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From a bleeding heart

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This is for my somali brother Maxamed Ismacil that passed away recently

Ilaahay jannatul fardowsa haka waraabiyo.




My heart came to a halt the afternoon i heard

about the loss

Sad was i although not have known you

felt the grieve a somali brother a lost soul

I would have loved to know

I dont know the purpose of this poem

maybe away to reveal how i felt

a way to send my condolences

away to wish to have known you

or a promise that i will pray for you

My eyes are full of tears

and my heart is pounding out of fear

When death knocked on your door

it sent us all a warning to look out for

You reminded me of the little time we live on this earth

The knowledge that ive been taught since birth

How life is never guarenteed

The fact that we will never know how and where it will lead

I might sleep and never awake

like your soul mine will be allahs to take

And inspiration you have been

even to me a girl you have never seen

So i will wipe away my tears i wont cry

instead i will pray for your soul and mine

Pray for a jannah all of us to interwine

make an example out of you,

like you hope to be an inspiration to be looked up to

May allah keep you safe and protect you from the fires of hell

Let you sleep on the 7th heaven in paradise and let you dwell

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How deep can one sink in such disblief,

How far can one swim amid a sea of grief,

How is one safe from the company sorrow keeps;

death,When every inch of the skin aches -

as my pained heart in pieces brakes,

As the smile of joy on my face holds,

its place; and its facial expression, in an irony,

Such joy, is swept away by a salty tear, one too many

And sweet memories of my friendship with him;

becomes a haunting ordeal, which fates redeam.

How can my faith remain and my skin not pain;

if sleep has become the cousin of death

Must I remain awake, in fear of death?


My prayers are with you - May Allaah lay rest your precious soul, Amiin.

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My dear friend, who departed

I'm still holding a high salute,

As days and nights have parted

your death made me grow astute


I live life of a clear colour now

thinking, asking question how,

why where once at night we trod,

Sings song which strikes accord


May Allah rest your soul, Aamiin

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YEa life is short Nice pieces brothers and sisters


I will leave ya'll wit one of my poems



The abundence of hate around

like a tail spin ima end up in the ground

the sound that pounds ur ears like a hammer

life brought this unsuitable manner

without the power in my hands

life will sink into the depths, like quick sand

as we run from our problems

and never face our fears

we look at life

and drown in tears

when all seems lost

who and what will be found

open ur eyes look around

as life twists and turns

we sit alone and learn

so leave me be as i ponder my foul ways

and reload the thoughts of pain thru my days

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As he left may Allah bless him

4give him

As he left many left my sight

May Allah rest them

As they left many more left our side

May Allah bless them

And keep their souls in heaven

Gone young I swing you 11 Qulhu'walah

After each prayer saving duas in even

All in even as they departured

One after the other, no stress Allah got them out of this living mess

Less grieving, by saying duas is more of a bless inshallah you'll be recieving, more of a bless

All in even as you departured

I keep you in my mindsheart

10brothers soo far all personally close

Million~brothers & sisters soo far I save a prayer connecting you close

Heaven bound, deaths quick sound-

Hell bound, death punishing souls on ground-

Stay Islamic, fearh Allah for we will get a chance to GO~

Know we here for repentance and battling devils as we should all KNOW~



May Allah bless all those I lost from my range of life.

And may Allah bless all those I lost from long range....especiall from M.E->Middle.East

And all over... Istaqfurullah-Istaqfurullah.



All even as you departured, may Allah 4give your sins and bless you.

All even as we remain, may Allah 4give our sins and bless us all.







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Such an Amazing Poem by all ya'll


Alot of Loved Ones Dying The Stress Is Too Much, Too Tough, Too Rough

I Wont Grasp Luck, My Premonitions Are Brought With Bluff

Tasks Completed, But My Life Feels As If It Is Secreted

The World Has Never Known, Pain...Suffrage...Constantly Repeated

Leaving My Emotion's Deleted...Mentality Drained...I Bleed Insane

Language Interpretation Is Profane, Nobody Express's Seemingly Sane

Turn This Page, Reveal The Concept Of My Infinite Rage

Look Around You There Are Still Times That Innocent Children Was Beaten...Scarred... Tortured...In That Cage

I Guess Im Gloomed With Hate, I Can No Longer Relate To Fate

Im Now Afraid, My Legs Are Broken, I Can No Longer Carry This Weight

My Senses Are Break, Concealed And Shattered....Sealed And Tattered

Real And Battered..You Wheel Flattered...Brings The Tears In My Eye's

I No Longer Fear To Die, Just Ask Yourself Why?

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Thank you guys for your Condolences and Prays for our departed brother he was a good man and he certainly hasnt been forgten.


May Allah bless his soul, May Allah save him from the tourment of the grave, and May Allah elevate him to the highest level of Jannah Amiin

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