One man, one man vote will not happen. Farmaajos propoganda is just empty talk.

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1 hour ago, Mastermind said:

If Bayle throws his hat in the ring, he can win big time. But he won't. In politics as in everything else confidence is the key.

That is so true. Look at Puntland, the Garaad and Maakhir guys have almost 40% of the Puntland parliament, yet they complain about MS that has less 20%. It is all about confidence.

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Galbeedi don't waste your time you will always be reerka reerka dabayaal. The koonfurians only want to dominate.  They are guests in Mogadishu. How come in the last  20 years they never picked a prime minister form Somaliland. Ali galaydh was the last one in 2001.

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