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Originally posted by ProPaiN:

pass me the sauce and blue cheese cuz ama bout to have this fool fo dinna safe us all the trouble and sign here X ...................... remember this is your death certificate!

ooooooouuuuch ... somebody call 911

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competition is getting harder..only da strong..da versatile..da cream of da crop..survive from this dat movie all bout got get whats yours..ya feel seeing guyz sneaking out da back window though..zup with dat..

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Whaz crakalakin yo'll? Camel milk gonna be homogonised! Str8 outa MplS, Midwest SINCITy, ViCiviOUs da malicious in the house. Holding it down from my boyy Sex-a-Six, Na mean!


Never seen a non-smoker like dis

Cause am the heat seeker of the street sweeper

Think I’m lying ? Start TRYIN’

Well NO math-A-****** could ever control me, tryna squeeze me, chock hold me

Somalinet abolished me,4 leavin da rest cripple n’ dialated

Buck wild n’ hostile, verbal barrels threw nostrils bloodied

Victims bleeding from the neck,

Shirts is getting wet, shorties yellin threats

Lookin for the one who called for the deck,

XXX rated Death!


So who the **** do I compete with?

The rhythm I kick, need some tic’tacs to digest wit’

Now they be found in heaven with the wound still achin’

I don’t give a phuck about the fact that the hood know you

don’t make a nigga have to show you, my mic a control device for you!

Sit back if you know whats good for you, I can still overthrow you!


If ain't no stroking I be strollin along

Rollin the chrome out be really trippin alone,

Str8 snippin alone, 6 feet of bones, you gonna be among

Ur mind dwells on crime sales, I be wipin off mad shells

only time will tell, bout u locked up n’ jail

See you in Hell, Be amongs the Dead!




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Somebody tell me...who let this nigga in?


first of all what i see aint even close to being vicious,

u might as well be ambitious, an ur rhymes is delicious

put a lil sauce in em an i am ready to eat em fo break fast

an break ya neck-fast, cuz u made a tres-pass

postin out here u only made da cereal killa to come back,

an attack, anything that is wack

u betta run when u see my shaddow

cuz i am here clean out your marrow,

man dont u know i am tha real Bone Collector

song correcta, rhyme inspecta, you talking alot of trash

so i gotta be the garbage man, an take ya shit out,

then beat u down like savage man, an watch ya mama freak out

you dont need a tictac, u need a brush an a mouth wash

cuz ur rhymes is st8 up booty, ama call u dukey*four flash

tell me are u a kufar,why you goin to hell

u need to check your dome, is there a brain in your shell

you said only time will tell, but your time is really ova

you about to get runned ova with a range rova *beeeep*

watch out! you aint ready for this heat

plus u neva been to MPLS, i can tell u a suburban kid

hangin around with the farmers, nigga I spotted you in Savage, Minnesota

talkin about how u tha best mc in

come around tha hood, an see niggaz would choke u like sprewell

you too soft to be in this thread,i cant even call u a female

so stop postin in "callin out names" cuz no one really called u and knows u

and if you use to battle in somalinet,

i guess u in the wrong blood shed

betta put your fork back in your pocket son,

i hate to see another somali dead!


I guess u aint ballin, u fallin like alicia keys

on ya knees KNEE-GROW, i am holdin u hostage

lock up ur vocals an make u beg from your nostage

like " peez pista pee mee goo", and then i aint even lettin u go

wait till ur peeps to come back,

so that i can ask them why are they lettin you flow?


"Section sixer...why are u letting this nigga flow????"


Another Salivated Assualt!

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ahhaha...propain you don't belong in here what i've witnessed is a child molestation and u should go to jail and serve for it.....ahahah anoka kid watch out an respect your elders....


propain meet me in da block

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Guess who is bizack

The painkiller from FLEMO PIZARK


Callin out names got nigguz switchin identities

Kash winning is like catching Barwaaqo on tape exposing her titties

My ryhmes touching you like sexaul harrasment

My words got your sweating harder than last summer bashment

Thought changin your name will sheild you from embarassment

You got Multiple Personality Disorder, the movie might as well been called Kash, propain and Irene

You thought if you battled yourself you might win

But your personalities clashed like two brothers claiming the other is the ugly twin

Stop pretendin your ryhme is tighter than a young girls vagina

When its used up and chewed up like Lil' Kims nana

I tell the truth even when I lie like Tony Montana

The thread I started reins supreme and its all up in ur dream

Thinking its deep cuase you plottin your ryhme in your sleep

Woke up wit one line cause you spent most of your nite countin sheeps

If you were welfare no somali girl will be on you

Gameless is your label, couldn't get respect even if you were married to Aretha

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Eyo is Pain again, watch tha clouds thicken' is about to rain again,

rhyme drops shock da whole earth, see it frozen when time stops

like lamp chops, Sixer you in the menu

get ready cuz i am about to send u to the belly of tha beast

destined to be diseased, u a fallen coward

now i see that,

you have alot in common with cigal shidad

cuz Every time a battle comes on, u start to run

faster than micheal johnson/ you done did it, spitted those weak lines while hidin behind a cover you think you gonna win it? aint capable to face me ... even with cheerleaders givin u spirit/ cuz it took you weeks to come back an it only took me a minute/

we both know you gameless in this thread/ get your head st8/ how u gonna compare us when i am unstopable like MJ at madison square garden/dissin somali sistaz you a sell out, a remake like alladin/an now is a must that i put fear in ya heart like bin ladin/ and if you call that come back' it was worse than milli vanilli posin as a hardcore rappers with tha name billie, bob an joe, when in fact/i dont even think u black/ cuz tha last female u been with said you a cock-asian /sufferin from "kacsi" syndrome and sexual frustration/werent u tha kid with the grudges, it aint our fault you were abused as an unwanted child/raised to be a clown like barney/ you cant harm me /scratchin at my rhymes all day, punk u cant scar me/my epidermis is like thermos ( contains hot rhymes) steady burn your whole purpose/To touch a real mc, u cant test me, God has blessed me/ to be this tight, I defy phsycalities and scientific properties/causin kashultiez with tactics st8 from tha skyhigh armories/u can't cross this boundaries,like tijauna borders ama take you back where you belong ... pardon me/ of my primitive acts to be discrimitive, Towards you like a mexican/ cuz is evident,u a fake farm boy claimin, when u aint even a mpls resident/ yes i figured you out/ you tha punk that called himself vicous to hide your weak self/ trying to point tha finga at me when da doc told u to seek health/ an Of course i transformed to ProPain, cuz that's what the enemy feared, check tha strategy/i made da whole philosophy up to create atrocity/an now u comin back with this weak animosity to reach my velocity/i dont think so...u need to spit harder, like vince carter i am half man half amazin/ check my icon son still blazin/ you dont know who you facin, i print my timbs on ya face like doormat/Earn your stripes first, u messin with Five-Star-Nomad /i bet u dont even know that.../try anything you want , u cant kill this pain with even prozak !/ plus you flow wack, embarrasin/ how u try to look like a real Mc even at halloween/ scared to show your true color an wipe off da maybolene / i should of never rhyme with you, cuz ama proffessional killer and u made me do a local murder scene~


No mercy' even cowards will die*****

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Malis' on a Row, 11 Yrs still tears~ ??? Barreta at? Sextion pass me the oiler foe...


First saw ya claim n I gave a phuk

now I give a phuk less n’ still VICIoUS

I dont stress they all know da best

Ima murda ya rhymes one word at a time

is like I inserted ya rhyme n left my brain perverted wid lines

I talk and converted ya nines to desciples of mine

ANOKA? ya blinded , this MPLS finest

switch sides ya ***** die

I visit heavens n pimp hell

combine like entities Da make angels envy me

flow wid vengance- spit n’ rips swells

da clerk a demons, neon lights dimmin on propain

I despurse mark 10s beatins I lerk dark creepin

merk heathins ya hurtin I clip ya lungs

rips 4 fun comense breathin

callin out names, " gameless " ya aint seein

I speak and ya lyric heedin, want ma milli-vanity couldnt step up if I doubled yo wit prozak n' penicillin!

ya mans Da me got ya fans STANsin me

shits insanity how ya contemptin stand to me

quotin out ya a$$ cuchie sh!t flops hot air..Hahaha

I speak n brass Soms ya brain like blonde da glodie locks

glock cocks n I drop ya fasta dan rocks on blocks when cops flock

mans is like ya fannin me

Its Tijuana’s border, now dats the right format

My face a Doormat, wellcomes ya wit da middle finger apart

Lol… it cant be touched

slippery devils, flow cant be clutched

ya words hurt like being water ballooned wid sherbert

merk-words keep up ya search-bra , ya thesauras cant purp-verbs

like GAWDS brain.. got rhymes runnin through GAWD veins

I got Malis in da mainframe ,I bleed n da main vein raps ya name 2 shame

I dont play dame, I split verbs to merk words that shames game

It's like ya mangled ya brain cuz ya got it twisted

ya couldnt reach 'blessed' uplifted if I fisted NAS rips through ya clit-kid

couldnt grip rap knoweldge if I super glued THE SOURCE 2 ya palms n split ya wig wid D-XL

GAWD checks ya"A$$" fell

I speak wid brass shells till I hear da last bell

my pens wanted in 50 states for rape-in fakes n murderin kids

ya flurtin wid VICIoUS

I ma murda ya in put my KODAC pic up in ya sig-kid.

standin on top of ya skull smillin" look what VICIoUS-did"


Now am washin ma hands wit some propain blood~



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Eyo that was disgustin! man , how u gonna wait an post sh*t like that after 24 hrs, maan u weak, i didnt even understand anything that u spitted, maan i can kill u with just 7 lines let alone post another one. This was tha reason i left tha forum in the first place...WEak mc's keep coming back after u murder them..they should be a rule about for is your lines


eyo i cant understand you, better comprehend you/

you got weak niggaz trying to defend you (sixer)/

blend you to this hype, you know my shit is tight/

transformin thru da light i keeps it kinetic/

cuz i am poeticly genitic, rhymes so synthetic/

tha shit u spitted was so pathetic, it was like watching a homo drag queen with bad cosmetic!/


you are done! roll ova to ya grave sunny'


God bless da dead~

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Nigguh your lonely, talkin bout why somebody gonna take 24h to reply. People got life my yout. You is a fassyhole rapper. Nigguh stop bitin comic view wit dat cockasian line.


Of course um a sell out I been sellin out faster than Alladin's magic carpet at an Egyptian Bazaar

You claimin Mpls is tuff! Now that is bizaare

Yeah I aint from Mpls nigguh but am here so pack your bag and move over nigguh

Hostile takeover, practicing strong arm tactics

I take your place homie, lets exchange residents homie

Your first day in flemo you get smacked wit a toolie

Your second day in regent park you get approached by a nigguh wit a hoodie

You dont look familliar so whats your bizness here?

clack clack and your body is dumped by the scarbrough pier

You couldn't make it their for 2 days, me in Mpls been here for 2 years

Aint nothin dirty bout this city, infact its cleaner than a baby's ears


Late me break it down for you

No streets in Mpls could compare to any section in Nairobi

To the Tdot where flemo malitia jackin nigguz as a hobby


Um from a mega metropolis makin Mpls look like a village

I came to your city and made your pay homage

You claimed to have let out heat but I came through wit no damage

Nigguh you softer than the inplants of britney spears

Phuck a gun nigguh I been shakin nigguz wit spears

I walk thru your hood likes its my hood

You aint a killer you probably a killer clown wit a babies frown

Yeah it took me a week nigguh, it took you a minute and your shit was still weak nigguh

Haven't gone nowhere cause I been here like Afros

Hide your sister cuase when I see her um leave more seeds in her than a cantaloupe

And when you see me phuck micheal johnson you gonna be runnin faster than an antelope

So uncanny, I will take panties from your mammy and granny

yeah um pantie raider also your hood invader

Make my fist connect wit your face like the opposite sides of magnets

Your ryhmes are breaking the laws of gravity

Too lean to call it mean

I will ***** slap you retard

Punch you in da eye and seal it shut like an envelope


Men dont trouble the trouble before the trouble troubles you

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Eyo whats the emergency number for 911!!! I am actin blind to the white towel expressed by more malicious dan de sleeper cell!


U come back at me

Now do I need class, do I need brass

should I be fast or should I swing first or last

should I aim for the heart or just put a foot in ya a$$

hahah f**K all that, i'll just unplug ya computer screen n laugh

ouch~~ you just got Smacked!

but don't seem to face reality

try to battle me, but you can't rattle me

I take you down and make your @itch straddle me

you don't know me- only by my name

but it's all the same, I decimate the fame

send you back from whence you came, come in flocks with glocks

and professional aim from words to letters, killin vendettas with berettas

leave you with a stitch, stole your @itch before i even met her

you talk about your sins, while your @itch slips my dick in, finish, slap on a new rubber and begin again she testifies b4 you realize that you lose, I WIN!


U r weaker dan the weakest link! Goodbye



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I am the First of the best, Finest never rest

My paragraphs are fundamentally different from any one else

And no one else could reach my devilish sentiment

I make it hot like filament

Every spit I spit have no equivalent

The champion of all lyrical championships

When I spit Mc’s sink like ships

Monk spits gigantic advanced hi tech

London finest the illest camarilla

Fvck Jackson we bring the real thriller

Lyrical database my faculty get high till outer space

Finest rushing this place, any gang any gender any race

Its like a lyrical race, Monk known with incredible lyrical pace

With every phrase I spit I erase any Mc from any place

Fony Mc’s getting razed, none could face Finest

Leave your whole crew rhyme-less

Even with guns all of you are harmless

All Mc’s hiccup can’t speak up so they shut up

None of you parasites want a fight!

Monk ignites, light reflects on my ice

Blinds anyone’s eye sight

Cause I am the mastermind, the grand wizard

Make it hot like desert; the stage sizzles

You just drizzle, while I spit missiles

That was a lesson; witness the blood session

Cause I rap with aggression, don’t get the wrong impression

I am not just the king

I am the king the knight and the bishop

My style is deadly like potassium cyanide

I spit flames make it hot 9999 Fahrenheit

My lyrics melt Thousands of Mic’s

Spit Rhymes that violates Human right

My brain blacker than middle of the night

Hazard in every fight, Monk brings Fright

None could flow like me even if you breathe helium

No wonder we slaying them

London Finest ----


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