Ethiopia oo Ciidamo hor-leh Baydhabo gaysay...

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They already had 20,000 non-AMISOM Ethiopian troops stationed in South Somalia. And now thousands more according to the local news website.

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Somalia's opposition parties have complained to the United Nations Security Council to intervene.



MOGADISHU (HOL) - A coalition of political parties in Somalia has reiterated its call on the UN Security Council to investigate and verify the existence of ‘thousands’ of Ethiopia troops in the country serving...


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TRO - AJT Wrote:

"How anyone in Somalia can call those who allow this to happen in their country anything but a disgrace is beyond me. They are not a government, Farmaajo is no president and none of them are "leaders". Not so long as foreign troops run wild in your country.

Tuur, the first Somaliland President, who I'm no fan of whatsoever, wouldn't allow AMISOM let alone the Ethiopian army into Somaliland, even when his country was mostly rubble and different factions were at war. Cigaal likewise would never allow it, fighting the UN & the International Community tooth and nail to stop it."

That is one thing every Somali worth his salt admits. The Fact that Somalilanders never even gossiped against a fellow Somali with a foreigner Ethnic.
One of the things Meles used to both dislike and admire Somaliland leadership.

Somalilanders never gossip against Djibouti or Puntland let alone to be tools of Ethiopia or Arabs against their brethern.

Even from the old days, USC was closest to Mengistu many times more than Somalilanders.

Somaliland was the only one that gave ONLF 6 months to get their staff in order and stop using Somaliland in war against Ethiopia. Somaliland told the Ethiopian government not to take any action in those 6 months and after the 6 months Somaliland kept their word to Ethiopia, Djibouti and implemented the policy on ONLF military activities.

Djibouti and Puntland stopped ONLF immediately not even week of warning was given.

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