President Farmaajo did make three minute opening statement , but his main agenda is just begun.

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This is written by SL supporter, Summary of Day 2 in Djibouti

- Three presidents opened the 2nd day and left the technical committee to dig deeper into the issues

- president Farmaajo added his close aide Balal Osman to the Somalia delegation to the surprise of the PM, speaker and Minister of Interior who's theoretically the head of the Somalia technical delegation. 

- Balal, who carries the fancy title of "presidential envoy for Horn of Africa and the Red Sea", started to project the image of the true representative of Farmaajo. His over participation created tensions within the Somalia delegation, with senior ministers feeling overpowered

- the Somaliland delegation came across as far more prepared than the Somalia delegation in terms of substance and argument. However, Dr. Edna Aden's extremist views is unsettling participants of both sides

- At the request of Somaliland, Monday's agenda focused on "depoliticizing humanitarian and development assistance". Somaliland delegation demanded that Somalia commit publicly that it will no longer use the economy as a political leverage. 

- Somalia counter offered "everything except secession, confederation and referendum on self determination". Somaliland rejected this offer. 

- The UK and few other countries are reassuring Somaliland to stick to its position regardless of the pressure 

- The competition between Djibouti and Kenya for a non-permanent UN Security Council seat is playing out here. Djibouti is leveraging the talks for its candidacy while Kenya is blocking a chartered flight from Nairobi that would have transported senior EU, AU and other officials to Djibouti until after the vote on 17 June. 

- It's becoming all too apparent that the hype built up in the lead up to the talks for a potential "grand deal" is all but dead. Even progress on small issues are unlikely. 

- US Ambassador Donald Yamamoto is engaged in shuttle diplomacy between the two delegation during break times. He told attending foreign diplomats that he's less optimistic than yesterday.

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many years ago, I told secessionists to drop Islaanta Sirqada ah, she is a victim and still traumatised when her husband locked over 50 years ago.

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On 6/14/2020 at 8:00 PM, galbeedi said:

Folks, we just got a word from a member of the Farmaajo delegation from Djibouti. Since this news is from the horses mouth, I would like to share with SOL readers.

He said, through third party that unlike the former Somaliu leaders Farmaajo get a full briefing from the unity commission he appointed about accurate facts and figures from Somaliland. He took with him a dossier not only about history of the region but also all the crimes committed by various Somali groups including the SNM. 

He siad Farmaajo is well prepared this time.

He said the opening statement supposed to be just a formality and welcoming remarks for those who were present. The real negotiations will not take in public or open microphone. It will be behind closed doors. They asked him about the Somaliland delegation members already making accusations and inaccurate statements, he said, the old man Saleebaan Gaal has lied, and no formal negotiotions had taken place. This was just an opening statements and meeting of the minds. It was just the first dance and Biixi and company just spent their days complaining what Farmaajo did or didn't. They put their case in the open before even the game started.

According to this gentleman those with weakness make the load noise. He also said that Farmaajo is intended to expose Biixi and company as outlaw groups that intend to keep the people of the north in unattainable situation for long time. He said if Biixi and company abandon the table without concrete solutions , they will pay a heavy price in the next 12 months.

Folks, the main question is why Biixi and his group, especially the chairman of the Guurti lie about the nature of the conference and say, : we all done here and we are leaving tomorrow when the conference begun?

You guys should answer that.



This was way way over their head for the Farmaajo side.

Unlike Abiy or Afwerki Ghelleh never wasted his time on meetings that have no prospect of agreement small or big.

Ghelleh had already told Farmaajo that any meeting with Somalilaand should have clear agenda and minimum that has to be achieved. Sometimes could be humanitarian, financial..etc agenda that has nothing to do with recognition. Sometimes its purly how to avoid wars (sub-clan conflicts) since Djibouti has no interest in any conflict.


For Abiy and Farmaajo it works to be seen with others and to be seen in big meetings, even meaningless ones. For Ghelleh those kinds of meetings are most dangerous. Lots of rumors, and no agenda or results.

Somaliland was in the driver seat. Somaliland never ever was at the mercy of Ethiopia be it Mengistu, Meles, Hailemariam or Abiy. Somaliland has never embarrassed or undermined any Somali, which Ghelleh is probably most significant Somali right now.

Remember both Abiy and Farmaajo are UAE servants who would not hesitate to carry water against Djibouti any day, while Somaliland has never carried water for anybody against Djibouti, even when Somaliland could have benefited a lot for example with Afwerki, UAE and even America.



The main results Ghelleh wants is for Somalia and Somaliland not to engage in any conflict directly or indirectly and to never work against each other in development of ports, construction, education, health..etc.

Somaliland has tangible and practical proposals, Farmaajo and Co had no clue and the team from Mugadishu could not agree among themselves even if they try to read it.










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