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DrinkinG in our CommunitY!!!!!

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Salaam alakum brothers and sister..

i just wanted to ask am i the only one thats worried about Our Young Youth, Drinking Problem.. i don't whether the parents know it or they are just Ignoring it and hoping the sick habits will disappear,..


i Remember going to this somali party and i invated few of my arab friends. we were told it was strictly ' Only Girls party!

Just a simple, Girs Night Out we thought.

well when we got there Alahmdulillah we were still covered, we found out it was packed with BoYz, No Grown Ups.....

And the thing that really Shocked me was there was Alcohol being given, surprisingly ppl i knew were Drinking, :mad: It was ShockinG! i was so disappointed.. and Embarrassed Because of my arab friends,

:confused: was a bit too much for me to handle. But shouldn't it be an ''ISSUE'' in our community??

i Wish someone would raise the problem, and stress, about the teaching of ISLAM,


Allah' hafiz

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i agree with u sensual, trust me u aint the only one that has witnessed this problem in our community.

in London must ppl i know drink they think it makes them look all rough n bad but the thing is the just cant handle the funk i mean u see them in parties all tryna fight n cause commotion n all they probably had was sum minor drink.

n i think its even worse for gals cuz they get drunk have sex get pregnant then yknow their life is over n probably all they wanted 2 do was b act all bad n impress sum ppl but they definately bad now. i dnt know what it is if its seeing puff dady with his bottle or just tryna fit in with their western friends but either way they need 2 adress cuz bot the amount times i lost money ina riwayad cuz sum young drunk punk could'nt handle his drink is too many 2 mention.

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OK, let me see, this has been something that I have always had issues with...Just last Saturday, i went to a Somali party with my freind and youger sister...there were some young men/boyz, i am assuming between 19-22yrs...And just looking at them was so disgusting...First of all they were dressed horrible...That I can live with, it is their taste in fashion, but drinking in a Somali party...that is a big NO NO NO and more NO's...Walaahay, they think they're so slick, coming to the party carrying Pepsi or Coke cans...and the second you pass by them, shoo you can smell the alcohol...It will hit you so hard, that it will get you But seriously though, they smelled like them drunks on the streets...


And then there was another party on New Year's Eve, this was even worse... they were smoking weed inside the party...I couldn't believe what I was seeing...


With me i have no problem with ppl who drink...That's up to them...Whateva the consequences is between them and God...But damn it if you're gonna do it, do it where there are no Somalis around...Do it in the privacy of your own home, in the clubs, but not in a Somali party...


Walaahay, these young generation of Somalis are on the fast lane of life...A friend of mine's brother was beaten so bad, cuz some Somali guyz got drunk and wanted to borrow money so they could buy more drinks and he said i don't have it...My mother's friend's son was stabed, cuz him and his friends where smoking and drinking early that night and they got in to a fight, with each other...What a shame...


If you can not handle the effects of alcohol, for F*** sakes don't drink it...


I know this is a very sensative issue in our community and we don't ever talk about it...Just like sex, we ignored it so long that we see 16yr olds having babies, and not knowing who the father is...But if it is affecting the lifes of the ones we love or care about, i think we should not ignore it...As hard as it is, we should face it...

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Salaam alakum again'

Dand and Kat. Oh! i so know wat you mean. Drinking is a BIG No No ! Period, But when they do it in somali parties, it's just Not Funny!


But, i think the people that are watching it happen for eg Us, should do something about it, and i hate it How they have a Prty just be4 Ramadhaan, it really takes the piss outa me, i have actually been to one of those New Year parties, and Oh! it wa so Horrifying! You won't believe what i witnessed.

there was this 40 + Year old Dude, and he was dancing By himself getting his Groove On!

And he was DEAD Drunk :(:(


there are so mnay ISSUES ... But Drinking Nedd attention and it needs it NOW more than ever,

it's still New, But before it gets out of controle i think someone should Hold a conference or something some of you might say i'm over exageratting., But really i'm NOT and if it's starting to Look Normal there is something Seriously Wrong wit US!

it, just really makes me Sick when i see somali ppl behaving like that Cozz to me it's like My pEOPLE oH! I can never imagine them doing anything Wrong, Well.,, you see it you hear it..

But when are you going to say STOP ,, enough is Enough?

i Honesly don't know what i'm talking about Right Now. and people should takeit serious too, Cozz eitherw ay Drinking is NOT Kool or cool,kewl LOL..

Not in this Society and Not in Allah's Eyes!!!

and for the sisters that do get drunk and get Pregnant well i would say thats a one way to Hell!



ma'salama..... May Allah open our Eyes to Reality. smile.gif

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yes the situation is very bad, and many youth are getting addicted to this liquid. I for one living in a small town, usually have to go to toronto if i want to attend a somali event. Many times i get the question from somali folk if am going to enjoy a drink or two before i reach this party or what so. My simple reply is "for what, i thought am going to have fun, and not to act stupid". Everyone has a different rep to uphold, and drinking is not part of my forte,so i don't see it as a "COOL" thing, but a pathetic attempt to please others who are nothin themselves in the first place.

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Shout out to everyone !!! I heard so many things about the new generation of somalis drinkin booze and smokin weed and dis worries me . I wonder sometimes is it because of the fact dat they r livin in a society where they can be so easily influenced by their non-somali friends or because of the absence of a father or even because both parents don't pay a close attention to them ? I don't know the right answer but I hope dat somali families teach their children at an early age the Salat and the Quran so they can have sum values in their life . I agree wit KOOL_KAT ,the somali community should talk about this issue.

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