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Next Phase of Ethiopia's Civil War: Tigray vs Amhara

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News flash for Mr. Biden and company. Threatening sanctions and cutting money couldn't stop anyone to behave the American way lately. How about TPLF stop killing people in Afar state and other places?

The latest news from the other side is that Turkey had sent five intelligence officers to Maqale Via Addis to negotiate. They will be offering full humanitarian supply of food and other material and rebuilding of  Tigray , cease fire from both sides and autonomy for Tigray. In exchange, they must accept the leadership of Abiy and the unity of Ethiopia. Turkey has a long relationship with the TPLF who introduced Turkey to Ethiopia, at the same time Turkey will not allow anyone to overrun Addis Abbaba or the disintegration of Ethiopia which will badly effect Somalia and the region.

Jawar Mohamed is under house arrest and will be released soon according to Turkish side. He will be allowed to keep and build his party for the next election, and work with the current leadership to steer Ethiopia out of more ethnic strive and disintegration.

Furthermore, Turkey want to bring Sudan and Ethiopia together and lower the tone of the DAM issue for a moment. Reconnaissance drones from Turkey have arrived in Addis already. According to the Turks,  if the TPLF refuses peace and cease fire and continue to threaten the Abiy leadership and keep ridding the American bandwagon of regime change,  then they will be targeted by the Turkish drones to protect their billions of investment in Ethiopia.

The 15% of the remaining Ethiopian officers under Abiy Ahmed--the rest were mostly Tigray---- had either bribed by the TPLF or abandoned their positions. I even heard that Turkey will bring some new young Ethiopian officers to Mogadishu base to be trained by Turkey.

This war has also exposed how useless the Amhara army and officers are. At least we won't be hearing anymore Amhara boasting of Ethiopian ownership. If Somali Galbeed folks want to be among the main protectionists of Ethiopian power and leadership, now is the time.They must demand more autonomy and join the forces and the officer corps of Ethiopia. 









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