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High School was a tough thing to go through…

That’s why I want to say congratulation to you...

There was up and downs for us…

Ran in trouble and things became serious…

Grew up a little and life became dangerous…

We watched people acting ridicules...

We didn’t care so we thought it was hilarious

We saw things in another point of view…

Watched are two friends become a whole crew…

And in the summer we always found something to do…

Can’t wait till the day I look back…

Where we all look like scary cats

Eat a lot, produce and become Fat…

Lets just pray we don’t become like THAT!


This was for my girls/boyz…

HODAN from Arlington

SUBAN from Harding

FERUZA from Harding

GREENBAY from Arlington

ZACK from Mankato


And My Teammates: Tonka Simba Traveling team, and North High School Varsity Team…HOLLA!


Good Luck and Play it safe Yall…LOVE YOU TILL The DAY of my last OXYGEN!


See Ya Insha Allah!

Peace InDa MiddleEAST

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ala ohmagod, i remember suban from eight grade, she graduated, dang it seems like yesterday walaahi!! anyway heeres ma piece, congratulation to me and all ma fellow classmates.



Running around

trying to find a class or two

i ran into u

a friendship bloomed

and many others improved

gym class

spanish class

math-I hate u so

too many memories to cherish

for a lifetime to come

many days spent in the bathroom

talking about how mean is

I see a better day coming though

and our friendship strengtheing

god, do we always argue

just our voices could make the whole school collapse

you are such good friends though

although we may not see each other a lot

i am pretty sure i hear ur qeylo sometimes when we go see a movie or


to everybody, good luck in whatever u do.



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