nothing on earth would entice her Rupees, Dollars or Yen!

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Islam is a way of life, try it


Islam is a gift, accept it.


Islam is a journey, complete it


Islam is a struggle, fight for it.


Islam is an opportunity, take it.


Islam is not for sinners, overcome it.


Islam is not a game, don't play with it.


Islam is not a mystery, behold it.


Islam is not a for rewards, behold it.


Islam is not for the dead, live it.


Islam is a promise, fulfill it


Islam is a duty, perform it.


Islam is a treasure (the prayer), pray it.


Islam is a beautiful way of life, see it.


Islam has a message for you , hear it.


Islam is love, love it.










Allah knows what's best for us


so why should we complain.


We always want the sunshine


But allah knows there must be a rain


we always want the laughter and the merriment of cheer


but our hearts will lose their tenderness if we never shed a tear


allah tests us often with sufferings and with sorrows


he tests us not to punish us


but to help us meet tomorrow


for growing trees are strengthened


if they will stand the storm and sharp cut of the chisel gave the marble grace and form.


allah tests us often and for every pin he gives us


provided we're patient is followed by rich gain.


so whenever we are down and whenever we feel that everything is going wrong


it is just allah's way to make our spirit strong.










A book that is full of answers


A book that makes you cry,


A book that makes you notice how much harder you can try


A book that makes you realize what true love really is


A book that gives you direction for all of life's tough biz


A book that gives you hope that someone somewhere is watching over you


A book that helps you out through all the times you're blue


A book that was revealed to our beloved prophet over a period of 23 years


once you put faith into this book you can handle worldly fears


A gift sent down from heaven


A treasure from above


Written proof tat shows us how blessed we are with allah's love.










Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire,


if you did what would there be to look forward to?


Be thankful when you don't know something,


for it gives you the opportunity to learn.


Be thankful for the difficult times, during those you grow.


Be thankful for your limitations,


because they give you opportunities for improvement


Be thankful for each new challenge,


because it will build your strength and character.


Be thankful for your mistakes,


they will teach you valuable lessons.


Be thankful when you're tired and weary,


because it means you've made a difference.


It is easy to be thankful for the good things,


a life of rich fulfillment comes to those who are also thankful for the setbacks.


Gratitude can turn a negative into a positive.


Find a way to be thankful for your troubles and they can become your blessings.










Funny how $10 looks so big when we take it to the masjid and so small when we take it to the store.


Funny how big an hour serving god looks and how small 60 minutes are when spent watching TV. or playing.


Funny how hard it is to read a juzz in the Quran and how easy it is to read 2-300 pages of a best selling novel.


Funny how we believe what newspapers say but question what the quran says.


Funny how we can't think of anything to say when we pray, and don't have any difficulty thinking of things to talk to friend.


Funny how we need 2-3 weeks to fit an Islamic event into our schedule, but can adjust it or a social event at the last moment.


Funny is in it??????????










We all must fast in Ramadhan,


which is one of the five pillars.


It is a blessed month you know,


we fast for allah, not for show.


It's designed to make us think,


as we refrain from food and drink.


We feel the hunger and pain,


as much there is for us to gain.


From dawn till dusk we fast,


hoping that our sawm we fast.


While, try to do much good,


building taqwa like we should.


Special prayers we say at night


To forgive and guide us as we try.


While ourselves it was in ramadhan

when allah revealed the holy quran>

and so began the prophet's call>

a guide and mercy to us all

and the night of qadr is unique>

it's blessings all believers seek


then we follow the day of 'Eid' a truly festive day indeed.


Fasting teaches discipline too.


and self-control for me and you.


As year by year we train to be


better Muslims, by allah's decree.


that is all i can think of right now, i hope you will enjoy it my brothers and sisters.

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as-salaama alaykum w.w


Silent sis I'm Galad you are back..

this is for you And my beloved sister's.



No longer shackled by the oppression

of miniskirts and see-thru shirts,

my sisters stand proud.

Covered by cloth and more so by conviction

submission to Allah, they stand apart from the crowd.

The taunts, the jeers, the stares, the leers

Never fazing or dissuading them from following the deen.

Real women they be, the epitome of femininity

strong, secure, complete human beings.

Not slaves to the world of fashion

which is always askin'

for women to dress in as less as they can.

Their hijab is for the sake of Allah

in imaan and taqwa

they refuse to be objectified by man.

Such are my sisters in Islam.

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Assalamu Alaikum,


Much loved brothers and sisters, i'm a new comer to this forum. Mashallah the content posted is of high quality, but with such talented brothers and sisters, its no suprise.


I would to make my first contribution with this following poem, titled my beloved. Its a bit lenght, but inshallah word the read/time.




There was a time in my youth,

When Islam was only a custom.

They said "say La Ilaha Illa Allah,..

And pray, you'll go to Heaven."


Ah, how simple, no struggle in this,

Just a word, and simple act.

Thereafter I'm absorbed in this world again,

With my 'assured' place in Paradise intact.


But this was not to be my fate

For Allah chose to guide my heart.

I learnt of a man who struggled so hard

When his mission was from the start.


The story of someone who had morals,

Spoke gently, kindness he knew.

Never fearing to say what's right,

His conviction in Islam was true.


The touch of his hand was as soft as silk

To comfort a crying child.

To mend his clothes, or do the chores,

Never complaining, he always smiled.


A living he made with his bare hands,

The same that held his mighty sword.

Valour shone from the edge of his blade,

Only fighting for the sake of his Lord.


His smell was always of musk,

And cleanliness he kept at his best.

Stark contrast with the heroes of today,

Who stink of beer and sweat.


He held the hands of his companions.

Unashamed to play with many children.

So modest, so humble, a perfect example,

That strangers could not recognise him.


His eyes slept little

for nights were precious,

His prayers he treasured much greater.

To pray Tahajjud in the depths of night,

Seeking forgiveness, and nearness to his Creator.


He broke his tooth for me at Uhud,

And bled for me at Ta'if.

He cried for me, tears of concern,

Just so I could have this belief.


His enemies admired his teachings,

Uniting every religion, every clan.

Till Islam came to every corner of the world,

O, but indeed he was only a man.


To own a house, or build his wealth

Was not his main priority.

To establish Islam was more essential,

To bring us under a Higher Authority.


Don't you want him to plea for your case,

When before Allah -The Judge- you stand?

Don't you wish to be around his fountain,

A burning desire to drink from his hand?


So I love him more than all creation,

My leader, my humble Prophet.

Muhammad was a mercy to all mankind,

And to me, he is my beloved.

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Having found faith I wonder what more I need

I’ve reached great love one more than what I ailed

A sense of purity I never thought I could have

A beautiful path drawn within my sight

I’ve found closeness to my deen

To my natural born place I wish to return

Now I’m willing to lead a life for the sake of Allah

Forsake what he detest and keep near what he allows

Now 20 year old

one day I hope to be haafida al qur’an a mu’minah if granted by Al Rahiim

No more movies to kill my heart, to give up my chance that’ll never come back

Instead I’ll read siratul nabi and the collection of hadith

To purify my eyes and my scents to start upon my field

Wasted valuable time with fiction stories about a boy and a girl falling in love

Alhamdulilah I’ve opened my mind and choose to read about our mothers

the wives of our rasuul (saw),

so many women he kept in a household

his love for them could almost be a best selling novel god forbid,

every page filled with truth and a one mans pure heart given to his women to set standard of respect and humility mankind yield no more

not only restricted to his family,

his kindness and modesty gave he also to the companions

of them brave men was to rise and rule in the name of our Guider and provider of justice Al Rahman

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wooow ... MAASHA ALLAAH,, you guys are so talented much love , shaka zulu, nice team ;) , mind state beautifull pieces, bilal haseena and gemini .. i'm proud of you. ,, tnx for sharing with us.. lov'm.

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