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just thought that i owed u guys a goodbye,y'all kept me smiling through the summer, sometimes u made me laugh- to the point i'm almost falling off my chair.


but my summer is over....ive been here since june...and now, im back to my busy schedule,,,



i guess at times i been a pain in the a$$...sorry.

well, cafis and saamax. (i know i do most the offending)--so y'all 4give moi---plz


just wanna remind y'all not to 4get Allah.

there's a hadith that says ...all humans sin, but the best of sinners are those that ask Allah for 4giveness, and indeed Allah is the most 4givin...


i know we all sin, we should not loose hope in Allah's 4giveness. (i know a few of my friends, say that becuase they go out raving and partying, they wont pray, coss there is now point- but no matter how great your sin....prayer is the most important thing,)


another hadith says, good actions wipe out your bad actions,,,,,so keep praying and wiping away the bad actions.


hope yall have great lifes...and some day...hope we all meet in heaven....


mac mac,,,,kiss kiss,,,,*** (what ever one u prefer)


love y'all (all of u)


w/salaam wr wb

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Yeah most definetly, Silent_Sitah, make sure to come back from time to time and englighten us with your surely have growen from what i keep becoming the bettah person and start on your right path...take care n god bless

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well u guys are welcome...and thanx for the send off, (i hate goodbyes) creid my eyes out everytine i left a school.



O_G, sis,,,me love ya, and i know u know.....but just keep your headup....and try an remember the advice i gave u the day i saw u. dont let ppl get to u/get u down....keep ya head up & keep strong sis.


kool-kat, thanx sis, well, i hope Allah keeps me on the str8 and narrow. and i hope ALLAH shows us and guides us all on the siraad mustaqiim (str8 path)---Amiin


captivating, ill see y'all next summer (if im still alive and not married to a guy that's jelious of internet-pals)





bye the way,,,i was just browsing, after i posted this,,,,and saw this..




Originally posted by Admin:

I am sorry to say this but we have no choice but to ban




Twisted Ayeeyo






because they are the same person.






i dont think that this place would be the same withought clown,shaka and mindstate.

they had some nice topics,poems, advices, and jokes.


y'all have to hand it to him....he was good. and so was ayeeyo.

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Silen-S, well i hope you peek up sometimes and c what is going out here, we all go shcool and still find some left over time to holla, try your best, but if the reason you leaving is becuase this creep is not going to marry you,yes you know who u are, then i want say good bye LoL, hey take care and have fun and at your shcooling , you have been a big force in here, one of the few ppl i never get a chance to interact but good luck,and happy schooling.



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OG Moti   


You can not just pack and go, there are rules to follow, should give us one month notice before u leave, before all that you have to ask promission to leave and if denied, you have to stay, so please stop breaking rules and stay, beside i am sure u will miss us and come back running and when that happen, i will be openning the SOL doors and welcome u.. mac mac... those who want to keep in touch with her... check Paltalk :D she is a perminent member there... i will hunt u there and bring u back .. so sister enjoy the studies, and dont pribe ur teachers.. peace

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S.S hon good luck with life, school, work, family and everythign else. I will miss you here for sure....thanks for the advice. Always remember to stay in touch.




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