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PM Abiy Ahmed Declares War on Tigray: First bullets fired

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"Ethiopia National Security Adviser Gedu Andargacho met w pres Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo in Mogadishu".

The national security adviser is Amhara, so is the deputy premier Makonen, who is touring Africa.  president Zowde , an Amhara lady was in South Africa 

This is a government of  Amhara by  the Amhara and for the Amhara.

The chances of Somali Galbeed autonomy,let alone freedom is in danger. Any far sighted Somali should never ever support an Amhara agenda. They are hiding behind a fake Abyssinia. In this war, a Tigray victory, or even a surviving of Tigray entity in the north is the best interest of the Oromo, Somali and others.

I don't know if you guys heard, but Eritrean and Ethiopian navies will be united and based in Assab, Eritrea.  with help of the French, Ethiopia will have a navy that might face the future Somali navy and Turkey in the region.This new dictator in the making in the horn must be stopped. Abiy had betrayed everyone and will sell Somalis in a New York minute.

Somalis, be ware of what you wish.

On the Somali front, TPLf was aware in the weak position they were against Somalia, if Somalai decides to help Ethiopian ethnic rebels, so they tried to install Ethiopia friendly leadership in Somalia. It was the Islamic courts who changed every thing.Now we need a new strategy against the new despot who want to be a king.



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Isaiah might be vindictive, but he is not stupid. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he turns on Abiy and Amhara once they exhaust rtheir esources and man power on Tigray and Oromia.

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Who thought I would write an article recommending Somalis to defend the legacy of the TPLF despite its heinous crimes in Mogadishu? Times have changed. Ethiopia in its purest essence was formed by the brutal image of the Amxaaro. If you want graphic details about it the history books are full of how Amxaaro peasants armed with european rifles pillaged and chopped of the breats of the oromos and forcefully converted muslims to christianity.

During the time of the brutal Xabashi Amxaaro ruler Xayle Selasssie Ethiopia was portrayed as the land of the Amxaros. And old oromo Shaykh Abdulkarim Xusseyn (AUN) told me in Europe that during his radio address he would address the muslims on the muslim holidays as "congratulations to the muslim residents of Ethiopia". While Shaykh Cabdikarim was a Xerow in Baale he vividly remembers "why does he adress as residents as if we are visitors". Gaalka gartiiisa waa la siiya. Mengistu Xayle Maryama was a devout Marxist. Even the secret KGB files that were opened after the cold war gave description of him as a person who wanted to get rid of the feudal system . On other hand our Siyaad Barrre was labeled as fake marxist and in a sense simply a Somali nationalist. The man giving this info to KGB in 77 could have not been none other then naaso-wayne AKA Fidel Castro.

Mengistu indeed severed the state ties to the orthodox church, secularised the schools and universities. Unlike Somalia, indeed Ethiopia had a feudal system. The family of the butcherer of the Oromos Menelik gave every son "Ras" head and land to govern. Thats why Xayle Selassie was in Harar before he became Emperor. The one question that Mengistu was pandora's box and one he failed to address as a devout marxist was question "nation and nationalities". Indeed, Mengistu who was from the woleyta ethnic group and was assimilated in the Amhara assimailation cykle knew for sure if he acknowledged the existence other nationalities then the one that forged Ethiopia with blood and butchering of Somalis and oromos and Afars and Tigrayans that would be existential threat to Ethiopia.

It did not years for the first shots to be fired. A courageous Ethnic tigre muslim named Hamid Idris Awate together with then Somali Nasrullah ignited the war. The great Ethiopian civil war. The Eritreans cemented the resistance and during the 1988 mass-desertations had a big effect on the well equipped Ethiopian army. Raadiyo Muuqdisho PR for the oromos had a great effect on the oromos. Why would an oromo die in a god forsaken land that does not belong to him. As always when the Amxaaro could not find others to fight for them they saw what was coming. Unlike Siyaad Barre AUN who burned to Somalia according to the scorched earth policy Mengistu told his Amxaaro dominated military command to concede defeat. By now the EPLF were marching into Asmara and its ofshoot were marching to Addis Abeba. Mar labaad. Gaalka gartiisa ha la siiyo. Mengistu did not open the vast amounts of army depots to amxaro and left saying "Hey, I am going but arm yourself and fight to the teeth with each other, Ciao".

The TPLF, a hardcore Hoxaist communist group entered the city and the Amxaaro military command submitted. Mar sadaxaad. Gaal Gartiisa hala siiyo. Meles Zenawi had the courage or was forced to finally face the existential question that faced Ethiopia. What is Ethiopia in its essence? Is Menelik a hero or the one who chopped the breasts of oromo women? The TPLF saw things how it was, Eritrea was given its hard earned freedom. The TPLF played the ethnic game and according to Mesfin Hagos interview in 1998 He actually said that the only solution they could see was an ethnic federation. With Yugoslavia as ideal Meles hatched the game to turn the oromos against the Amxaaro and him balancing the fine act of dancing between this deadly snakes. What he did not foresee ofcourse was the rise of digital platforms and mostly oromo nationalism. According to the book written by the tigrayan jeberti Hasen Shifa, who was expelled from the TPLF committee

Meles was in 1991 more worried by WSLF or resurgent Somali state that would intervene. According to his book, one of the first tasks he did as he took over Addis Abbaba was to send for remaining DERG spies and heat the news on Somalia. On hearing the news that Somalia was in flames he turned on the Amxaaro DERG. Purging them for every position in power and replacing them with oromo loyalists. He did not fully trust Somalis as he always feared the Somalis and in 1994 he finally betrayed the Somalis when they pushing for article 79 in the Ethiopian constitution. Namely that every federal region has right to secede. Had Siyaad Barre followed the advice of the Maanifesto and left the country intact I have no doubts that Soomali-Galbeed would like Eritrea have a referendum.

Whats happening now? The Washington Amxaaro supremacist opposition groups successfully launched media propaganda against the EPRDF/TPLF but so did the Oromos. While they shared the same enemy that have different narratives of what Ethiopia is. Guys, weather we like it or not, Meles Zenawi left behind human waiting for surgeion and the surgeon knowing exactly which parts to amputate.

For 30 years the oromos have now regained their lost identity. According to a friend of mine the transformation happened so fast the oromos started to even change their names

Somalis have no appetite for conflict nor do they have the resources for it. Cabdi Iley the monster that the TPLF to terrorise the somali nomads into submission is in prison but the man in charge now, Mustafa Omar is not man chosen by the Somalis. He was directly appointed Addis Abeba. It not a nice job for the guy to have. the 33 army division is stationed in Dire Dawa. If he dares to make legitimate democratic demands as having elections in Soomali-Galbeed The same fate as Cabdi Iley might await him. The Neftegna/Amxaro supremacist are busy attacking the federal vision but they do not have an alternative. They talk about democracy but a man who reveres Meneleik and while you view him as black colonialist who chopped the hands of your people. That shows that their is no common narrative holding the country together

Its time that the world, and the international community for the stability of Africas horn accepts a Post-Ethiopian state. Nation states as Oromiya, Amhara, Soomaali-galbeed (weather to join somalia or be independent). The attack on Tigray is an attack on this post Ethiopian vision. All Somalis should support tigray, not out of love but for common interests.

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Meles was in 1991 more worried by WSLF or resurgent Somali state that would intervene

You are totally wrong, wrong. WSLF was inactive in 1991.

Check out this link.

The Ogaden at the Heart of Transnational Conflict in the Horn Dr Sarah Vaughan Honorary Fellow, School of Social and Political Science University of Edinburgh


WSLF leaders, led by Sheikh Abdinasser Aden, were discovered “hiding from Mogadishu Clan revenge” in a Mogadishu basement, and brought with Sudanese assistance to Addis Ababa, where they accepted the new Charter, renamed the Front the Western Somali Democratic Party (WSDP) and were given two seats in parliament

WSLF was hiding,hiding in a cellar like cowards.

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7 hours ago, Che -Guevara said:

According to thev ENDF, Mekelle has fallen. Amhara rule and insurgency  is the next  phase.

What if your pirate thinking is wrong.  And what is wrong if the 35 million strong Amhara rules the poor tplf residents in Tigray region.  Majority rules minority.  Let the Oromo+Amhara rule Ethiopia the next 100 years.

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If this true, then Abiy has achieved a miracle . 

The 100,000 Tigray forces with a massive Ethiopian weapons in their possession just folded in just three weeks. 

With the Sudanese, Eritrean and Djibuoti border closed, Tigray insurgence will be impossible. 

Certainly, the TPLF has been lying about their arms and intentions. Unbeknownst to us there could be divisions between the Tigray militia and leadership.

We all hope that Abiy will not turn Ethiopia to the same TPLF dictatorship with Unitarian system where Amhara rules with impunity.




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