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'Hate' is an extremely strong word - like my sis KK already said.


I can understand why your feeling that way you do sis and blieve me, I went through the 'i don't want nothing to do with Somalis phase' myself. But, you know what? It turned out that Somalis are not the only ppl that are rude, disloyal, dishonest etc.. Those are bad qualities you get in every circle, society , race etc.


Sure, everyone of us has their fair share of good and bad habits. We are all capable of hurting those around us, there is no denying that. Laakin, for some strange reason we expect so much from our ppl, simply because they are Somali and that ain't really fair. It is unfair on you and the good name of the Somali community, because by expecting more, the more likely you'll be disapointd .. d'ya get me?


I am Somali and I can honestly say, that I don't mistreat my friends in the manor you highlighted and if you are honest with yourself you'll find that there are many Somalis, who do principles and are worthy of your friendship.


Also, harboring ill thoughts for Somalis walaalo, only puts you in a negative framework when dealing with people. How are ever going to make true friends if you have already decided that we are only worth hating?


I'm alway hearing brothers stating negative sterotypes about siters and vice versa. You'll risk only attracting people who fit into those stereotypes, for the simple fact thats all they expect of Somalis.


Anyhuh, (me is chatting 2 much)so, I hope that this I hate somali pp phase passes soon. Actually, you seem too sweet to hate so lets see intey kula gaadho lol


Best regrads babes ;)

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Originally posted by Che-Guevara:

P.S Maybe you , magnoon-gal and few others here who had bad experience with somalis can form " Somalis who dunno wanna hang out with other somalis club".


Ppl, just wondering it seems everybody who respond to the topic who don't fit Silent-Sista's describtion of somalis. Lets take a sample. What are the chances of all us not having one of those habits. I guess all good somalis are in

Che-Guevara u know what that is good idea.. coz im one lost kid :D ...


and yeah u might be right all the good folks are in SOL interestin huh?? i don't know about others here really. but if i look at me self. i personaly don't do no xaan if i have something to say believe me i'll say it. my mom calls me aaf dagax ;) so that speaks for itself.. and for sho im always happy to say my muslim bro/sistas successful, and if im jealous i tell them. i'll be like dym i hate u for dat but im happy for ya. i wouldn't say i never have jumped jump to conclusions but i always like to hear what the person have to say before i can think of anything.

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have some screwed-up loyalties,

~some mixed up principles,

~their priorities are f!cked up,

they jump to conclusions faster than God knows what,
~they spread malicious lies, without checking their sources,

~they cant handle seeing you successful- envious,

~they cant let you get on with your life in peace they have to mess it up- devious!

~they lie, cheat and never keep a promise

silent-sis is right..

some mixed up principles

did we not have that??


~their priorities are f!cked up,


80% waa lalabo smile.gif

they spread malicious lies, without checking their sources,

i swear by god si fican aayey u baratay

~they cant handle seeing you successful- envious ahaanti waa nahay ..we are not progressive ppl(hadana wax iskuma ogalin.. aad aya ugu xumahay..i saw it for real..bullshit..i cant say i hate my ppl ileen kama maarmee..lakin walaahi they are bullshit..why dont they be a normal..)


ilaheey hano so gargaaro..everything is mixed up among somali ppl...

anyhow..20% are good .others are bullsit..

their priorities are f!cked up, ..that is true

run ahaanti feel sorry for that:(

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Hello Silent Sistah, I agree with you 110%. I went through the I hate Somali's stage and went back to my non-somali friends. Guess what? Life couldn't be much better. No more lies and gossip said about me behind my back. No more drama and problems. No more fights. No more she-said-he-said. And what I also realized is Somali's even though you spend your time away from them they still back-bit you.


Thats why I still hate them. The only place I can exchange ideas/thoughts/opinions/information with Somali's is on SOL. I met alot of nice folks here, but I still don't dream of returning back to my people. They lost my trust/faith in them. And to gain that will take a very long time. When your aunt told you to stay away, you should have listen. Thats what I regret as well, not listening to my mother cost me to have a bad reputation in some places because of the lies they spread.


To those who told you that hate is a strong word, don't listen to them. Cause if you become friends with them all they will do is bring you down, TRUST ME . Although most of the nomads are tryna tell you that their are good Somali's out there, I have yet to see them. Therefore if you let your gaurd down you will be hurt once again. In real-life, I bet that you will never find a trustable, reliable Somali. It's a garantee. Only here we show our good side because we don't need to be rude, because we do not really know eachother. If we did SOL would become a chaos like Somalinet.


All I have to say is, be smart, don't stick around with them. Good-Luck and Keep your head up.


.:peace n luv:.

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I love my people. Who would I be if I deny them?


I dont necessarily agree some of the stuff "some people" do...but that doesnt give me the right to just isolate them. Why?....Because...first, they're Muslims...and second, I'm one of them!


Seriously...Somalis are one of the nations that support each other 110%....sometimes they disagree but...that's just part of human nature...I have experienced this...Somalis are so generous and respectful


Culturally, it's beautiful...(study other cultures to arrive at this conclusion)...I love our culture...our women...and


I used to have this negativity about our people in general...but that didnt last long...when you get time goes sort of evolve and time changes you...


I'm not just saying this to pursuade anyone...but I have experienced this facts...and overall, I wouldnt trade it for anyone...


Compare two Somali roommates and two non-Somali roommates...observe that...

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Rahma ,

sister, I try and try, to choose my Somali friends carefully, but the best once let me down.


Runaway^virgin ,


Thanx for your advice sis, I dont think that I have much hope for me and my people ever understanding eachother.



“ when something happens to you, tell that you are not somali anymore”

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at that part of your statement. Im Somali. I don’t have much choice obout it, I have to just keep my head up.



sister maybe you are right, but honey, im tired of their temper tantrums and back stabbing ways.



lol….tribal bullshit pissed me off, walaahi, u help a somali person out, not because of their tribe, or the fact that they are Somali. Maybe because u felt good that day, or you done it to please Allah, and they start talking about your gabiil ,,,, Whats that supposed to be about?


Northener ,

thanx walaal for understanding,,and for listening,



I don’t listen to the politics, but damn, im glad I don’t , coss I would have lost that hope magoona was talking about.



……”hehehhe what you mean you can't find them ? yo somali ppl are not different from any other nation , treat us good and you get good treatment in return do not judge by individual cases !!”

That is not true, and that is what has pissed me off, the number off people that you help out for the sake of God, you don’t ask them nothing in return, and the next day you find out they spreading shit about you.


~they share the same tongue and land with you

but they fight over the land, and discriminate against you cuzz of the part of Somalia you are from. and laugh at your somali accent.


~they share religion with you

shame they don’t implement it in their everyday life (islam is a way of life. Somali’s should treat it that way, not pick and choose the parts they practice)


~they are your blood/land relative

they should act like it.


~they survived for 10 yrs without official recognized government


they destroyed the previous government and are ****** to get a new one, if they just swallow their pride , and stop thinking about the gabiil of the person, and the government governed the coutry/people according to the sharia law, we wouldn’t face this dumb problem.


~they always offer helping hand if you ask

ooh, they will offer, they may help. But they only go and boast about the help they gave to the helpless little girl. They put you down for asking, or they turn around and say, we all have problems and we deal with them, ----somali’s ppl like to shove problems under the carpet (ignore it,it will go away) or they make it into a headline story (plenty of basbaas and xawaash ofcourse!)




lol, maybe we should invent an I hate Somali anonymous group,


somealien Psycho-sue ,

I liked the picture of the fat kid eating cake better than the one you got now. And as for the nationality thing, true, not all people from the same tribe /country are equal, like the sister said, not all our fingers are equal, but I think that children follow their parents, and within a society and community you see patterns(traits) of behaviour, and the Somali traits does not chemically combine with mine to well, I guess im a true fish and chips kinda person.



im not stereotyping , I’m saying that I give up, I had enough. Thats all.




that story is sick, damn…I hope the girl survived, miskiinada. And I live in London and would hate to come to wherever you are now.


“I have always approached members of my race with utmost respect and I will continue to do so. It's only when they do not return that respect (which is more often than not, unfortunately) that I cut them off.”

Sis, I started working as a volunteer in a Somali community, I didn’t ask for pay, im on my holidays and wanted to help out these old ladies, suffering with the language barrier, and also the misunderstood and troubled Somali youths, (I recon being closer to their age, and understanding what they are going through gave me a better chance at advising them, compared to and old man that preaches about Somali culture and values.)


Well I became the xawaash in their afternoon tea.



“It is unfair on you and the good name of the Somali community, because by expecting more, the more likely you'll be disapointd”

Lol, sister, I don’t ask for much, all I ask for is some respect, I don’t ask for their help, but I offer mine. Walaahi, I have a lot of pride, I grew up not relying on people. Growing up without your natural parents toughens you up.


Walaahi, if a word of what they say is true, I wouldn’t care, but it’s the bullshit lies that they make up that gets to me.

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Diamond princess ….that part you said about the Somali people talking about you even when you not around them is true, that’s their style, to talk behind your back thinking that it will never get around to you,,,,


When you hang around them, eventually some1 will bring you the news, you ask them (person A) who said it?…they might tell you, you go up to them (person B), (you was never-ever expecting this person to talk behind your back) you ask them to bring the other people involved in the talk so that you could all just end the story, and get to the bottom of it, but this person (B) refuses, saying they will be called a big mouth and that they cannot break the trust between themselves and the person that was spreading malicious lies about you???


Me, if I hear some thing bad about a person, im the type that doesn’t believe the rumour until I see the shiit with my own eyes. Secondly, if I ask a person if a rumours true or false ,,if the words can come out of my mouth, and I know that they are upsetting to the person that im askin, then I should be able to say where I heard the rumour.


Im not the type of person to get upset, huff and puff over 1/2 incidents, its happened too many times, and I think that if they cant proof their accusations, they cant give u the chance to disprove them, and they leaving you in a loose-loose situation, then it is safer for you to let them talk behind your back, and you isolate yourself and never hear what they say, be it good or bad.


Laba wajiilee – I guess its in our limited vocabulary because so many of our people suffer from the 2faced syndrome.



kaafi , i hope that one day i feel as happy as you about our people---Amiin 2 dat!

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Two-Face is a whole nother story all together. Lol. I don't wanna get in detail with that. I had my shares of ups and downs with somali and I shall wait till one day for the hate in my heart goes away like Kaafi said.


I'm still waiting...


.:peace n luv:.

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Weather we admit or refuse all what Silent Sistah said fit to our vast majority (perhaps more than 90%), no matter if one, two or three of us are far from descriptions. The majority rules. we have to accept it.

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Silent Sista - Walaalo I think you're being a bit harsh and judgemental yourself. Considering all the similarities you've with them, they are closest to you whether you like it or not. You dont ignore and push away if you have a troubled bro/sis/parent. Instead you let out a helping hand without expecting anything in return. There is a reason why you're somali - think about it. From what I know - despite all their short comings, somalis are the only poeple who will you give you a helping hand when u need it the most. I think our real "jaceyl" comes thru when you need it the most. Please, ignore the petty things like jealousy and gossip - its a needle in a haysack.

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athena babe,,,from what i have seen from somali people, when they give you help, they play the tit-for-tat game, they expect you to do the favour back,,,


somali people are your best friends as long as you are of some benifit to them, when your helping them, they are there for you,,,


but walaahi, they are the most unreliable people when you need their help.


i dont need their help, i mean, there is an organisation set up for every kind of problem that i could face,,,i rather go to them!



oooh, and, hmm....i cant hate muslims for longer than 3 days,,,so i dont hate ,,,,i just dont understand ,,,

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Magnoon-gal.....I don't know you in person, but if you are who said you are, iam gonna take your word for it. It is interesting though everyone here seems you should seriously consider forming a club for "the lost kids"


Silent-Sistah......Well, it seems your mind is made up. If you think, you are better off with Somalis, than go ahead and do dissociate!


PPl, it is seems that there are alot of "disgruntled" somalis here, lets hope of one you don't show up in somali neighborhood, and start blazing their


Iam still wondering everyone here except Kaafi, and few others bashed their fellow somalis. Hows your character any different from the very somalis that are complianing about?

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Originally posted by muraad:

Hadii federal la yira, aniga yaa iga dhul weyn, yaa iga beera badan, yaa iga badweyn .. galeyna cid kama rabno, masagana kama rabno, yanyana kama rabno, basal & kaluna kama rabno, xolana kama rabno waxas oo dhan .. deganada ..: Muuse Sudi Yalaxow

hahahaahhaha u crack me up fo'sho

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Originally posted by Master Mafia:

aniga yaa iga dhul weyn, yaa iga beera badan, yaa iga badweyn .. galeyna cid kama rabno, masagana kama rabno, yanyana kama rabno, basal & kaluna kama rabno, .: Muuse Sudi Yalaxow


lol this is pretty funny


M-mafia Aka mr weed ...sup kid ?

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Silent_Sista, Abaayo how many Somali friends do you really have? How many Somalis have you known or have some dealings with? Let's flip the coin and put it this way how many friends of other nationalities have you dealt with?

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