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you aint got to buy nothing

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see i noticed alot of guys that seem to think girls are high maintanence and require alot of money to be spent wining and dining them, just thought id let y'all know, that aint all true, sure its nice for a sister to see u aint a stingy git who's too afraid to put his hands in his pockets, but u aint got to buy nothing, these are borrowed lyrics....but they say how i feel, and how love/relationships should be..... well u can agree or disagree....



"Can somebody explain to me

Why everbody is tryin' to be

Livin' like a celebrity,

Doin' what they see on MTV?

Ice is cool but I'm looking for more

Simple things is what my heart beats for

(Cuz that's me) I don't ask for much

(Baby) Having you is enough


You ain't got to buy nothin'

(it's not what I want)

Baby it's you

We don't have to go nowhere

(it's not what I want)

Baby it's you

It's not 'bout what you got

I know you got alot

No matter what you do,

You always get it hot,

Its you (its you)

Baby all I want is you


It don't matter that your car is fly

And your rims are spinnin' on the side

It don't matter where we go tonight

Cuz if I'm with you I'll be all right

That's cool, but I'm lookin for more

It's your love that my heart beats for

(Cuz that's me) Don't have to spend a dime

(Baby) I just want your time"



come on now.....this lil 13 year old said it all....when a girls in love.....thats how we feel...and for u demanding sister....let the brothers save the pennies!

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I gotta to buy you nothing.....Hmmmmm well thats striaghtforward, like that in a girl....Well the Silent-One, your advice for us is to focus on the relationship,not so much on the possible expectation from girls to be rewarded with material things for just being in the relationship. This is good. I would have ask you out,but you are way across the Atlantic...Iam sorry back to the subject...LoL....Mass consumption and materialism is the way of life here in the US, so always girls expect something,but I could be wrong.

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Qac Qaac   

abaayo good conclusion u came up with... kollayba lacag laguuma hayo, anagaaba meel walba deen ooga jirna.. marka hadda saas u fikaraysid is cool...


focous on the actual relationship.. and ur loans well that seem to be good plan..

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