Has the Western reached its limit against Turkey

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Duufan, brother I would say its Turkey that meet its limit not vica verse. I am usallt criticised going to deep in but acording to the esteemed Prof Ali Mizrui the post colonial pointed  out that some muslim countries that has abolished  corruption and succsesfully fully accepted assimilation was Tyrkey. He pointed out in his book  that Turkey soon captivate muslims countries.  Indeed making that hindsight in  1990 was remarkable. The truth is that the Ottoman empire or every muslim nation had no oncept of nation state or citizenship 150 years ago. Our concept of citizenship was the millah system.  It was based upon religion,. Your passport or Id would have your religion written on it. Even though it is not relevant no more you can see traces of it in Egypr, When the western powers introduced the concept of nationalism  it was a poison that the the turks drank and instead of having islam as glue the Young Turks under Enver Pasha and likes made turkification of the ottomans land. This created friction. Of All arabs the Rashaida and few other tribes and Sudan allied themselves during the 1914 ww1. 

The Kemalist fascists even rewrote history in order create a new nation, 60% including Somalis who heeded the calls for the defens of the Caliphate, sudanese, arabs, kurds were among the martyrs. Only 40 % the dead and the forces under Mustafa kemal were turks. Many of in Turkey became shocked of Mustafa kemals reforms, abolishing the caliphaste remodelling it self as a secular atheistic government.

Deep resentment  was  among turk as the meaning of a turk meant Islam. A young man son a ottoman governor completed naked Necemedin Erbakan created in 1960 the movement of MILLI-Görush.  A code word for "the dawn of Islam". The anatolian turks supported it and 1994 he  and his dicipile Mr Erdogan captured power but was ousted, Fazilet partisi was banned. Erdogan broke away and in 2003 Erdogan gathered all poilitical partie sand intellectuals and even the military according to the manifesto the kemalist isolationist policy would be abondended. The isolation had just  like china isolated itself until they could compete with the west. In 2008 every kemalist was purged and turkish firms went into places no one would go. Somalia is such a example. Indeed neo-ottomanism was and gloryfying the ottoman past that the kemalists hid became the mainstream. Tv-dramas etc. Turkey today makes billions of dollars of fishing  agreements with Somalia while the fragile state of Somalia needs Turkey. 

Turkey as nato alliance is not a strategic one anymore, IBM were within the scope of Moscow were natio military HQ but with the development of hypersonic IBN that goes zig zag no one any more use counter measure.  For 90 years the kemalists turks were knockning on the door EU and were rejected. France a so called secular countrey , the bastion secularism under Sarkozy said it openelym EU is a christian club, Boris Johnsson won Brexit by warning million of turks migrating to the UK.   Little did he know that Greece a former ottoman province, would migrate to Turkey to work rather then within the EU.

Turkish firms are cuteddging in some fields as the defence technology,.  Turkey is the future but the one show must end. The good news is that national strategy regarding of which party takes power are fully united of Turkey its seat amongst G.7 and becoming a rival to muslims as compass instead of al-sacuud. 

Daafun your line questioning is wrong, As if the "west" is the "it", Its post colonial sxb. What does the EU and the west have beside broken familiies and  a bloody monstrous history murdering millions and stealing their wealth. A hindu famous write wrote, Before the west came to us we had 10 times the BNP, after they left we had nothing. He is a famous academic.   The west is in decline, even the EU is in decline. A new order is  coming, hopefully one with the half moon.


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