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My rhymes will swell and infect ur brain

your clean bill of health will be down the drain

when i'm done, these ryhmes will be stuck in ur head,

cause i'm sewing u up like a needle and thread

i stick to ma promises like super glue

but when i'm finally done wid that ama stick it to u,

people call me the rookie but am pro wid ma ryhmes

i'm countin ma dollars while u countin ur dimes

i went from elementary to middle to high

as i get older my rhymes do too and thats how i get by,

it aint no lie, ay u see ma nose aint any longer(pinochio)

i tell it how it is, keep it real and get stronger

ya'll know i always come back for more

so when i knock on yo house, u better open the door,

its angel, im the new kid on tha team,

i got the ticket but i still gotta redeem,

i'm the rock, instead of ryhming go play chess instead,

then u'll know that the rock is always moving ahead,

i'll feats on ur rhymes like a meal

cause they're sweet, i'm just trying to figure out whats the deal,

i've just run over ur ryhmes like i was matt hoffman,

let me stop before they wind up in a coffin,

its angel dont stop,

much love to hip hop.

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Spit Some WordZ...


Front on my crew and up your ass you'll find my shoe~

I clock and cuff your ass like a cop enforcing curfew~

Have William Shattner talking bout it on 911 Rescue~

I'm sticking pins in your head and I don't know voodoo~

Molest you health class video style like you my nephew~

Raw freestyle, press any key to continue~

This shit unrehearsed so you call it impromptu~

If my nipples shrink it definitely be a jumbo~

Eat it on a plate with a Coke and fries cause it's a combo~

I suggest sick shit like sexual innuendos~

D taped to my body, smuggling a few kilos~

I aint talkin’ about cocaine

I’m talking about JAAT *** ~

Change the Subject to the niggah’s that follow me~

With the pick up lines “can I holla atcha cutie”~

No you can’t wanna holla at my *****~

You see these boots they’re made of Gucci~

Don’t touch if you don’t wanna get hurt sweetie~

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The most Anticipated Poetry thread....

Made more sense to my self,like looking at mirror

my own reflection..I'm actually telling my self something..

No more like I'm filled with questions..

With out any answers...

I stand before you, again in another year,

another day.Feeling the same as 1yr Ago..

Ain't damn thing change.Wiser is the word for my growth...

I'm stuck,I don't feel time anymore,I'm I really aging?for the last yr..I find my self in the same session..."Nomadic Expression"



Lost without a source of light as i absorb the blows from the prize fight...

the prize fight that exists im my mind regarding my personal views of endin life...

dealt an overdose of strife and blows i strive to heal from them...

try to be resiliant but sometimes i feel inclined only to a militant...

cuz strivin for a better gotta be resilient...

not tryin to be selfish but theirs a need for fulfillment...

distant by the intentions formed by mental illness...

stay workin to rebuild it...

the foundation that crumbled...

no more being humble... i gotta search for the missing peices of the puzzle....



somethings missing...



to be counting on you...

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Rainy day...And this is me..Again

distanced in the realms of social emotional poverty...

speakin the humble words which represent my journey...

a never endin stories never left untold...

when i spoke i got scolded and emotions was forced to fold...

animosity spreading every single detail im stressing...

forced into the repossessions of my blessings...

and now im undetected people fail to accept me...

"This man is haji, why isn't he spreading the words wisely?...

first and formost acknowledge me...My ilness is so sick like cancer spreading to the liver completely polished...

deliver the last of my knowledge of which i treasure..the depths remain solid...

lifes a bitter pill to swallow...still healin from past horrors...

so close to death i missed a checkup with kevorkian....


abnormal wits is keep gets me fighting...without it im completely empty..

in my mind i scream obsenitices at my self with maxed intensity...

everydays i cycle of dirt ill dig deep eventually...

So deep those around me will watch me flinch with ease...

im a rare type of species...voice was taught not to exercise...

so go and try to intimidate and discriminate me...

im hard as cement wall...never fail or fall

you fake thugs continue to attempt to degrade me...

im ready with war tactics...spittin out the same poison...

that ate the...past happy joyful memories....

sometimes i become my own enemy...

my flesh and brain began to work as a team to go against me...


and this..




and what i call my nomad expression....

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what do you see?

What imagery do you get?

when I speak of fire rolling through a cylinder…

is it of a murderer killing there

bullets raining down like hail from the sky

Killing innocents randomly

Shedding blood indiscriminately

or is your vision different

do you feel the fury firing up

pulsing through veins and arteries

an anger so amazing your heart starts blazing

pulsing & pounds pouring percussive pain

as the jugular distends heated from the frenzied fire of anger in your head


what’s the image of?

what do you see…


what I say of a silent speech spoken aloud

is it of a woman standing with crossed hands

trying to spit the words that could change her world

the golden glow of truth can't escape her lips

she had been so astute but didn’t see the tips of obstacles blocking her truth

lost in the sound of voice, a robust vision of life

is that what you see?


do you see a man trapped in his mind

taken back hidden from time

locked in his hell living within a cell

opens his mouth the words come out

like stumbling mutterings

nothing is anything but nonsense

but in his universe he's a genius

nobody else can see this in his shackled jacket

if they heard it would be magic


what’s the image of?

What do you envision?


when I tell you of a devouring darkness

do you dream of an evil lurking from the shadows

spreading through the hallows of society

spreading greed and corruption equal to death and destruction

like lungs of a smoker or an addict qaat chewer

a sentient virus growing & growing with nobody knowing

does it scare you not seeing or being aware of it….


Do you picture another outcome?


is it a somber day the clouds brought about

a cool breath blowing around

a day for reflection as you think of your darkest days

days of bleakness forgiven by introspection & prayer

because the sun shied away, saving brightness for another day


What is the image of?

What do YOU see?

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