Siidaynta 35 Gabdhood Oo u Xidhnaa In ay Calanka Soomaliya Xidheen

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Where are the courts . There is no government institution that is working in Somaliland at the moment. The system became a tribal council. If you have issues with your plot of land you take your elder and complain to Muuse Biixi, if your son is visiting from Mogadishu and arrested by the security people, you have to take your clan elders to Muuse Biixi. 

These girls have been in jail for almost a month, there is no judge or district court to deal their cases. As usual clan elders had to go and see the tribal chief to release them.

Now, everyone is thanking to the chief for their release. Hail to the chief. I guess

Musse Biixi has to take credit. In 26 June, the flag that was raised in Hargeisa  was the blue flag and these kids did the same thing.


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Worst 6 mins clip ever - Almost every speaker had to solute King Muuse for releasing innocent 35 girls that he and his clansmen kidnapped. cajeeb, only two old laddies remembered to Thank Allah before King Muuse - The rest of them, it was as if Cesar Muse has to come before thanking Allah...

Reer Awdal or Borama are true patriots and Somali Asal Ah - Unfortunately for them, it's always been geography - They're sandwiched between two menacing adversaries, who doesn't want to see Somalia as nation back on its feet again - a Dictator in Djibouti and the SNM gang in Hargeisa - Awdalites are not even allowed to be arrested in their own Awdal region - they are taken to jails far away...

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