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More poetry please!

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Thank Starlight...


Love is not what brings me fear,

I fear what it does to another.

I was loved many a times,

But failed to love back many times.

I have a way with words and love,

But others have no choice with love.

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Where is my star...


The sky seems starless these nights,

Painted black are my shining stars.

Jetblack clouds obscure what use to be,

View full of light and summer's breeze.

I'm I the one whom the darkness shelter,

Or are your days getting more brighter.


If the wind gains colour and weight

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hey its been awhile....almost too long but you know that i cant leave you alone.....

How have you guys been and what interesting things have u achieved.

Jamaal how is your search for true love and soulmate going.

hook me up with a poem

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In a Matter of Hours




There is something truly special in a person if they are able to touch you so deeply in a matter of hours.....


I know a man that has done that to me.....


In a matter of hours he had me laughing like i have never laughed before.....deep belly filled laughs....laughter that brought tears of joy....laughter that brought happiness and anticipation for the next laughter


In a matter of hours he had my full attention..never once lifting my eyes off of him...indulging in his every word spoken so eloquently..spoken so beautifully...spoken so lovely


In a matter of hours he had me living so freely....not caring what the public thought of me....i was in my own world...a world where only he and i existed and never once was i conscious of the activity outside of our little bubble


In a matter of hours this man had me holding his hand....he had me hugging him and kissing him like we where soulmates and that God had finally let me meet him.....


I had to pause for a minute and take a step back......


No there was no see im usually watching the world through tinted defensives always up...never letting others see me unless i want them to see me....


Once in a while i roll down the window to get some air and thats when some men sneak up and take advantage...otherwise i have control


But as i looked at myself..i realized for the first time i wasnt confined behind those tinted a matter of fact i was not even in the car!


I was outside...running so carelessy with what society might consider a hair let defenses soul running free....


I saw for the first time the glow of genuine happiness from my face as i walked with him, talked with him, laughed with him


Yeah i knew a man once that touched me so deeply in a matter of hours.... thats just a memory that will forever stay with me...



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Star light ... my search for love continues are you nowadays?


Somaliprinces...sister ..that was beautiful ..just beautiful .... though it is late .. welcome to somalia online

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jamaal its been awhile since i have written here is a little to catch up on


I know its been awhile since i wrote

i missed your sweet poems and your famous quote

me i'm doing good now

my life has been hectic awhile.... sort of like being in a boat

you feel kind of see sick but you love the view and you gotta continue

Like being in a rollercoaster and you feel the thrill,

you gotta suffocate the fear and continue to fulfill,

my life has taken a major turn on 360 degrees

i'm so comn and at peace my life is at ease

i love the situation i'm in and the condition...

there is no way that i would want to trade in this postition,'

But enough about me now how are things with you

how is that long search of that special one so true??

how is that man that just continues to pursue?

How is that sweet man that i once knew?

So many questions with lack of answers to!

Hope life to you is a sunny sky so blue!

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I thought that

we were close,

that you would never

break my heart.


But you did,*****

and what’s done is done,

how could you ever

be so low? such a *** ?


You took my love,

and you abused it,

you took my heart and

you broke it.


You shattered it

like it was a

mirror, it hurt...*****

it hurt a lot.


I believed you

when you said,

“I’ll always love you”

ha ha ha is all I can say.


I thought that

we would last forever ,but

I guess that I was wrong!

coz you's such a low-life *****.!

:mad: :mad: :mad:

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In history, there once was a wise man,

who knew so much of what we call love.

For he also knew of many precious women,

Of Men like him that fall prey to love.


One sunny day I met him under acacia,

Of which in youth he had met a girl

whose name he said was xubi- aisha,

That was as innocent as an angel.

But today he tells me, more of love,

how it brought him pain and bitter craze,

how his lover flew away from him like dove.


'You know' he said, that love is true,

its so clear like a sky with no hue".

For now I truly know what I never knew,

that seldom does love come to all but few.

While people talked saying i had it all,

I broke her heart and let her tears fall.


She was so sweet, so kind and caring,

I was so rude, so crook and hurting.

She so bright, so cute and loving,

I was so cruel, so foolish and bullying.

She was so faithful and made me happy,

I was a cheat treating her so nasty.

She was concerned, so clean and thoughtful

I was so ignorant, so lazy and pitiful.

She did for me all the pleasant things,

But I did for all the oposite things.


One day she had enough of troubling me,

The next she pack, and here she left me.

I'm here to pay respects to this acacia,

For it is here I met sweet xubi-aisha.

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It is not love that makes many men cry in pain

It is the hate beneath the love they can't sustain


It is not the woman that make many men complain

It is the childish thought of many women's brain


We have lost, lost is the unsung love of men

Whose women have never learnt to say ameen


Whats poetry, what is the meaning of true love

What is a woman, if all men go home to, is a wolf


Will it not be wise if men made their own women?

Will it not be nice if men could have love with no pain?

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A strangers voice turned me around

When I saw who he was

my world was turned upside down

I was struck by cupids arrow right in the heart

The feeling I was developing was love from the start

Everything Looks tremendously beautiful to me

Nothing can spoil my everlasting positive energy

I goofy smile everywhere I go

Why can't I stop smiling? I don't know

I hope this feeling stays with me forever

I wouldn't dream of leaving him ever

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Hey everyone in this forus, all i can say is well done, u guys have talent, I wish I can write poems like u guys, but everytime i get round to it i am lost for words.


All I can say about Jamaal and Idil is, i think that u guys have sparked a little freindship which i think will progress into something more.

Lady Fatima is right i can hear wedding bells as well.

As for you Idil you shouldnt wait till ur in you r 30's to get married, get married as soon as you find Mr Right coz u never know what tomowrrow will bring.


Jamaal/Idil: I was wondering if you guys can write me a poem that I can pass to my man.

here is our story, Well we've been together for almost 3yrs and we cant get married coz my parents dont approve of him. I have tried to finish it several times but failed unsuccessfully coz of our feelings for each other.


But this time i want to end and get on with my life. And I need you guys to write me a poem so that i can pass that to him and maybe he will understand where am coming form!!


Thanks guys!

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A Heart in Waiti

Why can't I find my one and only?

The one who will make me happy,

The one who will never leave.

Is love only for the lucky and the strong?

Is it not meant for me?

Maybe I found him,

But let him go,

Let him fade into the past.

Could it be that he's still out there?

Hiding somwhere in the sands of time,

Perhaps he's waiting for me.

Wishing for an eternal love.

Only time will tell.

Until then,

My search will never end ;);):D:D

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Guys plz don't mind this poem ....


Let the penny drop and silence come into play...

and children's cry fade into a depth of silence...

It is time, a moment to commit a holy crime

It's our retaliation for the slow murder we'd suffered

The face skinning that never stoped, replaced by masks,

And the tactful modern slavery, a motto that has to stop


New colonization, a global rule is on the horizon

It is a legal murder, don't sign the paper

Or Witness the axing of societies and religion,

Or the waging of Incomprehensible war,

beyond our human imagination.


I see, every side I glance, unbalanced justice.

Legitimized racist acts upon the sons of Osiris,

shall worship Osiris and say oh ye Osiris? Islam I hold dear now...?

Must I disown, my other half the other me?

And say O ye! astray is christianity and the pagan?


Who made this law, For God's sake?

This worshiping? this wars and,

this black on black war?

Answers me with answers not questions.


The one and only who stole my brother,

cleverly is here today to steal me,

legally this time.

And my people are selling me,

tied me up with robs for the trade of salts.


Its me....Am I not your son my people?

Dont I look as same as you?

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Sxb Jamaal, you got real talent up here. Keep it up bro.


You said Raage Ugaas was the best, I thought 'Qamaan Bulxan' was the best somali poet ever.

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Ladiif thankx sxb. Walaahi both poets are regarded to be the best poets of Somalia.


If dreams are, why is life not?


Can life be like a dream that comes late at night,

Sawn inseparable within a silent dreamy night,

That makes even the wise night owl fall asleep,

Which makes the passion of lust run extreme?


That if erotic beauty and sensual talk inhibits a sleep,

Or an untrue joy is gained though it is difficult to keep,

Will life say true to those of us who are dreamers,

That a dream can answer the questions of inner desires?


I know a dream's perfect world has no prejudice,

And that every lover is one as every dreamer is wise.

It is a world of no cultural war or Ku Klux Klan,

Neither is there racial war, nation of Islam or even Khan;


But why does such beauty and purity fade away,

When dawn starts to give birth to a broad daylight?

Why does hate or disgrace always find its wicked way?

If love is meant to render our life with delight

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