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A Brotha's Response...

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A Brothers Response


You ask do I qualify? Can I fulfil your need and become the man you need me to be?


My SISTER, are you prepared for what you’ve asked for? Can you handle responsibility?


Can you accept that by God I am the chosen one, the authority, the comforter and the head?


Will you submit willingly and follow my path? OR, will you fight with me instead?


If I am your king, will you treat me as such? Will I get the best of your beauty and poise? Or, will I be subjected to an appearance neglected and checked with some serious noise?


When I talk, will you listen? I mean whole heatedly and feel me?


Can I be the man at all times? Even when its hurts? Or, is it just when it’s convenient for you?


Can you love me for me and not who you wish I could be? Will you see the STRONG BROTHER? Or will you always remind me of all the other past brothers behind me and make me pay for their sins.


If I don’t send you flowers the day your co-worker received some, will your know that I still love you? Or will my good name be uttered along with those other doggish bros?


Will you question if my commitment is real?


Will you be patient and teach me to understand and allow my knowledge of your needs to grow? Or will you shut me out when I ask “Baby what’s wrong”?


Or will you respond with “Well a REAL man would know”?


When we first met what was it that caught your eye?


Was it my mind, my heart, my personality?


Or was it my suit, or my job or do you love what I drive, instead of what’s driving me?


Yes, I can and I will make love to you from midnight to the dawning of the sun…


But if I tell you I’m tired, will you trust I’m sincere or believe that there must be another one?


My SISTER I LOVE you and my heart can be yours.


No woman could lead me astray.


But like you I have needs, so I beg you please in love thang, meet me half way.


In life’s tough times I’ll hold you. In the rough times, I’ll mould you. Your simplest wish will be my command.


My life is yours if need be.


Yes, you can fully bleed me and when hell come in your place, I’ll stand.


A good relationship is a powerful institution that must be built on a foundation of two.


So, I answer your question, YES SISTER, I do qualify now more important do YOU?

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