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Nomadic Introspection

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Chaos errupts and the nightly concert of gun fire begins

We all dash bewildered, atleast trying to gather the last of out things

To where we go, at first we don't know

Just continous steps as we walk, we only stop to go

A new place a new beginning a new plot at times

This akward land this awkward place with people held only before in our minds


we think,

More knowledge, more wisdom, more confusion


And with the confused mind comes confused ideas

Of an identity we think we still have

An identity that was long ago stolen

An identity we strive for everyday, searching, reaching, yearning

Yearning to belong, to be included, to be labelled


So what happends when we come to this new place

We don't understand that we don't fit in

a new people a new statistic a new race


Young, Black and African we proudly procliam

OUr labels, so dear we hold them

African, with an American shirt

African, with an Islamic name

African, with straightened hair

African, so proud to be...African


but are we?

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