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Rep. Ilhan Omar takes leadership post in House Foreign Affairs

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It is a good step for our sister Ilhan Omar.

Yet, since Trump opened the curtain of lies of USA, the era of human right shenanigans are over. Butchers Like Sisi is welcomed at the white house like a conquering hero, while killing in jail the democratically elected president of Egypt.

In our parts of the world especially the horn of Africa, America and company prefer despots. The African and Arab despots help them loot their resources. Just look at Libya. The current government will not accept billions stolen as usual like before, and in return, France and others  bankrolled another butcher to keep the contracts.

Furthermore, other than weapons and destruction, America doesn't offer much anymore. They can't even build their own infrastructure let alone other nations.

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Now, say that again in the gudhuu language so I may understand how well you’ve internalized the stigma you feel when you hear the mention of the term “gudhuu” !😁


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