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Advertisement: celebrating fatherhood! Part 2

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^^^^ It was in North London, saaxib. A few shops, launderettes and restaurants are still on the lookout for me for some outstanding debts.


An elderly relative of mine went though. Well, when I say relative, I mean close relative. Ok, when I say close relative, I mean my mother. My father himself would have gone but he had a little accident with a painting ladder. He’s fine of course; just a bit of a bruised ego I’m told. I’m not sure if any of my siblings went, I hardly keep in touch with any of these wretched competitors for my parent’s affections. I hear that, maybe, a cousin or two were there though. :D



Talking of fatherhood. I didn’t go on Friday because I was bullied into babysitting (again). But I had an enjoyable and quite revealing evening lost in a deep conversation with my six year old daughter. Apparently, when she grows up, she wants to be a wise man!


Maybe I should start from the begging and tell you the whole story in boring detail. Ready?


Well, there we were, sat in our living room and spending the last half hour before she had to go to bed doing some simple writing exercises (which she forced me to take part in). In the middle of all the painting and arguing over the right choice of colours, she suddenly stops and says:


Her: Aabo, have you ever been to Bethlehem?

Me: What?

Her (with a mocking smile and a high pitched question): You Never heard of Bethlehem?

Me (irritably and defensively): Of course I did.

Her: Where is it then?

Me: it’s in the East

Her: (with a sympathetic giggle): No it’s not. The three kings are from the East.

Me: What three kings?

Her (tittering openly now): you never heard of the three kings? The three wise men, aabo?

Me (finally working it out): Of course I did. This is about Jesus, is it not?

Her: No. It’s about the school play.

Me: I know that. I meant the school play is about Jesus.

Her: and Mary and Joseph and the Shepherds!

Me: Do you like that story?

Her: Yes. Can you sing Away In A Manger, aabo? I know all the words.

Me: I do too but I don’t like to sing it.

Her: Because you’re Muslim?

Me: Yes. Who told you that?

Her: My teacher

Me: so you’re not going to be in the play?

Her: Yes I will. I’m going to be a Shepherd. My friend Rebecca is going to be a wise man but she’s so silly. She keeps laughing all the time.

Me: Do Shepherds talk?

Her: No. Aabo, why can’t we have a Christmas tree?

Me: Because we don’t celebrate Christmas

Her: Can’t we have one for Eid?

Me: No. Trees are just for Christmas

Her: Can we have a cake on Eid?

Me: Ok. What sort of cake do you want?

Her (frowns for a bit an says): Errm, one with a Christmas tree on it.

Me (pretending anger): WE ARE NOT HAVING A CHRISTMAS TREE!

Her: I was only pretending. I know we are Muslim. You know Karimah, the Quran teacher’s daughter; she said that if we have a Christmas tree in our house we would go to hell!

Me: What’ that then?

Her: Don’t you know hell?

Me: I know it, but do YOU know it?

Her: Yeah. Allah puts all the bad people there.

Me: Who told you this?

Her: Karimah did.

Me: For a six year old you are very clever

Her (suddenly looking all excited and interested): like a wise man?

Me: yeah, like a wise man.

Her: Are you going to ask my teacher to make me a Wiseman?

Me (noticing that the news has started): Yeah. As soon as the news is finished.

Her: Don’t make fun of me

Me (absentmindedly): I’m not

Her: goodnight aabe, I’m going to bed.

Me: yeah ok.

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Oh god, Maybe I’m over reacting here but this whole thing sickens me to the core (believe me I’m surprised at myself too). But honestly speaking why on god’s green earth are you celebrating Somali fathers, as no one has mentioned that bit yet.

Could this be because there isn’t much to commemorate them on? Unless of course you count fruitless wars, tribalism and indecent moral standings as something to celebrate.


Oh no wait or could it be that the few Somali fathers who actually are fathers in the real sense are now priding themselves in doing something they’re expected to do regardless as a father?


This suddenly sounds like the Chris Rock comedy sketch.


“Niggers always want credit for things they’re supposed to do like…” “I take care of my kids!” “Nigger you’re supposed to take care of your kids!”



Maybe a few of you were blessed with good fathers but in reality that isn’t the picture on the massive scale of things and we all know it. So could someone please tell me why exactly is it that you’ve over looked what our mothers have done and are still doing for us all? Because unlike the majority of Somali fathers out there our mothers for fill both they’re role and the fathers role in many cases regardless of what country they’re in.


Man bashing or not call it what you please...But our mothers need celebrating too.

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I think the little ones needs to celebrate Eid in a Muslim country. Having said that, there are Christmas decos in every mall. Eid is only a few weeks away (4 or 5 days after xmas) but you would never know it!


Send her up to Bradford or Manchester on Eid day :D

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