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Exactly who here is a Londoner?

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Saaxiib, yacquub, if you would say why you didn't mention the positive sides of living in london i would list the positives but to say such words


if london it is these bad you said why dont you pack your bags and head whereever you come from!! you bieng left your previous country and found a home in london means that you are enjoying living in london ......


Saaxiib, i am not available for comment, i will let others to comment.

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hmmmmm..LONDON heh...


Altho i dont like the queen and the monarchy....but it is quite find the truth..nothing but the whole truth for myself..and if i find out it is boring and crap...I will sue the londoners in here for misleading and false misrepresentation!!!


PS: i have just become a fan of Nittin Sahwany's Music..i Just bought his CD (Prophecy) and it is pretty cool any of You who likes it.....and I missed his concert @ Down Under last year.



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I understand where some of u are coming from. London is an overwhelming place and an acquired taste. If u come for a short holiday, u probably won't like it....but if u spend a bit of time getting to know the city...the real city that is and not only Somali areas and marfishyo...I'm sure u'll fall in love with it.


I've got to admit, I found it difficult to adjust to London myself when I got here....actually it took a few years 4 me to stop being disgusted with every aspect of it, but I utterly adore it now. I can't think of anywhere else I would like to live outside of Somalia.


It's quite a charming city really but I freely admit I'm biased. Maybe the Tourism Board should pay me for advertising it so enthusiastically. ;)




"West is the best and better than the rest"?! LoL...I'm going to have to disagree with u on that one my dear. And ur right....I spent three hours in Southall and two of those were spent in traffic. Enough said! icon_razz.gif




U already hav my invitation luv. And I will only ask for ur real impression of the Capital after ur three years are up, insha'allah. Do enjoy urself. :cool:


MMA comment mate! :mad:


Much luv and a chicken Tikka Masala to the rest of my proud Londonites. :D

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lol Jamaal , somthing nevah change huh. But hey, I got no beef with ya. I like the fact that your standing by your crazy lil side of London.




Thou hath shunned my honourable invitation? I feel insulted :(

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The British capital is more eclectic and electric than it’s been in years. Newsweek hailed London as a “hip compromise between the non-stop newness of Los Angeles and the aspic-preserved beauty of Paris—sharpened to New York’s edge.” Wine Spectator proclaims more modestly: “The sun is shining brighter in London these days.”

Most of you folks haven’t given London the respect and critique it deserves other a few here who have pinpointed some specific areas of interest like Parking which is true to a certain extent. The rest have nothing to say about London as their time was merely spent in a small ghetto known as Southhall which in itself interesting just by standing in a corner and observe all the Faraaxs n Xaliimos you can take with your eyes.

There is no way you can enjoy you can enjoy the vigour of London by just visiting places like Southhall and Wembley which are commonly associated with Somalis. It’s a well known fact that Somalis are only adventures when it comes to looking for pastures for their animals but when it comes to finding about new things and new adventures. It’s not even easy for a Somali to try out New Xalaal foods other than the famous CAAD IYO CANO? Most of the negatives one just came to their relatives and were probably muzzled and leashed for the duration of their stay in London.

Granted that the city is a wee bit polluted and Naqasakaa Istiik on you but then London has other faces that most of the Somalis haven’t yet set their eyes on. I would advice anyone who visits London to visit a friend who is off work and willing to take them around to the wonderful

For the galadaaa , the sounds of Brit-pop and techno pour out of Victorian pubs; experimental theatre is taking over stages built for Shakespeare’s plays; upstart chefs are reinventing the bland dishes British mums made for generations; and Brits are even running the couture houses of Dior and Givenchy. For the Moslems, food, Diin, Mosques, Madrasa, Islamic fashion, film, Ruwayadaa, the visual arts, and just about everything else, London at the dawn of the 21st century stands at the cutting edge cultural mix.


One of the New York papers wrote “The city of London is like a great wheel, with Piccadilly Circus at its hub and dozens of communities branching out from it….”. Since London is such a conglomeration of sections, each with its own personality, first-time visitors might be intimidated until they get the hang of it. Many visitors spend all their time in the West End, where most of the attractions are, with the exception of that part of the city known


Discovering London and making it your own can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you have limited time. Even in the 18th century, Daniel Defoe found London “stretched out in buildings, straggling, confused, out of all shape, incompact and unequal; neither long nor broad, round nor square.” The actual City of London proper is 1 square mile of very expensive real estate around the Bank of England. All of the gargantuan rest of the city is made up of separate villages, boroughs, and corporations—each with its own mayor and administration. Together, however, they add up to a mammoth metropolis.

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Salaamu 3alaikum,


Alas ! Fate favours the brave :D


For all those who dislike London


If you think London sucks well stop rushing to Heathrow with your fake passports and coming through the Euro Tunnel hiding yourselves in the Euro-Star trains. And stop coming through the white cliffs of Dover via cargo lorries and Roll-on Roll-Off mediums of transport. HM Excise and Customs reportedly arrest thousands of illegal migrants dare I say Somali included.


As you people put it London is overcrowded we do not need many more visitors so please keep out from the magaalada. Go back to your mounties, yankees, and european folks we already have enough immigration problems in the city we do not need a bunch of Somalis with macawiis and dirac running lose in city of London icon_razz.gif


For all those who genuinely wish to taste London life


Mujahid's Travel Tips


1. We welcome you humbly to this rather ambiguous city please do not just stay at home with your family act more like a tourist smile.gif


2. Ensure you have enough £££'s the city is damn expensive (due to x-change rate) but every penny is worth investing to ensure your stay is worthwhile smile.gif


3. Upon arrival at Heathrow Terminal 1,2,3,4 (Soon a Fifth terminal!) check out, collect baggage, go the bureau de change, and go straight to the underground station do not get a taxi unless you wish to fork out £50 underground costs just £2.20 one way to Zone 1 which is the central London.


4. Either stay with a relative or book a bed and break-fast (B&B). If you have more funds available book in at a three star hotel :D perhaps Hilton Metropolis in Edgware Road, West London. Ensure your place of residence has easy access to central London. The best B&B are located in Victoria, Kensington and Baker Street.


5. Places of visit are


Regents Park = There is a mosque located and acres of beautiful naturist landscapes

Oxford Street = Europe's largest shopping street

Hyde Park = Sunday's speakers corner

Piccadilly Circus = social hub of central London, cafes and all other entertainment

Barbican = Theatres/Drama

Kew Gardens = another natural phenomena

Tate Modern = Arts/Painting

Buckingham Palace = Royal Residence

City of London = Financial district second richest square mile in the world after Manhattan see the historical Edwardian office buildings.

River Thames = by boat you can see the entire central London :D

London Eye = birds-eye view of the city

Wood Green = to mix with the multi-cultural north londoners

Nottighill Gate/Bayswater = Dine to your hearts desire


and much more !


5. Where to Eat (Halal of course)


Edgware Road, West London = Arabic restaurants

Bayswater, West London = Arabic/Chinese food

Brick lane, East London = Indian food

Nottinghill, WestLondon = Arabic/Spanish/French/

Italian/ Mediterranean food

Green Lanes, North London = Turkish cuisine


6. Best time to visit is June/July/August it tends not to rain too much since it is summer time


7. Purchase a small umbrella One that you can fit in your rucksack for the frequent showers.


Plus much more to do but I shall leave that to your imagination :cool:


P.S. Athena you can adjust the temperature of both hot and cold taps from your boiler... yeah the 30cm wide and 80 cm long white box with the fire glowing through it ;)

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lol Ameenah, I am a proud faarax - citizen of Southall borough of Somalia - UK. I didn't use to live in Southall but there's nothing more better than to live in Southall. It is like having a sense of community. Southall is a place where every faarax will greet you with " Haa! Haa! abaa" and thats why i love it.

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I think many ppl misunderstood my arguments about london, if u look from one perspective u may say its negative, but let's look from another perspepective.


1.if ther's no gacanta ka ciyaar and luuq luuq marow in london should many somalis live the way they live now, should they recieve many things that they recieving now including .... ma rabo inaan tiriyo.


2.if all London would be westminister and west end area where we would get the cheap rent houses :D , so there should be second class places where poor ppl (like us) can enjoy an affordable life.


3.if there is no so called the dirtiest resturant competition in london should we enjoy FALFALLIIR, MUUFO, HILIB GEEL and many other somali dishes inmany places in london.

I think 9 out of 10 somali resturants in london would be closed if ma rabo inaan sii wado... but it's clear that the blindness London hygiene authorities in some areas allows the somali and many other resturants run in london, so bros let's enjoy falfaliir, muufo, hilib geel and other somali dishes and .... ma rabo inaan ku sii dheeraado.


Bro. mujaahid tells most exciting sites and i will add some nomad exciting places:


SOUTH HALL= haddaad u baahatid dhaqan hindi iyo soomaali isku dhafan, waa meel soomaalidu xoog ku degtay mukhaayado, godad telefoon iyo internet ayaa ugu weyn mehredohooda.


WEMBLEY= baaxad yar oo soomaalidu ka goosatay london weyn, dukaamo diric, uunsi, iyo waxkastood guri soomaali uga bahtaid gada, mukhaayado aan ka fogeyn oo kuwo cunto iyo kuwa shaah ba leh, internet coffee iyo godad telefoonno oo magaalada kuwa ugu jaban ku jira, intaa waxaa dheer barxad dukaamadaas u dhexeysa oo la isku wareysto, laamiga wey dhaantaa ;)


STREETHAM= mukhaayado falfaliir iyo muufo laga cuno :rolleyes: .


HOUNSLOW, EALING, ACTON, SHEPHERD BUSH ETC= degammo soomaaliyeed oo leh mukhaayado iyo macdaraba jidadkeedoo dhanna maryooley ka waayimeysid ;) .


EAST AND SOUTH EAST LONDON= waa dhulal soomaalidu baryahaan danbe ku soo badanayso meheraduhuna waa garabsocdaan ee ha moogaanina smile.gif .


I think i mentioned the positive sites too :cool: so, raali ahaada REER london.





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This what I heard about London

1: You can't drive cuz luck of wide roads

2: Hot water & cold water can't be used at the same time

3: Visotrs get constipation cuz every body takes them to the best places in London to invite some1 which are Pizza Hutt and McDonalds


I was shocked when I offer Excell(chewin' gum) to my friends and all of them asked me what are these huge tablets for.


NO offence my bors/sisters from London, it's just what I heard from pple from

N/America who visited there.

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Haaruun listen up....


1: yes the roads are not that wide (what do u expect have u seen the size of the UK on a map)but everyone drives bro


2: how bout using both taps at the same time? oh and if u dont like the taps then bloody change them


3: the only visitors that get constipation are the ones who's relatives cant afford to take them anywhere else. As Mujahid already stated there are a vriety of restaurants in London serving foods from around the world


oh and by the way we do have chewing gum its just unlike the greedy n/americans that like to have everything super sized we like our gum to come in small sizes.


I hope that cleared everything up for u!!!!

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Hi all. heey londoners where are you!! It is time we stand up for ourselves . Why is it we are subjected such kind of abuse and insults and again we have to endure housing , caring a large crowd of immigrants from north america, rest of europe and australia who when they come here in london first for holiday then settle permanently here and make the city crowded. Surely if your places are any good you should stick to it and leave london alone Otheer wise be good guest and commend the leading host .


WELL SAID YACQUUP couldnt said it better. :D

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LOL@Cambaro....actualy am not laughin @ ur msg..but u just told everyone where U suggest U change The location from Cambaro's World to London :rolleyes:


Hehehehee..dont Mind me..just increasin the numbers of my msgs to earn the nomad title..which lately i became obsessed with!!..if that makes sense...damn..I need some sleep



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LOL @ Cambaraaay.


@ My Location.....Flyin Carpets or shining swords will do....yeah..and probably a hand-made winter it can get blooody cold. Oh in case U a poor fella..spendin most of his time meditatin and learning Kung Fu and how to stand on small branches on Tall Trees ( crouchin tiger...)

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