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Siyaad Barre visits Hargeisa

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thanks libaax.

I found the comments below the video very telling of our communal state of mind. The fact people are still willing support a once murderous dictator says a huge amount of the trauma of the somali mentality.


The funny thing is that most of the youtubers wern't probably much older than children when bare was in real power, yet .. you can imagine.


Anyhow, king is dead, when does the new king sit?

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NG, in african standards:


V = (value for life)

B = (benevolence)

G = (greed)


(suitability for) or impressiveness = [1/ (V*B)] + e^(G)


notice that this function is inversely proportional to V and B, so the higher they are the lower the suitability. However, it has a logarithmic growth on the greed, which ultimately overrides both. We speculate that is due the need to fulfill the void left by the absence of V and B, which in african minds shrink with G.

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Originally posted by Zafir:

^what? Heck no, it's the man.


Ps: Has anyone noticed? Jabutians dance weird.

Yow,it's called Canfari style, big up respect. :D


Siyad Barre,what can I say was just another African seems almost all 'black'African leaders went down the same road if you examined.

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Originally posted by Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar:

Xasan Guuleed Abtidoon. [Taloow manoolyahay?]

The strangest thing happened. I watched this video yesterday evening and then made a passing remark to someone about Abtidoon's longevity. He didn't look a day below 70 in the video, I said, but the old geezer is still alive and kicking. The same person I made that remark to just told me that Abtidoon died last night. Ilaahay ha u naxariisto. He was 90.


ETA: Iyagoo la hadal hayo ayey dadku sii socdaan ma is tidhaahdeen. Ileyn geeridu waa wax ina wada sugaysee.

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^I had that in mind too. I sent my condolences in the other thread posted by Duke . Allaha ha u naxariisto.


I didn't know Bare had the Reer Bari dialect. niin dialect is popular in the people of that region at least from my experience of those I have met


Danahooda qabsadaaniin Maslaxadooda adduun iyo aakhiroba. Qofka dantiisa isagaa qabsada nina uma qabto. Fekreda ah danteyda cid kale ha I qabato inay illoowaan oo tooda u jeestaan. :D


I hope to make it my signature.

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Man! Thanks Libaax.... that was good old days. dad badan baan ka gartey:


cali samatar

Xuseen kulmiye

Ahmed M farax ( laxwas)

Cabdalla faadil

Maxamed sheekh cusmaan

Cabdullaahi Ahmed cadow (soomaliya ha is raacdo ninka ku khudbaynaya)

Cabdiqaasim salaad xasan (ninka koofida sita oo siyaad barre dhinac fadhiya.

Gen Maxamed Hashi Gaani

Nuur bidaar.

faarax wacays duule

Adan Buule

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