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let's all RYHME!!

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Vission Before you dissmiss'em>>>

Let me try and convince'em

got alot word power to give lesson

that'll unlock the mental prison

hopin maybe they'll look inside see whats missin...

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To kill 'em I be like me too!

Brandish leaders i see through...

Have 'em instinct get 'em vanquished,

growing to be just like 'em- greedin' as a Jewish.

It's why u find me doin' foolish-

Loadin' nines, clockin' mines, bustin' rhymes-

Playin' wit' minds passin' times,

See-sea-U-See how I do this!

Plottin' on Controband movements...

From East to West, North to South-

'm a customized criminal collectin' teeth from

my foes mouth!...

'm out-goin' all out!

'm out-goin' all out! 'm OUT!

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sO EASY TO BE caught up in the decieving

if the media showing something why U gots to be believein

Keep ur mind in the zone & make sure its your own

Dont 4get where u came from S dot is your home,

dont get to close to the T dot cause it'll leave you out cold and alone

we aint to welcome here, so lets get our shit ready to leave

this aint our fate

ive been ready since '88

been hopin to feel the sun, simlin faces frm every-one

chill on street one on one, get arrested for nothing son

that aint right

proud to be black aint never givin up the fight!


Mo power

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What is this… killing hour?

If yes, then in a hands-off way

I'll articulate my power

Truth is I’m awkward, germ phobic

Never touch my opponents

Cause fist-brawls aren’t my thing

But when the unfortunate cross me

With venomous words I can sting

Leaving my victims sedated

Before I move in for the verbal kill

Too ladylike for cuts and bruises

I would rather tie them up

In psychological nooses

Without blinking or flinching

I carry out a perfect cyber-lynching

I’m so bad it ought to be a crime

And it’s a wonder I haven’t time



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I carry out a perfect cyber-lynching,like yasmin

this lyrics i fein for like more"phine"

Can't relate?you a midget trapped in a dream

like bleach on this page i come clean

written some of the realest shyt over seen

My words are vissual scheme when you read'em you take part in a scene

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Charactrized for the plot in a starvin' scene~

Care less confused with careless when they read my theme~

Sendin' subliminary messages, act like u noe wat I mean...

Rawdy rugget rough yet cut clean~

A grimmy pretty boi out 2win ova' da Jin-

U'r justa-Human, a civilian tryin' to shine amongs glowing million...

Lets all rhyme, they faking it I see 'em~


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pills and power

preparing for power

this sec

not at the end da hour

naming all parts

humanities n' all

perceptionz that tear us a part

maintaining inqualities

our mothers grief

families on the fault line

on todayz newz brief

Civilize them wit a stick

or betta yet

confuse em n' let them pick



lack of proper education

affirmative action

lack of proper reaction


Jobless Ghettos

"We'd luv to hire them, but"

contested terrain

the Glass Escalator

soft skills n' race

why markets don't stop to discriminate


Stability n' change

Community witout gangz

perceptionz rearranged


knowledge without truth

is like

injustice without proof

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What does it take for one to Rhyme?

Re-constructing words & phrases each Time

Tedious & tiresome yet without earning a Dime

Day in day out striving to make a Name

Relentless effort, yet no sign of Fame

Never getting tired of this Game

But you only got yourself to Blame ;)

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Blame far from flame

Tactics to earn a name

Never replicate child’s game

Hear me growl-am make to fame

Far from Belly wood enough to say-

Never duplicate artist’s words even if @ astray

Feed my soul- words I feel-

Expressionist well known as the “spectacle”

Often referred to as Captivate

In which return I feed the soul

Not a joke- SOL feeds on my creativity

Sad to say; I’m stepping -leaving you off with my bond of fruity

Fare off my inspiring words to cultivate your spirituality



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I’m really not good at this stuff but I’ve always loved poetry especially the one’s that rhyme. So here I go.


We hear the words of inspiration

Don’t leave us for foolish notions.

Keep by us with devotion.

And help us with a potion

To increase our emotions

And clear us of commotion

Feel the rumble of a nation

Ready to show off its relations

And build up inspiration

Of great leaders in the making


With minds full of wonder.

And beats full of rhyme

Men standing tall

And women not far behind

Futures looking brighter

Children with all smiles

Do we see this coming

In a future not far from now?


(How’d I do? Do I make sense does it rhyme?)



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