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Cabdinuur Darmaan - 'Mar uun Madaxweyne i dhaha'

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German mercenaries en route to Somalia


Published: 23 May 10 11:12 CET


More than 100 German mercenaries are on their way to Somalia to fight for a politician there who intends to overturn the internationally-accepted government, prompting warnings of a bloodbath.


The mercenaries – largely former soldiers from the German army – could even end up fighting forces trained by their former colleagues, as the European Union, including 13 Germans, is training government troops.


Television station NDR reported over the weekend that the firm Asgaard German Security Group, run by Thomas Kaltegärtner, a former German officer, has confirmed it will be sending more than 100 men to Somalia.


Kaltegärtner said one group was already on its way.


They will be working for the self-styled ‘elected president of the republic of Somalia’, Galadid Abdinur Ahmad Darman. He rejects the Transitional Federal Government of President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, which is supported by the international community.


Darman said the Germans would be crucial for his plans to take over the country, NDR reported.

They will undertake a wide spectrum of tasks, he said. “Security, the development of our forces and our operations. We are fighting a war, there is house-to-house fighting. They will train our military.


“But at the same time they will help us in the fight against piracy. And if necessary they will also be required to fight. They will fight together with our units.”


Kaltegärtner said the contract was to protect military personnel, property and convoys – using fully-armed men. “Should the worst happen - that means that if there is an attack on the patrol, or the convoy, the team will react. One has learned that,” he told NDR.


Security experts warned that the German mercenaries could make a bad situation in Somalia significantly worse by transforming Darman into a player in the chaotic failed state.

“It will certainly not have a peaceful effect should a new, armed actor enter the game,” said Annette Weber, from the Institute for International and Security Affairs.


Dustin Dehez from the Dusseldorf Institute for Foreign and Security Policy said three armed groups were already vying for influence in the capital city Mogadishu – as well as the peace-keeping troops of the African Union (AMISON).

“If it turns out that Darman actually seeks out a military encounter, for example with AMISON, there would certainly be a bloodbath,” he said.


The German Foreign Ministry said
it knew nothing of the contract, a spokesman said, stressing that it had no contact with Asgaard German Security Group


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GSG Asgaard's press release on this isue is here below -roughly translated by google


Opinion on the current reporting To the reporting of the ARD and the news program "Tagesschau" of 22 u. 23 May 2010, and other reports from German and foreign news agencies and media, we would respond as follows:


The Asgaard German Security Group is a private military security companies. The service range omprises the focus of people, property and convoy protection, even in global crisis and conflict-affected areas.

It is true that the GSG Asgaard with Dr. Darman a contract for security services to be carried out in Somalia, has been completed. Once that approval of the UN with the affairs of state has taken back
the Asgaard GSG will take over the training, equipment and supplies to firefighters, health care and civil defense, the police and the military
. Further, on a GSG Asgaard of property and persons group on the Somali government.


We make it explicitly clear that we want to
closely cooperate with the German Government
and in no way act against their interests. There are currently no German citizens on the initiative of Asgaard GSG in Somalia.


Their plans are not realistic - they'll never be more than a pipe dream. At least successful or not the German mercenaries will get their money, send the bill to the big guys who behind this Mr. I-am-the-president. :D

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yaan la dhayalsan DARMAAN, he can print money you know and money talks


i agree with maaddeey tolka baa ka seexday darmaan, waxay ahayd inla buunbuunsho oo la defend gareeyo his claim to the presidency.


i guess bakaaraha baa busy lagu ahaa

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Mr Darman shows signs of mental retardation and a severe lack of intellectual acuity.


”The difference between genius and insanity is that genius has its limits.”

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somali oo dhan baa kursiga intaas oo sano isku haystay mid haduu yidhi madaxwayne baa ahay ma wax lala might be funny to the outside world, but in Somalia its probably the thing...mid kasta in uu moodo in uu asaga xaq u leeyahay..



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Dad wada rabo inay xukumaan laakiin rabin in la xukumo waa Soomaali.


Xataa banooni ugu yar laguma heshiin karo. Everyone wants to be a referee, a player, a calanwade and a goalkeeper at the same time. Waxna looma sheegi karo, waa in uu kaliya wax sheegaa, oo warkiisa la maqlaa.


Darmaan uma arko in uu Soomaalida ka daranyahay. He is just more into it, waa ficilkiis instead of fadhi ku dirirka kuwa afka ku haayo noqon lahaa.


Soomaali badan ayaa buufiskiisa wada haayo, he is just aiming more and banaanka iskeenay.

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xilligii aan xamar joogi jiray ninkaan waxaan u aqooni jirnay inuu yahay "waalida dhaqanta" lakin in waalidiisa heerkaa gaarsiineyso ma anan fileyn.waa iska calooshii u shaqeeste.

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