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It is just an absurd trend to pretend WESTERN when your culture and religion doesn't condone the attitudes or PRO-WESTERN culture.. Some think by putting on necklaces like the 'Bling-Bling' things and wearing trousers as if falling.. or ladies pretending to eb 'BEYONCE' while they can't..all this will leave you between your ISLAM and western..You will leave ISLAM and NEVER reach the TARGET...


With ISLAM am sure what happened to the lady would have been avoided.ISLAM and most religions don't condone 'WHORES', adultery or NON MAHRAMS or associating with bad practices..doesn't condone staying with NON is not somali culture..maybe this people had some ISLAMIC attitudes when she was in Somalia..


Had she acted Normal as an ISLAMIC lady, smart and straight, the Dutch would have respected her..or maybe she was also acting as I said 'absurd'.... smile.gifsmile.gif

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