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~~~Intinct poets instincts~~~~

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been couple of dayz, Haven't seen or been to SOL.

But tonight, Reality struck and wouldn't let go

But my mind still sets me free.

and puts me back in this position

determined to write again in the poetry session

word expression is my obsession,I give my recitation

so we can relate and have the same objection

critical and confucing subliminal mind state hit you from every direction

like,taking everyturn and still find ya self in the same intersection...

Fallow me..

This way please,,,,



Brainwashed, made little effort to get the stains off

Blood soaked hands that people made their fame off

Maimed at a cost of poverty, praying for daily bread

This iggnorance is ignored, given a new name instead

A sub-culture, people who aren't,"they don't belong"

Pushed into corners, through pride they stay strong

Unity, a brother-hood, a culture of tribal communities

They see hatred an' say "Somali,goormee isgaraneysaa"

To you and me it's easy, this whole life is a blessing

truly though,get your head out of the cloud and see the scenery

The seeds have to stand up and fight to get lessons

Left in societies shadow, with no real body reflected

Accept it, here in the west, no somali or black presidents will ever be elected

Yepp!!you've been selected

join all those thats been infected

America's fetish for supremacy is telling me one thing

""You don't belong"yes, your culture becomes emiciated

like pictures faded

How can somali people say "nigga" one mintue...

Then say "We follow Mohameds belief, we loved him"

Its not just whites, its a global need to be the same

Iggnorance is iggnorance, it doesn't need more names

Lames and those disabled fight the same wars...

They must have as much voice as 'you' right? Of course

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No doubt SkyHigh*Family____Instinct poetry wrote it good from the instrinsic....

Am kinda hattin on the BLACK CAT...Walking&Thinkin



Family I heard of ya family are made of RAPPERS?

Not sure if G's from ya Streets be GUN'CLAPPERS*

But, I wont care- I'll stare wit' a deadly glare~

Make this unfair->Instinct'Poets'Instincts they

show it & share~

Am hungery in the mood2cool my temper cause

am also angery brother who will bother any

peace as long as there is no peace in the middle

east, am gettin all my foes on their knees,

to leave 'em with a bad memory_

Sickness hate shown in history_

Illness in my mind tells me ur mystery_

ur worst than me if am bad at this poetry_

But I rhyme never rap crap only jab an upper got

Ya spot, pistol whipe u on ya own block, chop ya' body like a rock I chop on every stop*



Visualize da next postin*...I can't diss inhere-






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Destitute and hopeless

Dying and forgotten not quite born,

but not quite dead

Smiling, shrunken toothless heads

Crawling on kness

To get to where ever it may be

Dependancy on another

To care for you is of their

sympathy and secret shudders

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Not long ago a land was beamed

A people underwent a fluid killed

yet they were said to be helped

A nation oppressed a torment

Hanged under a stage that was to settle a fine

Aileen forces framed their century burnt books erased a story

Times are changing cynical a movement

Building our fire and hurrying our guard

A station is crying children is fighting

To get a breed a master of greed

Humiliation widespread mass ovation high laced

A demon is raised collecting a stain

No worry is said yet people will be dead

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Oh,so much mind been exposed

Is wriiten incrypted horrorcore post

My presence is needed as a host

Exclaiming mystic lyricism and dispelling ignorance,

A cultivated lyricist expelling innocence

Prevailing though illiterateness brilliance is exhibition

I never write a rhyme with preconceptions

manifesting conceptions exuberating this essence

blessing your presence with a message of divinity

Consider me, that poet of sentence creativity

Rhymes penetrate and re-enovate your mental state

Instigate and stimulate, obliterate then innovate

like i said,i'm here to educate and relate

Systematically ventilate i never imitate,

Attain arty landscapes and start to decorate

Its evident im setting precedents considered classic,

Instigating rhyme sessions, Packs believes in magic

Oh,is systematic and romantic

tha primo couldn't been a

any cleaner with beamer like haseena

shoulda seen'a sort like ameenah

twisted lemon with foriengh name like nina

cold core drinking cofe' with out cream'a

the art telepathy used in this session

without any hesitation

I can foresee the deeply deadly vission

appeared submereged,opticals blurred

sound so absurd,never seen or heard

breaking in two seas msWord

sickly picky like pyro-pixie

identity sexy ,atttude complexy

frantic frenzy

behind dark shade in a benzy

is me the the gifted poet+ry..

Write below me

so we can all be

the team ExPresSivel+y

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words is elevated...

splitting the barries elongated..

draining az this world crumbles...

middle east, heartbeat fumbles....

amidst fuctures....

close, frozen at each juncture....

seam rips open, tight , suffocating

all creeds bearing

instincts rhymes miming visions

yet moulded into one friction

globe trotting, throwing

mouse traps,so we tumble,no light glowing

achudhu bilaahi mina sheydhaani rajiim~~`

bismi lahi rahman rahiim~~~

verses crowding the bad seed

making me thro this like its needless..


dropping concentration

survival kit thrown in tha jungle

wound gaping open

audacity of animals, like ice frozen

"douse this emitional tide"

"hotter than the black sun fried"

"deepest core shutter"

"dam.....tipping....wat a blunder"

silent words

emanating sharp like spear stuck on a hide

of a passive milked out..

udder frozen..gone are tha days of

do we break ?? halt???

plz dont classify//break//no ones fault..

sheer willpower modifies//like bait//jolts

free spirit shining by starz

noon lingering by far

relaxing up a notch

finger tips slowz

one , two..



checking mike'

no grime'

jump tha loop

slum dunk the funk... they drool

this seriousness..creeping like a menace.. ...

vibe flowing

body moving

medulla oblangata fed

creating endorphines and it aint lame feeding the soul

and y'all know how.....

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Thank you all,...

I come in here, when i find that moment

of freedom,that takes me to a diffrent world.

A nomad world, were love is shared

between people of somali descendant.

We try to make whats left of home in here

in another case this is our next domicile.

However,words don't really express feeling as much,

But, still the powerful impact behind the words and

thoughts of the author is what drives it to be

so real and sometimes felt by those who can "RELATE".


MZ-Alpha-Soup Nicely written words you got there.

Maybe your nick' can be Mz-Alpha-Poet,just a thought.!! is it..

When you learn to die..for a living..

Living just to die..

These life-lines..seem written..’s borrowed time..

So many thoughts in mind..

But on the surface..deeply hidden..

Never understood the purpose..

Got me thinking..this is intended..

Bad me nervous..

Hydro keep me centered..

Thought process..rendered..or enchanced..

Can’t call it all..

From my front-line window..I glance..

I see em’ fall..

Before there wasn’t even..a chance..

It’s more then fate..

.."It’s ’life..or something like it"..

We strive in maintain..

Till we become who we were..

And not disguising pain..

Till better livin..for life it's self ..

But somehow...we survive the rain..

Perfectioned with huricane..

Now wechoose the ‘lane’

‘Fast’ everything..equal fast endings..

Which slows the progress...

Now you left..with weaker beginnings..


The story never changes..

like game has it's players....

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

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My Body throws,My mind flows,Combined Both

You get instincts Woes'


Like that black cat that walks back forth

I'm due north

For what is worth

I'ma let you in first

I was poeticly gifted at birth

I remmember my first Verse

I read it to my nurse

My thoughts were natural force

Of Natures source

I was to curse

and ofcource

My mind is span off course

I had a remorse

Back track to rehearse

I got the stiffness of a crazy horse

At the moment i write for the worse

Put it in reverse

to get the best verse

My heart to reimburce

What my mind disperse

is a deep converse

My body immerse

Into leap treverse

Combine Both you get the heroic verse,

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A white-man's tale over a blackman's kingdom decay

Tailored mind filled foolery, and painful slavery

King that reigned overturned to fit a white new suit

Where white is the angel and black is the witch

Continent invaded divided and inter-enmity created

A history desecrated, black societies destoryed

Replaced by black pupet amputating his own limp

Black man with a painted face singing a white song

Greed and corruption embraced imported by whites

The black victims of hate, of failed black knights

The black land devasted by the black prostitutes

The mental prostitutes brained by the white devils

Foolish blacks humbled by the white lie of schools


What makes or destroys a kingdom is the failure to control.

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Yo..its been a'Hot minute since I last droped in it


So as of now..Im back to doing what I do best..


..Teaching tha blind how to refine their minds..





INstinct..Back fo'more

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Yezzz..I'm back for the millionth time..

I never quit i live on this like a "SocialSecirity"

Is funny cuz, when i feel like i wanna write,

I get somekind of tune in my head,

Right now i got that, pink panther tune(If you know how it goes)


And certain

emotional feelings,na'mean.

But not the type you'd have when in love and shyt like that.I Can't explain it..

But whenever i read my past posts

I alwayz remmeber what i was feeling

And damn, there is no feelings like it.


Here i go again..


Like anthony Hamilton, i say "Coming from where i'm from"

I will never know how much storm it'll take to

tranform the desert into jungle form?

but i know it took 14years to disform city into

long gone..

So how long will it take to reform far gone blood soaked home?



Instinct Poet...

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instinct poet

Ultra-Violent words that meditate in silence..

Replacing violence-N-malice to those blinded get balanced..

wow good shyt man thats hot thats hot


i'm stuttering over here wun luv


uppin this post 4 mo

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Wait a minute... lets brainstorm...Brainstorm.

configure solution with more storm..Bring storm

Got me singing like marving gay "Whats Goin' on"

why things looking odd-N- torn?Not just in Africa'z Horn..

phuck...i'm tired..i dunno if this vission is a

gift or curse that must be lived.


same feelings everyday..

Damn,"Feels like I'm wearing the same clothes everyday"?is hard to say..

Speechs melody ,

soft as one can be,

tired of thiz honestly,

sleepless bad memories,

brough me to my knees

writing to these is my remedies,

do ten bring me

some of P+eaze..



To be continued...

Instinct poet

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Visionz of luv

or product of lust

u took my heart

my loyality n' trust

my shinning star

n' covered wit rust

my nite n' day

filled wit anger n dismay

y couldn't u stay

y couldn't i pray


y couldn't u relay

feelings u protray

y couldn't u delay

did it had to be today

on Valentinez Day~




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