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I for one do not want a strong, extremist Oromo leaders to gain power. No way. Just see what they did and are doing by expanding into Soomaali Galbeed in the last three decades. They believe they 'own' Diradhabo and many deegaans in Liibaan region of Soomaali Galbeed. It will also affect Soomaali-Boorana borders in NFD. They might arm more Booranta meesha degan.

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Furthermore, this Jaal Maaro is animist Oromo with no faith or morals to stop him. This OLA might have few TPLF rented fighters, but they are on the margins in terms of Oromo leadership and intelegensia.

The leaders of Oromo are: Daud Ibsa of OLF, Jawar Mohamed, and Bakale Garba of Oromo federalist congress. This Jaal Maaro is probably a useful idiot and will be discarded soon. If you ask them what is their main cause, they will tell you that Abiy is a fascist.

Many of our friends here including Khadaafi and Che have wisely expressed their distrust of the connection between Abiy and the Amhara. In fact, we have realized that if  if Abiy had relied other than Amhara for advice, war could have been avoided. Yet, sometimes wars are the great equalizers of events and nations, and this war might lead for batter to many nationalities in Ethiopia.

For starters, the Amhara will come down from the high horses and swallow their Unitarian Ethiopia they kept pushing since Abiy came to power. Today, they are just one of the ten or more ethnic groups of Ethiopia. Also, Abiy himself will be freed from the Amhara circle and change course for many issues. As Duufaan said the man has Muslim father and Muslim family siblings which means he isn't one of those raised to be extremist Orthodox Tigrengas and Amhara.

A weak and irrelevant Tigray based in the north, whether they are separate nation or within Ethiopia serves us and many others well. The Amhara, despite their fake numbers  could not defend their land when it mattered, and in the new Ethiopia, they will be yesterdays northern highlanders who lost their  deputized  colonial privilege. The Affar also had shown us that you could defend your territory if Abyssinian invade your land.

So, my hope is a cease fire and a settlement , and new elections within two years. In the meantime let Abiy rule.










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