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I don’t know what it is about Somali people, I don’t know if it is just our nation that suffers this sick disease,

Some times I think that it’s just me, and I doubt myself, I think maybe I got my principles all wrong,

I try and try to blend in, I try to ‘get to know’ my people, but I got the formulae all wrong.

I think I learnt my lesson,,,,


Somali people,


~have some screwed-up loyalties,

~some mixed up principles,

~their priorities are f!cked up,

~they jump to conclusions faster than God knows what,

~they spread malicious lies, without checking their sources,

~they cant handle seeing you successful- envious,

~they cant let you get on with your life in peace they have to mess it up- devious!

~they lie, cheat and never keep a promise.


Ok, as a child, I didn’t have any Somali friends, since I moved out my aunts house, I mad a few (I decided to disregard my aunts warning to stay away from Somali’s). Now I wish a stuck with the other races that I used to hang out with, its simple, every Somali that I have met and trusted has lived to shock and surprise me by revealing some unexpected colours.


I know that not all Somali’s are the same, (since I’m a Somali and don’t follow the mixed up principles and practices of my folks, I guess there might be a Somali out there like me) but I have tried, and cant find them, and frankly I give up,


I’m not quitting the forum, but I’m disassociating and cutting all forms of real life socialisation with Somali people.


I don’t know why I’m placing this here, I just feel I have to let my anger out somewhere, and I cant diss my nation to my other friends.

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Silent Sista, what is taking you this time, why hate all of us, you don't even know or met most of the good somalis? anyway good luck and i hope you find out a reasoning for it.

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acuudi billaahi mina sheydaani rajiim,,,,,1st of all i can't say you wrong what you have listed .are you saying all somalis like that remember i am not defending all of them either. walaahi horu markaanga waan ku farxayaa

bal please explaine more problems you had with other somalis .

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OG Moti   

I write this with my heart breaking to peaces.. silent sista is 100% correct, we including me have to consideration to others, and we enjoy some how each others suffer, and we dont stop and look what bothers others, we laugh at it... i came to this site, great place to be, i met nice people, never knew who they were, where are, what kind of person they were, i sometimes pretented i care, some topics i took seriously and i shouldnt some as regarded as a joke and i should taken it seriously, simply we post to seek attention and we ruin most of us ruin the few who came for serious discusions and took their points as a joke


i met friends here i admit, i might treated some rudly without meaning it, and i know how much the admin, and the modirators are trying so hard to make this place seriouse and keep it clean, i thank them for that... i also would like to as them to get closer to nomads and be listeners and not judgmental, so far they are doing fine...


finally to every single of you, thanks a lot i had fun, and met great people here, to those i might harmed in anyway no matter how small i pologize from the bottom of my heart..


this site gave me lots of good things, but COST ME A LOT TOO, AND THIS IS ME SAYING GOODBYE FOR GOOD, I AM SIGNING OFF admin has nothing to do with it or the rules .. it is just cost me alot and goodbye and good luck to every one of you, please respect each other, and know internet is a just another communication opportunity do not abuse it, dont play with others is not fun... peace

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SiLent-Sistah i feeL you on some of those issues that you raised but why go to an extreme and HATE them?


I have Learned that no matter what you do, you wiLL never be abLe to change the minds of those types of peopLe and i dismiss them because i dont have the time or energy to be hating on them-i have better things to do with my time.


I have experienced the betrayaLs you are taLking about and backstabbing too but now i know who my reaL friends are and thats what counts. My mother toLd me not to mix with them and dont ever befriend somaLi girLs because aLL they wouLd do is bring you down-some have tried to do that and faiLed but majority of them are not Like that. You just have to chose your friends reaL carefuLLy.


WeLL i wish nothing but Luck and maybe penting this anger here may just be the way to go.



***WeLL if you are for reaLs OG_MOTi than its too bad that you reaLLy are Leaving-i mean you have done and shared aLot of meaningfuL things with the nomads here. I wouLd Like to say GOOD LUCK and I wish you nothing but the best in LIFE. But i wouLd aLso say you shouLd reconsider but onLy you know what is best for you so...***

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Hey i can understand what ur saying sis but dont give up on us yet.


Trust me i use to think the same way, and to a certain extent my views remain unchanged regarding some certain aspect of our behaviour that is born out of the way we are fragmented by our culture.

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waryaa Moti,sxb miyaad naga tagaysaa,yaah maxaad tiri,remember we will miss you really,u have 2 know that,u r leaving us behind,ohh,what a pity,my best wishes 2 u,i hope u will stay,wish u the very best of happiness in this world and in the hearafter,c u around

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MOTI.........we will miss u :( ..........take care ;) ......and dont take life seriously icon_razz.gif was nice knowing u .. 1luv bro just sad that u are leaving us :(

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Asalaama Alaykum W.w


"Wallaahu aclamu bimaa tasifuun"


Silent_Sistah ,,Sis I realy love you for the sake of my Almighty Allah, and the rest of my poeple, Allah doesn'n make the fingers equal .."aren't same size" neither somali, Fasabrun jamiil ukhti fillaah. the temper for setan , don't give your enamy this chance, forgive them/me/us , what'ver they/i/we did to you!,,, May Allah Guide us All Aamiin..



How colourful we are

Of different families

Of different roots

We are more than friends

We are brothers

We are a family

A single brotherhood


Ties of faith

Binding us together

Friend we are brothers

Holding hands in unity

Towards one destiny


Inviting good

Forbidding evil

Investing in the Hereafter

Upholding the Quran

Realising the Sunnah

Let us be brothers in Islam


~Forgive Me

It's Such A Cold Night

And It's So Dark

Walking Down The Streets Of Memories

I'm Here All Alone

With No One By My Side

It's Only Me Thinking Of You

With Hands Full Of Sin


o'Allah Here I Come

o'Allah I'm Crying For Forgiveness

Although I Have Betrayed You

So Many Times In The Past

o'Lord,It's So Fair For You To Punish Me


In The Morning Light

On A Sunny Day

Crying Happy Tears

Coz I'm Free


I Need You To Guide Me

Protect Me Don't Ever Leave Me

Strenghten My Faith Lightup My Heart

With The Light Of Iman


o'Allah I Want To Thank You For Saving Me

o'Allah Thank You For Giving Me Hope

I Promise You I Won't Betray You

Any More o'Lord


I Hope You'd Always Guide Me

And Lead Me To Happiness

With The Ones You Love

Together In Paradise



I hope these poems w'll help you sis.

your's Sister Fil Islaam smile.gif

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o_g motti...waryaa u keep me sane,,,,u aint going to desert me ,,waar your staying wether you like it or not!!!!...





i get the feeling from a few of the replies, here that you guys think that something that was said here might have caused or contributed to my feelings... but i would just like to assure your all...that i have met nothing but real nice ppl in here,,,,


its just the real-life, everyday somali people that have gotten to me.



and the thing is, it isnt 1 person or 1 incident, but many, and thats why im talking so drastically, this feeling might last a few months or even years,,,,but all i know is i didnt have to deal with this bull b4 i started socialising with somali's.


the thing is im not the kind of person that is gullable and hangs out with ciyal suuqiin...i do choose my friends really wisely.


but if u was in my shoes, and u started hanging with a group of people...for the past 3/4 years,,,and every person that you thought was reasonable, nice, trusty, religious, ect ,,,lets you down,,,,


what would you do?


i guess im choosing the easy way out,

,before somali people, i used to hang out with other muslims...and kufars,,,

and now,,,imma return to my old companies,,,i had less trouble with them,,less let down .


like i said, i guess i didnt want to go running to my non-somali friends and tell them the problems im having with somali people, and i dont want to confide or talk to another somali person that i know in real-life- ive lost trust and respect for them,,,,,,,,,,,,i had to scream somewhere, and im sorry to download my problems here.

dont take it personal coss it really doesnt concern u , unless i was to meet u.

im a muslims and i would respect and say salaam...but i would never get personal with another somali, i just cant play their games

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for sure among us there are caring ,trusty,nice people you just haven't met them yet.

why would few bad people make me hate all my people , no way i will contiune to find those good ones and places i advise to find these are like Masjid, like xalaqa meetings, sister i am sure you can over come this, good luck.

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Silent-Sistah, I totally see why you're frustrated. I dont have too many Somali friends(all cuzzins actually) and everytime I get around Somali folks, I get to feeling like we have nothin' in common. But don't loose faith in all Somali's girl cuz we aint all the same. I'm havent met too many Somali that are on the same page as me, but I aint giving up.

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