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Represent like the President!

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Aight Aight, nough wit the chit chat. Get your chalks out and we all gonna paint our cities in wax. Soo many fella$ wana be FamoUS so this is ur 15 minutes. Drop somein somein bout your city. And one rule applies- DONT DISS ANOTHER CITY..STRICKLY POSSITIVE icon_razz.gif .. Lets separate them boyz from men now..Holla :mad:

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Ok here...


My city so wild with Rage and freestyle

Pimpin all day like Rap city hosted by Big Tigger n’ AJAY

M@thaf@ckers attain sta$h wit no foul play

Strickly legal, str8 out no vest n’ no slugs stray

No jaat, blunts, Aks and Welfare checks

No sippin cris,Tattoes, bling wrist n’ cocaine

We here pay bills n’ take girls out wit big CANEs

From big crowds to hall of fame

We KO every nutsu@ker wit slow kiss

VICIolise the essense when my O2 n’ H2O combine in marital Bliss

Spit fire when haters tryna touch the flame


Nuclea and a Hydrogen atoms combined, now that’s insane

Handlin business from 7am to five pm



Minneapolis we put it on a double

Snitches stinkin some Shtt, Ni@@AZ shakin like jelly curls on Rambo

Evening crusin , jugglin females like puppets

Returnin calls to beauties like rejuvinated pimps

Aint no rentals, we roll wit hardknock whips

Tricks bendin, flesh burnin , too much licks

Phuk broken windows n’ less cosy stairways

We do it on the 94 highway

Aint to city that can number us close on them comfort basement

Big coaches, pool tables and bowls of sharley f@ckin temple

Snow plows outside ratllin like a diamond stickin head

Moonlight shinin on them ebony mahogany legs

While we bonnin she stills yanks n moarns

Goin’ so many directions, you don’t know where she’s movin

Kinda obsessed, I confess my city non the less will put cancun to the test~ WORD!



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AIYYO,from minneapolis to st paul i'm a contender

with the best and more or less you're ajust pretender just confuse, sell your mic and buy a bike because you're weak and take a hike when bishop speaks.

NOW your stepping in my realm of malicious intent

you get powerbombed like a sid vicious event so ask yourself when your rules are bent and your back gets bent

I'M the lyrisist of the year you just a gimmick with gear you still far behind from making rap as carrer i suppsoe this mean stay in the abby blue industry for the remainder of the year, coz you heart pumps with fear sweating and tears

YOU are not repping minneapolis , cuz i can get around you city like pac infact been around like the ice cream truck around your block ,like your girl tossing your salad to get respect, you think your know minneapolis well you just a man without a voice dont dare come with you copy and paste **** i can tell the different like having sex or making love .you need to find some lyrics that can can fit these kicks until then refain from riding my **** (you think you can bit this style i will bring you applesource

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whoa who whoa

will the real president please stand up

please stand up....


Bishop the imposter

Get your perveted mind out here cuz u a child molester

You neck to neck wit micheal Jackson as child lover #1 contender

The difference between love and sex with you is fondling an alter boy and your pet monkey

You a ryhme jacker...monkey in the dark beater

I stretch miles to ViSiT bishop and introduce him to the the #1 punani beater


el presidente signing off to handle some bixness

a little teaser

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This turf is officially RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE. :D

Lets light the bonefire we about to barberque soomeeebody..hahaha.


Death wish to the bishop that moves between the knight n’ a king

A B C rhymes and a wig that’s a simple thang

U must be from Oakland coz your Lines are TOO $HORT

geared up n’ voltin, ur fashion its like the 66 route

How you gonna claim MC n’ all u wear is gown…hahaha :D

Shtt, bishop evolved from bustin the nuns now he down wit the alter boyz

This dose mindya , make your blood marinate your hind

I don’t take hides, its like the HE HE, I cut ears n’ wore like necklase

Run around your block wit 4 glocks onto my car deck

NAS said ‘you a slave to a page in my rhyme book’

I am cut you down wit Axe n’ heavy doses of bayonet

Comprehend this meaning of this lyrical text

I hang with new rapper coz ur less than nothing

Ur level of popularity ranked from lower than half a star to something

I am more intelligent than you, Poppin pimples demonstrate the quality of Ur IQ

My lines are long and latitude n’ guess what?

This line I drop its like the drop top I ride in Houston (Section check this

Visit get a plastic to look more like spice girls

your sense level like a 40 watt light bulb, dim witted :cool:

After jaat night , you wont be hard even if we stuffed viagra through you d!ck! :eek:

Get an Encyclopedia, see to both yo’ll am more probmatic like ILLmatic

My rhymes are more worryin like mathematical equations

When you battle me, its like you phuck yourself, like the art of ma$turbation

You should be a vegetarian coz this beef was a MIS-$TEAK! :mad:

But I guess you must be breakfast coz am flippin you like pancakes~




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the reason you call yourself after the man coz his your hero, after the 9/11 i saw you already bumper

sticker but you *** is still a nigg- , dont get

twisted Bush am not pakistani am somali the rap war lord always on point like that scored board

Ending like the black hawk down i got you on the run like talibani you were gasp and shook, drag your white *** on the street of my home town, you did pack and go, beat me never, a righteous mind is devil worst fear ,you just a another apartment nigga not even house ,

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vicious i turn your *** to artist formerly known as, you better stay away i'll take your rap style and put in a lay-a way, you need eight more rapper

just to make this equivalent, am not for oakland

i'm millennium lyricist area code 619 physicit, i can smell your rhymes like a dude inside adiaper

there aint no rapper bad as this i leave for 3 days and come back like the nazerathy,

how so many of you suckas figured it, may be could get a name if bishop diss us, i know you suckas think you figure since you already a ***** you might as well give me some syphilis envious cause my rhymes is infinite and you are lyrically limited to the box you livin , come and get with this and when i break you off a chip of this you will be like cocchie with syphili on the clitoris

i drop more niggaz more than a record label, i break niggaz down to his blood type device, sliced leaving trails of broken mics, you look better holding **** than mic,fear of bishop got you on the run like carl lewis.i got the so called hiphop purest you just hiphop tourist

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Its friday, Cant believe it!..back to bezzak...


Iaint no turnin I’m like the chamelion, unlike color I adopt to pain

After this they might need to scoop you wit a spade n a crane

No lay-a-way, I just layback and let you kiss my CANE

Then I spit at you and make you scream my name

And I aint laughin cause you knew its cause you scared

Your guard open for a whoppin -you shoudn’t have dared

Take my style? NI@@a please, Iam show you some infinite game

Teach you a lesson on how to make paper wit a nib of a flame

But DON’T fear its like a psycho murderer I blade you from ear to brain

If you would be in a board then aint no many white boxes to counter claim

Dust your atlas kid and think back to the map

I don’t spit poison dart, I jerk off arrows that smash skulls n bone marrows

619 is narrow, up in the 50th I can wreck on ur street like my d!ck wit no Inspector

You? Bishop Shakin in boats? Man I got you shook

You scared of VICIoUS like am the midwest crook

Enough with the chessy corny @ZZ lyrics duke

The syphilis you got was a jeck off fluke…hahaha

Cant pipe out cuchie even if its placed on a

Still goin through puberty n yo aint even seen a ‘fruity’

Don’t take me rude, am not on weakly prozak but I love the juice

I think I heard Tick! Tick! Its Checkmate,n' Bishop is about to lose! ;)



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i was raised muslim praying to the east , nature of my life relate rhymes i release

you acting like daytime talk show, you aint a writer nor a fighter you're just biter ,jerking rhymes you dont even take the prize tag off

who's to blame when your lyrics is lame, i heard you trying to damage my name the one i dont kill go insane.

you need to shut that crap up, you got no backup you'll get slapped up, you really dont know me i'm to raw while you style is up and down like a see- saw i'm the seashore what you lookin at me for

listen pretty boy , skills you lackin it, timing and rhyming you dont practice it, your class you skipped now your *** is kicked i laugh at it, cause we mastered it, i leave niggaz on top of each other like public housin in minneapolis

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Dats so pathetic :eek: Murda murda its like franklinville.........


Faacin east should be the last thing you do

From the cemetery, Vultures increase from scent of your decay

Come wit your weak vibes, shtt hatters will sink in decades

Wit a Bishop name, you cant make it even in a muslim parade

I’m like a Mullaa- school ya wit a gun or just use my pen

They effect all the same, all damn result will be full of lead

Seashore-h@e Just watch the list of Mc’s I battle, Fu@k they all end up dead

Watch them lost their minds n’ see whats left in their head

It’s a lil late n’ these pills are putting me to bed

But no sweat, I can stay up late till I feel to belch

Ur just a Bit@h jigga, n’ am bout to put ya to rest

Feelin my lyrical venom strikes fear inducing shakes

Makin your back break n your heart palpitate

Reconnectin your head wit your severed spine will take

More than penicillin and roll duct tape!

U thinking cyber kid, like on heat yo beggin for spankin

Im coastin, shtt this words fly our so smooth like silk

My words are ill, ya’ll know I spit so tilt like a handful of silt

Dispersin these flows so laced n’ tight like the’re manufactured for threats

VICIoUS rhymes malignant like a rollcoaster of roulette

Tah tah, U aint even tryin its like runnin against a camaro Chevrolet

Use your gown n’ keep hidin, we all know bout WINONA crest

San Diego Jiggas stand sleepin since they came from the 747 jet!

HOLLA :mad:



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OH on you dont wanna know how nomad like me came inn, i came by foot, sea or land running through

this earth wind and fire,came upon moonson, earthquarke and blister yeah thats right you say

flight 13 or 747 i dont mind coz am nomad by nature i stay true to my culure.

my family tradition require me to diss you, coz you just like a bi-tch without breast.

i won't talk about rolex if i dont have one i wont

talk about fast car if i dont have one, you just another fake thug wanna be dying to hag my di-ck.

for somalia on line editor there need to call paramedics whoever rated vicious garbage i will take 3 life from whoever hired that a$s white.

check the list you lackin breath control, mental behavour, lyrical talent ,imagination and flavour.

i'm the original incase you forget when it comes to war i get raw add another mic to the one's i rip. i poison verb like alcohol destroy ya liver, you just bitin my style i need tetnus shot, you cant stop original with a copy, you lost coz am dope of course.

bishop hiphop mohamed Ali leave mic dead and smelly, sick flows am not you , am not you average fella. when it's my time to shine the whole world go blind from the sheisty side of town where nickle cost dime. i know you wack and weak so i say please leave here's the door here's your coat and mitt cause here we read and learn from bishop.thinkin you're hard coz you wear a gangsta T-SHIRT

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