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What Ur Top Ten MCS??

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Avirex Dejavou crew aint all that compared to the Freeze Fm peeps now they got it going on.

Scarface I only got two things for you.......

Oh no thats the word, oh no that was the word then and its still the word now, I been heard now I fly like a bird now.

Any Emcee that beats that tune gest Romeo's place in my list.

Up with the middle finger I show them.

Now you see that tune it was made for the likes of you aka Neutrino haters, hating on mans talent CHA.

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Youn Hov   

1. 2 pac cause he be untounchable Mc

2. Biggie another big Mc lyrically insane

3. Nate dogg

4. Mr cheek n da lost boyz

5. Dre

6. Nas he fake but lyric is crazy

7. snoop

8. scarface

9. jayz

10. ludacris

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lADY VICOUS OH no dats da word

SO SOLID crew 1st song or second don kno - but dont give all cred to romeo it was all SOS productions bac in da days.


Romeo Romeo Romeo Dunne wats dat all about.

The one memorable bit of that song was the sung by a LISA MAFIA...

Romeo was a nobody in So Solid Crew and still a nobody.


Didnt one of his lines go something like "So gimme the number of your mobile phone

So I can send you a mobile ring tone"

hahhahahhahahahhaahaahhhahahaaaa and yu say da nigga is talented damn.

he's got a talented production team and talented female singers but ** Will Romeo ever make a single by himself?? **


NEUTRINO shot himself in da LEG an said dat some HATERZ SHOT HIM. how stupid is dat n FAKE da only tune i wud rate him is casualty.......................

NO HATIN JUST MY OPINION.................


Roll Deep - dizzy AND WILEY dey just killin UK garage at moment no comparison between dem an ROMEO or neutrino


WILEY - Eskimo 3, Snowcat, Avalanche

Dizzy Rascal - I Love You

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Scarface You give me bare jokes, anyway you can hate on Romeo but the guy is still buff. And his lyrics speak for them self, have you heard deeper on the SOS album? Now thats a heavy tune and even though Romeo may not be up to your standards it dont matter he still selling more singles than the Roll Deep crew.

As for Neutrino well accidents happen and if he wants to style it out then who are we to judge.

Dizzy Rascal - I Love You

Now to my knowledge I swear Dizzy Rascal is a guy, ummm???

As for them other cats they okay but they still have to prove themselves to the world.

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Yo was rong wif tis MinniaKid...

is tha 3rd time he bunned me...

and i aint do jack...

yo allows tha lame game dee abti....

thas long...


Yo Dizzy-Rascle is all greavy...

Jkz bous tha bre shot im self...

daamn...desprate mmafacka


Yo i fergot...


hes a Dope MC...started from scratch and he be 1 of tha richest Mc round now...TRue HASLA AND GHETTO...


Yo saif aight...


2 MiniKid...

Yo allows tha game, is getting lame namean...

say it if ya got someting persanol or someting...



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Deeq A.   

Averix, it is not MinneapolisKID who is keeping an eye on you. It is couple of moderators because you have started to disrespect moderators when they tell you to calm down. This is our website and we pay the bills saxib. All we ask of you is to acknowledge if you make mistakes and try your best in keeping the site clean. That is all. You can battle and bring out your creative best but please keep the extreme profanity out of here because we have a clean standard and we would like it to keep it that way.

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Yo Admin...

is all jiggie now..

yall co'oparating...

koo koo...


just like to shout out few opionz..namean...


there aint no hate in tha joint...namean...

is all lyricsz...and at tha end of day, it comes to realaty...those talkz r tha way i talk..namean...i aint hating no moderater or just tha MiNIAkid picked me up from noWHERE...

started chatting breeze on tem Topics (tha wore not neccasary..)namean...


and tha Uk-v-Us wassnt no treath to yall adminz and moderatorz...just lil big ting to go all MESSy bout...



Yo last ting aight....u tha man...tha admin...namean...

just drop ma old userbame few Pm's on tha..ya mean...

aight saif...



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yea i heard da Song deeper its all aight but da whole album was all GRAVY.....

Lady Vicious wat yu tryin to brush manz come off it it yea :D scar aint no chi chi so lemme rephrase dem words

Lady Vicious - I HATE YU redface.gif



yo AVIREX blud wlc bac cusin wat happend blud dey krissed yur username out no biggy its was all JIGGY....

keep da forum clean lol :D

ADMIN N MINNIE kID KEEP doing ya jobs bruvs smile.gif

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