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Al Jazeera English goes live

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Al Jazeera English goes live




VIDEO: Al Jazeera International (Trailer)











Al Jazeera English, the new international news channel from the Qatar-based television network, has begun broadcasting from its main studios in Doha.


The opening broadcast, which was expected to be available in 80 million households around the world, took place at 3pm Doha time (12:00 GMT) and featured a clip introducing the channel.



Aiming to be the channel of reference for Middle East events, Al Jazeera also has broadcast centres Kuala Lumpur, London and Washington.


Al Jazeera, which celebrated its 10th anniversary on November 1, has revolutionised news media in the Arab world, and has also provoked controversy.


Wadah Khanfar, the director-general of Al Jazeera network, said on the eve of the first broadcast: "Our launch figure is over double the original target we set for ourselves."


"This is unprecedented in the broadcasting industry - no other international news channel has launched with such a high number of homes across the world.


"We will continue to build on this figure after launch and will be looking to expand our reach significantly. This is another reflection of the strength of Al Jazeera brand."


In addition to cable and satellite, it will be available on broadband, IPTV, ADSL, terrestrial and mobile phone platforms.

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Al Jazeera International


Al Jazeera International is a 24-hour English-language news and current affairs channel headquartered in Doha, Qatar. A subsidiary of Al Jazeera, it aimed to commence global broadcasting in June 2006 [1] but had to postpone its launch until 15 November 2006 [2].


Al Jazeera International is the world’s first English-language news channel to be headquartered in the Middle East. The channel will provide both a regional voice and a global perspective to a potential world audience of over one billion English speakers, but without the usual Anglo-American worldview. [3] Instead of being run under central command, news management will rotate around broadcasting centres in and Kuala Lumpur, Doha, London and Washington, D.C. "following the sun".


The station will broadcast factual programming including news features and analysis, documentaries, live debates, current affairs, business and sport.



1 Reporters and presenters

2 International bureaux

2.1 Middle East

2.2 Africa

2.3 Asia & Australasia

2.4 The Americas

2.5 Europe

3 Reception

4 External links


Reporters and presenters


Former US Marine Josh Rushing, who was featured in the documentary Control Room, will be an on-air personality at the new channel.[4] It has also been announced that veteran British broadcaster Sir David Frost and former BBC and CNN anchor Riz Khan will join the new channel [5]. Other previously well-known journalists set to join the channel include:


David Frost (broadcaster) (BBC)

Felicity Barr (ITN)

Stephen Cole (BBC)

Jane Dutton (BBC, CNN)

Darren Jordon (BBC)

David Foster (Sky)

Shiulie Ghosh (ITN)

Kimberly Halkett (GLOBAL TV)

Dave Marash (ABC)

Rageh Omaar (BBC)

Veronica Pedrosa (BBC, CNN)

Shahnaz Pakravan (BBC, ITN)

Mark Seddon (Various)

Steff Gaulter (Sky)

Barbara Serra (Sky)

Lauren Taylor (ITN)


International bureaux


In addition to the four brodcast centres, Al Jazeera International will have 20 supporting bureaux which will gather and produce news. It will share the resources of the Arabic language channel's 42 bureaux and is planning to add further bureaux to be announced as they open. [6]



Middle East

Broadcast Centre: Doha


Correspondents: Hoda Abdel-Hamid, Hashem Ahelbarra, James Bays, John Cookson, and Mike Hanna.


Bureaux: Beirut, Jerusalem, Ramallah and Gaza.


Correspondents: Zeina Khodr & Rula Amin, Jacky Rowland, and Walid Batrawi.




Bureaux: Cairo, Abidjan, Nairobi, Johannesburg, South Africa, and Harare.


Correspondents: Amr El Kahky, Gabi Menezes, Haru Mutasa, Kalay Maistry, and Farai Sevenzo.



Asia & Australasia

Broadcast Centre: Kuala Lumpur


Correspondent: Tony Birtley


Bureaux: Beijing, Delhi, Islamabad, Manila, and Sydney.


Correspondents: Tony Cheng, Zain Awan & Rajesh Sundaram, Kamal Hyder, Marga Ortigas, and Dan Nolan



The Americas

Broadcast Centre: Washington DC


Correspondents: Viviana Hurtado & Rob Reynolds


Bureaux: Buenos Aires, Caracas, and New York.


Correspondents: Lucia Newman, Mariana Sanchez, Mark Seddon, and Kristen Saloomey.



Broadcast Centre: London


Correspondents: Alan Fisher


Bureaux: Athens and Moscow.


Correspondents: Barnaby Phillips and Jonah Hull



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Originally posted by Peaceful Mind:

Finally ppl in Europe and Amerisa can watch this great channel...


well we already have it in arabic

Biibol on those continents already had an access to it. I for one watched the channel on many places, including Denmark, England, Wales, Imaaraadka, Xamar, Keenya and here at Kanada.

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Well they did refer to a palestian group as a 'so called terrorist group' intead of a 'terrorist group'. That must have been hard to say for an Ex Sky News man.

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I was just annoyed at the presenters who yesterday would support the Iraq war and Yahuudi agenda (you can say it wasnt up to them) but today they are on the other side.


Its reminds me of a certain footballer who left Spurs and joined Arsenal!

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I didn’t think it was really that bad (for a first day). They gave us real news and covered important topics. The BBC news on the other hand, was talking about the changeover between Blair and Brown, some man who killed his family and the latest Bond film! Sky news was not much better.


I was talking to a friend about this channel last night (a Somali friend). He infuriated me with his contention that ‘Al Jazeera Somali ba eska leh’!


Apparently, yesterday, they not only had a report by Mr Raggah Omar and another about the situation in Somalia, they also had a program called Everywoman that included an interview with a Somali expert on skin whitening products (her name was Amina Mirre – maybe I should google her info and put it on that ‘inspirational’ Somali women thread). Anyway, with such a Somali theme running through the spine of the first day’s broadcast, my friend was convinced that an invisible Somali hand was ruling that channel. Of course, it goes without saying, he was chewing at the time. :D

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^^, I guess the saying is true "One's friend is a reflection of his own"


Surely, the news is reporting that only few Small time American carriers have taken the task of airing this network on their airwaves, and its being reported that those same carriers dont even have much subscribers, maybe the thousands figure, but major cable carriers have yet to come terms with carrying that channel in U.S, or so it reports. Any truth to that, U.S residents?


In canada, I guess people can see it through satellite, since CRTC came up with this strict policy about delaying the live feed few sec/mins, therefore so far Cable Carriers in canada have been hesitant to adding this network to the airwave, because no one wants to babysit Al Jazeera, or get fined if they don't babysit these arabs the CRTC way.(CRTC=Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission)


Al Jazeera maybe popular, but they have some competition ahead of them, especially in europe because word has it BBC will be launching its BBC arabic version in the middle-east, and France is coming up its own version of BBC/CNN, I doubt Al Jazeera is going to be big hit in europe too long. I guess they're only top dawg around middle east.


Ima stick with my Fox News Network, after all, I left CNN to tune into to FOX because of my boy O'reilly, I didn't like Aaron Brown's boot, CNN can go to hell for all I care after they let go of the main dawg.

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I was talking to a friend about this channel last night (a Somali friend). He infuriated me with his contention that ‘Al Jazeera Somali ba eska leh’!

Oh, you haven't heard?

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Of course, it goes without saying, he was chewing at the time

In midweek :confused:


I must say the news covered over the past couple of days have been a breath of fresh air. Witness seems to be a good programme with Raage aswell. The Q&A shows covering the Iraq War, Palestine and the US - Iran situation have had a purpose of coneying the 'other' side of the coin.


But i just cant stand Judy Goash and the other Ex Sky News guys!


LG, are serious about FOX News?

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