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A the rhyme

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Neurotic is what best describes mankind

Natural theories are thought of as a pain in the behind

Nest is what a birds calls home

Necessity is something we can never leave alone

Never is a harsh word sometimes

Nurture is what friends and parents inprint in The mind

Nurishment is given by food

The Notwithstanding Claus makes the Quebècious seem rude

Narative is a story told

Naughty is a misjudged character yet to unfold

Near is someone close to you

Nay is an old English word long overdue

Neo is a word before other words for something meaning new

Nomad is what our ancestors were, following the Sun and waking before the morning made dew

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got to keep this thread going on it's golden heelz


check it check mic 1,2 1,2

OOooHH la la la


O'reily factor a concieted BazTurd

Out to destroy and bombard propaganda


OuTkasted are words of the prophet from ourHeartz

O'YE'heedless'SOUL is A topicIn camel milkdebate


On our month of ramadan we must all consider

Our deeds and pray for A better DuNya


On and ON this civil war continues, AN

Overtaking should be a priority


Onslought of fantasies is what we live in

Ousted from my knees is a day still YET COME


Oders of perfume are smelled in the graves of



Orders of allah must not be



O'allAH'forgive me for i' have TAKENforgranted my

Obligations to islam FOr which i hold dearly.


OTHERS shall COME POST as they'vePOSTED b 4 me

Offers from a FREIND<join AND express Urself


Officially,SINcerely,TRULLY yourz...

16_125.gif English (Yusuf Ali):

"16:125 Invite (all) to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: for thy Lord knoweth best, who have strayed from His Path, and who receive guidance."


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Post is what i am about to do~so check it!


Please lets start the Program

Pathetic how ur peers always want to party

Player doesnt always get tha ####

Print these words in your mind

Provided tha fact that

Poverty is what makes u a pawn

Propoganda is the political party's plot to stay in power

Police are the goverment's property

Public speakin to me is not a problem

Practice gives me perfection

Pure are my words as a poet

ProPain,iz my name when i need to battle

prompt this picture in preview an you will see

personality is the only thing that is private

Profile some nomadz lie about it

Pretty how our somali queens are, makes me proud

present or past which one portrays our passion?

Prayer leads us to the right path....


Happy ramadan everyone!

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Quite is the scene when i walked in

Quarking in quality voice to make the room upscene

Question deviding in quarterly comes clean

Queen of all demons wishes me mean

Quire full queers is hell in scheme

Quantem leap is cheap dream

Q2 is the physics symbol of charge

Q?is hard letter to crack, let me define it>>"Q (k[=u]), the seventeenth letter of the English alphabet, has but one sound (that of k), and is always followed by u, the two letters together being sounded like kw, except in some words in which the u is silent. See Guide to Pronunciation, [sect] 249. Q is not found in Anglo-Saxon, cw being used instead of qu; as in cwic, quick; cwen, queen. The name (k[=u]) is from the French ku, which is from the Latin name of the same letter; its form is from the Latin, which derived it, through a Greek alphabet, from the Ph[oe]nician, the ultimate origin being Egyptian. Etymologically, q or qu is most nearly related to a (ch, tch), p, q, and wh; as in cud, quid, L. equus, ecus, horse, Gr. ?, whence E. equine, hippic; L. quod which, E. what; L. aquila, E. eaqle; E. kitchen, OE. kichene, AS. cycene, L. coquina.Hope i broke it down alot

it's truly electryfying if you fallow the roots

of each letter :D:D

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Rahman is Allah name

Rahim is his other description

Rasul-Allah is the prophet (PBUH)

Riotousness fills the heart


Ramadan the holly month

Ritual is not what we do

Respect of the way of Islam

Resign from these worlds’ desires

Residue of sin is cleansed

Removed are the demons within

Rested in chains evil is held


R is a letter after Q

Romance is what they do

Rewards is what is given

Recovery period is needed

Raving mad people get

Retarded is a medical condition


Rhapsody can mean many things

Rhodesia was Zimbabwe

Rotating rings of Saturn


Recluse is a man who had enough

Rescue is a way to get out

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Southside sopranos.

Sing it in a high note.


So stacked up they don’t know.

Society stays on the low notes.


Sabotage the secrecy.

Sorry I can’t defeat.


Segregated from my families.

Summoned to my ears their cries still lead.


So you still want me singing on my low keys?


Streets calling for victories.

Secured bonds will bleed.


Solid is the bond we keep.

Security is what we preach.

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TICK-TOCK checking da clock!!

=========IS IT==========================



TIMbaHlandz I rock

Tresppassing oN YO block

True TO'ya sportin ROcaFELLA SOCKZ


TRUTHFULLy i must continue

Triad minds controling FIFTHavenue

Top of da hill DOES THE rock stop?


Ten times greater we come ready PENS'n'PADZ

Tricky-tricks jotting DOWN young'unz LADZ-getONur-



Tenacious_J in da house check it!

Teamed up we ready;; SKIPP payin them MIDDLE ROAD



Topping on a cake I COME SWEET

Totin A BOOK bag STRaIGht-EIGHT educated

Tests i'm ready;PiMpIn in THIS alphAPOETRY


To continue OR

To not continue

That is the question?

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Utopian life you never get

Unless you’re a pretender

Uruguay I have always liked

U can’t ask me why?


Under 6feet is a certainty

Unclassified is none of your business

University is a place for thinkers


Uranus is a celestial body


Unhappy is the opposite of a smile

Uncle Sam has gone senile


Upper classes are stuck up

Underground is a means of travel

Umbrella you cover yourself in

Urgent is now not later


Usama is he a holly warrior

USA is plain old trouble

Use of power buildings turn to rubble


Unless you change the rules

Under no way can we lose

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V beging with V end with V.

Metaphoric..Keep ya eyes Open to get what I'm saying*


Voted #1 In the best list of Vocalist

Vividly spitting Vocabulary

Volcanic type Voltages speed of Vihicle Velocity

Votery Vuracious kickin style in Vortex

Vitality Vicious to Vitiate in Virginsex

Vuluptuous feelings like Voo'doo

Voluntery Violating The Velva(again*)Deja'Vu

Visualize sunsets Voice creating ViVisectionon on a Vixen

Verstiles Voice is Ventriloquism

Vibrabtly Creating Vibration in the Vispine

Vintage Voice is Smooth Varoomed with Vaseline

Valkrie Vowels is is Feared Valium

Vaunting in Position Victorious

View of Sunset is ViseVersa of any Mc-Violupturious

Vocalicly ending this with style like the Vizier..


Vulnerable Sunset**

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What now?


W already

Whoa now!!


world of diversity

western adversity

wars never an answer

we shall over come


whores in the streets

weezy in this pipe-drain of a country

when will hope come

when shall we over come


whoopin'cranes singing in the distance

whole is an emotional feel a state of being

wired as we are

won't chu reply?


work everyday

whether its education or money

we're all working


wind in my face

weathers changing

warning signs of

winters clusters


wakening from a hard night

wondering and dreamy..realizing fate

what now?

where shall we go?


whats' next to say <


War'dee'illa soo hadal<

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You say I'm free but to shackles i am still attached

You call this the land of the free, so why don't i feel relaxed?

You've conqured all to the Yucatan and back

You've speard diseases and hate, and we don't know how to act?

You love it when we entertain you, getting tickets by the numbers

Yet with all this money, you can't aid world hunger?

You consider my words militant, sometimes calling them belligerent

Yet you've done this with out any restitution, did you forget?, you call this country free under the Declaration and the Constitution

You call me a daughter of this land

Yet it's tear gas and jail when i take a stand

You call this place the the biggest world power

Yet you bombed out a country without finding the culprits that blew the World towers

You must understand, Oh Great Red White and Blue

You almost forgot that the only infection to this ailing world is no one else but YOU

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XXX Rated when I

Xsessively Xercise the crooked letter X

X out the marks,seems like i'm having

Xtra Deja'Vu and Xisher+Amnesia at the same time,

can't tell whether i was Xpect to rhyme Or

Xplain if been here before or not,stressin I'm

Xing continued like

Xavier Xpedia Xceria Xpunge I

Xterminate the Xtirpate and

Xtract like subtracting The X out the aXe

Xexperimental Vocal Xtension

Xchange my feelingz for Xtasy

Xmine weird Images Xsample of

Xrays things the nakes eye couldn't catch

Xpress more realness,

Xarpinate born natural Xecutive

Xception is made of Sparkle not knowing which letter

X or Y which come first,Like the

Xis when theY cross each othe Geometricly,

Xcuting not answer but, I am

Xenophopic Ingrediented With Xchromosomes



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