Turkish to get involved in Military situation in Yemen very soon. A lot of others scared already.

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Everyone is guessing who will benefit among Yemen groups. The Situation is very confusing.

The Southern separatists would prefer Turkey, but there are two problems. They are currently supported by UAE and also Turkish would not like Yemen to split again if it can be avoided.
The Hadi government would prefer Turkey, but again they are mainly Saudi hands and have not treated well the Turkish allied party allied to Hadi side.
The Houthi see Turkish as neutral and probably most genuine power that wants well for the people of Yemen.

The fact that Turkish will be involved in more than humanitarian aid in Yemen is beyond dispute.

Which side in Yemen will benefit? How will UAE and Egypt be totally humiliated and made very small in Arab world? How will HoA arab shoe shining boys act and dance now?

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Turkish involvement will be good for everyone including the Saudis.

The Saudis will save money. They would avoid buying sophisticated military equipment they can not operate properly. Most of the American weapons sold to these despots doesn't even function. 

The $2.2 billion American Patriot missile sold to the Saudis could not shooot diwn the Iranian missle or the Houthie drones which destroyed the most imprtant company in the world: Saudi Armaco oil fasility.

Both Hadi government in exile in Jeddah  and the seperatist in South Yemen need an honest broker. The South Yemenis are encouraged by the evil UAE who want to fragment the country. The Houthis must forget about ruling Yemen by force while the majority of the popolation is opposed to them. The evil Iranians just complicate the Arab problems and inflame the civil war. They should leave Yemen alone. 

Yemenis need a caring nation that puts their unity on the for front. 

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Your first and last sentence say the most important.

"Turkish involvement will be good for everyone including the Saudis.

Yemenis need a caring nation that puts their unity on the for front. "

The Turkish seem to be country of honour. In Syria they said will not go deeper than 30km and whether good or bad have not violated this. They have capacity to go hundreds of Kms if they wanted to.

Turkish are the only once that all Yemenis including Huthis can accept as country with good intensions to average people.

UAE will be biggest loser. Qatar will be able to finance some Turkish textiles and other industries in Yemen to make win win for everybody.

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