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Who else I'm I supposed to ask if i can't ask my freinds in SOL..?

Your customers? I had the bariis alfredo once at the original Safari Restaurant and thought it was strange but pretty good. Does that count? :D

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Hi guys

I was just contacted

by city pages sales person and she stated

to me that we are fourth on being nominated Best New Restaurant

It'll be the first Somali Restaurant,Thanx to those that have voted,

However we are off by 37 votes on becoming #1,

In twin cities.Also thanx to Those of you that have priv' me, i hope you enjoy your complimentary meals,



What do you think the problem is.

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^^^ I don't need a free meal to vote for Safari coz I know it's the best in the twin cities. Room for improvement? Sure! but then everything can use improvement. I am one of Safari's loyalest customers and I take friends there every opportunity I get so u can count on my vote bro.

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Well, I am not Ameerikaan and have not been to amerika - and I have no intention to come to America which means I am not gong to vote here, but I'm quite surprised those who showed reservations about voting for Safari just because CT asked! Weird eh!


Apparently not many people are aware of the existence of such voting system therefore by CT bringing it to your attention he is trying to campaign for votes depending on your experience of course, so if you decide to vote use your experience at Safari to be your guide and just stop being negative for the sake of being one! Shaize!


You cutting corners and cheats maxaa keenay - waar balaayadaan arka!


Dude CT Good Luck


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Thanks hodman.Appreciate the support

I won't let you down. ;)

Khalaf and paci' aka Sa'..



I guess Everyone is entitled to their opinions in here

Which is one of the reasons i love Somaliaonline

However keep in mind, the number one reason many of us,

atleast I myself joined the website was

to feel sense of belonging to a family

of some sort, Meet young people from diffrent parts of the world

with variety of diffent proffesions,

and and create a Network.

I was lucky enough to meet many of

you around the world

from U.S.A To U.K.

When my Original Username was, To

what was Instinct-Poet.and now

Clever_trevor,Resembling the changes i went through,




Atleast I thought that way.

Did i get the wrong perception?

Because, if I needed an advice

or help in anything I could come here and share

with out feeling like a stranger.

Maybe that was the old days?



Anyway, I've got a great news

On april 2nd KARE 11

Which is a local T.V Branched of NBC

has invited Me and My Chef Brother to do

A live tv Cooking Demonstration


Were we will be talking about

Cooking In somalia,and the influences that

our food has, I will try to Podcast it hope fully

After it Airs,

But any of you live in Minnesota

You can Watch it on Channel 11 Right after the 9am News we will be Airing @ 10am.


Thanx Again guys.

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Did I mention We will be the first Somali to perform Cooking On live T.V.

this will open a wave of endless possiblities,

for us Somalis.

Come on Show Support.


I swear If your still looking for a way to make that seem Negative,

You have something else streaming in your

just kidding

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If he talks

like that




a funny

TV show


Maclinka CT, Kuufi's off to you, man. This is what I'm talking about. Entrepreneurial nomads are what we need. Could you tell us a lil bit more about yourself, when you started the restraunt, any difficulties you may have faced during the start-up phase. I read somewhere that 90% of restraunts fail in their first 3 years. What has your experience been like ?

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And about your question,

Honestly In success you must be ready for trial and errors,

this is what seperates strong from weak,

you have to learn to adapt,

it is a difficult task,you'll find your self self in positions that have no way out options,

fatigue is just another word Being a restaurantuer.

You face a constant challenge a battle against all odds

because dealing with food is the hardest you fight the same war everyday

which is Cost>>more often than any which flactuates,Health, Which is number one priority,

food contamination can accur in any moment

wether it is the way you thaw your chicken

to how you prep you mixed vegetables ,ofcource i had to attend a class for all of that.

And Consistncy Another problem most start up restaurants have,Food has to taste the same everyday all day,Employees jobs besides working for you

is to mess up,and that they will do gladly,

and how you respond to it is another issue,

If you ever compromise in a restaurant bussiness

thats the day you basically decided your faith in

the bussiness.

I think being a restaurantuer is one of the hardest proffesional jobs besides a Nasa station manager.


My opinion,Challenge is what motivates the Body and Mind to perform phenominal.


Northerner,I will, inshallah,

you never know,Maybe Cad Iyo Caano,

HOnestly Bro, i think we gonna do

one of our famous dishes,

The CHicken FantasTik...


The recipe' will be posted on the website as well.





THats another thing,

Service, I love my custumers

I call them my guest,

Theyre the reason why i'm in bussiness

so Value their opinions and ofcource

the way they feel when they

set a foot in or out of my door.

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