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Chicken was my favorate dish until they officialy banned the chicken in my city ,,,, now u can't get any unless you travel to other neighboring country just for the sake of the dish ,,,,,,,,, damn it

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Ilhaam, the few times I went there, they were out alot more than moos.


For example, four of us sitting and we get 3 knifes and 2 spoons and 2 forks ?


The waiter can't count or what? Barely any napkins. We have to go and grab it our selves and straws too.


Last summer, my cousin came from UK with his soccer team and he wanted somali food and ofcourse we ended up at xamdi.



He was puzzled that the waiters kept the barookara for the cabitaanka with them all the time.



He has never seen anything like it, so my cousin took it upon himself to call our waiter and ask him to put the

barookada down, inorder for us to pour ourselves, refills etc.


The waiter answered back and said, sorry, I can't do that. I have to have this, its not our policy to leave the Jug

on the table, but I will be more than happy to refill it for you once your glass becomes empty, just call upon me.


My couzin being the difficult person he is said, listen brother, I will pay you double what that entire Jug is worth

,just leave it on the table because its driving me nuts.


He added and said I will even beg you if that will make you put it down.


Waiter refused, and my couzin got up to go look for the manager..


He was told again, sorry, we can't accomadate you.


We laughed hyterically, non stop for hours.


Before all this happened, we explained to our couzin, and said this is how they do it and people just put up with it.


It was fun but my couzin said I will never set foot in this place again. Shuuci waaye kulahaa?


The moral of the story is, Xamdi does whatever it wants because they got their loyal customers on lock down.



Sulekha, yes Rock's chick is my sister, she is the one who invited me to SOL. She hasn't been here in yrs.

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